Alex Pall And The Chainsmokers Are Aiming For A Big 2018.

There is something to be said for the evolution of pop music. While the Billboard Top 100 rarely gets cited by snobby artists, it is a place that you will repeatedly find work done by the duo-DJ group, The Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers, comprised of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, have been steadily helping to reinvent the radio with their own brand of catchy, layered, and effective pop music. The Chainsmokers are most well known for their work on songs like ‘Closer’ (featuring Halsey), and ‘Roses’ but now fans have a whole new era of tracks to look forward to, starting with ‘Don’t Let Me Down’.

The Chainsmokers were born out of mutual ambition. Alex Pall was working as a DJ in New York City when his agent put him into contact with Drew Taggart, another DJ based out of Maine. The two would meet up and soon come to the conclusion that they shared not just chemistry, but ambition. Pall and Taggart would immediately start working together, putting 12+ hours of work into developing their craft every single day. Pall and Taggart were driven and that drive led them to become one of the most prolific DJ/ pop groups in the industry with new songs being released on an almost monthly basis.

Now, years into their successful career, Pall and Taggart are looking at turning over a new leaf and starting what should be their most effective ‘era’ of art. Pall and Taggart wanted to step back and take some time to really personalize their work going forward and that is what led Taggart to become the lead singer on the newest Chainsmokers single, ‘Don’t Let Me Down’. While Pall and Taggart have always been involved in the lyrical process, they are now taking complete control. This new direction is giving the duo the chance to become more intimate with their work, putting real emotion into a genre that has been hopelessly bereft of it. We don’t expect Pall and Taggart to have any sorts of struggles getting their legions of fans into the new tracks, and neither should you.