Jason Hope Wants To Eradicate Aging

Aging is an unfortunate reality we have to contend with. New research suggests it may not be inevitable and that we can avoid it if we make the right decisions. There is a growing movement to support what is known as negligible senescence. If we can achieve this humans will be able to live vastly longer lives with far lower rates of mortality and disease. It’s something everybody wants to have but few believe can be achieved. Fortunately, Jason Hope has a plan to make this reality and he wants to give as much funding to anti aging research as he can.

The main player in anti-aging research is the SENS Institute. Focused on making sure we have a proper understanding of what causes aging is going to be key to fighting it. The SENS Institute thinks we should think of aging as a disease and cure it like any other disease we see in our world. There is no reason to believe that we have to accept it as an inherent part of reality when we are fully aware that many animals are able to live without ever encountering the rapid rise in mortality rates that humans experience. The ocean floor is filled with examples of these animals and we can learn much about senescence by studying them.

Jason Hope has plenty of things he has invested in before that we can now appreciate. This is going to be just one example of him at work. He’s shown he understands how to get the tech industry going and he has made Arizona one of the top spots for tech start ups. It’s only natural that he starts applying that to other domains of science when he feels that there is great potential if things work out according to plan.

This research into aging is going to deliver something that humanity has wanted since its inception. There isn’t a culture in the world that doesn’t want to do away with the specter of aging. It takes away just about everything we have but it doesn’t have to be this way. The SENS Institute is often mocked or seen as something of a joke. Its ambitions are regarded as too lofty to ever reach. Jason Hope doesn’t believe that is the case and he wants to show the world that we can live entirely different lives if we dare to explore.

About Jason Hope: www.linkedin.com/in/jasonrhope