Sheldon Lavin and His Commitment to His Career

Sheldon Lavin has a very high profile, especially in the meat and food processing industry. He is currently the Chief Executive officer at OSI Group organisation. Sheldon Lavin is also serving as the president of OSI Foods Limited which is an international company which deals with foods, and he is significantly involved in many operations of the company. Lavin has gained extensive knowledge of the market since he joined in 1970 where he dealt with financing at the Otto and Sons which later developed becoming OSI Foods Limited.

Due to the leadership and management skills of Sheldon Lavin, the company grew from a domestic food processing company, and it became internationally recognised in the Food Industry markets. The company has now become widely spread having more than 60 branches in 60 different countries. Sheldon Lavin’s hard work in developing the organisation was recognised when he received an award from the Global Visionary Award which was presented to him by The Vision World Academy in India since he had made many developments such as the provision of many job opportunities to many individuals in the sector.

After winning the award, Sheldon greatly appreciated the award, and he became proud of his work and all the struggles he went through to grow the company until it was recognised internationally.He has spent the better part of his life ensuring that there is a smooth running in the company and also seeing that the welfare of the employees of the company is looked into. Being an internationally recognised company, maintenance of the environment is a crucial factor, and the company has received several awards due to the preservation of the environment.

Sheldon Lavin has had so many triumphant moments in his career, and he says that his main aim is to try and inspire most of the leaders in the corporate world to grow their organisations responsibly in manners that have a positive contribution to the global industries and also give employees more opportunities. Sheldon does not take his success as an opportunity to sit and relax; he actively participates in the activities of the company which include charity events such as the Ronald McDonald Charities. Lavin was able to raise his family despite all the challenges he faced in the early years of starting his company and because of that achievement, he always gives back to the community for their support in growing the company.

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