Adam Milstein Cares About More Than Just Himself

Adam Milstein grew up in Israel. He loved being around family and friends, and he enjoyed all the annual festivals. However, his mind is still plagued by attacks on Israel from radical Muslim groups right before his eyes. This gave Adam the fuel he needed to join the Israeli army. He fought in two wars before moving to the United States with his wife.

Adam went on to receive a business degree from USC, and he was able to open up several different businesses. Throughout all his success, Adam Milstein never forgot Israel. He is currently on the Jewish News Syndicate board, and he studies and writes news about Israel and distributes that news to both Israel and the United States via the Jewish News Syndicate.

In his most recent article, Adam Milstein discussed the terror Israel is facing from Muslims in the middle east. Adam opened a lot of eyes with his article, especially the eyes of people in America. He described how, for a long time, people believed only radical Muslims were against the Jews. He displayed evidence on how all Muslims want to get rid of Jews. This goes for both radical and non-radical Muslims.

Adam Milstein ended his article by discussing the racial pressure Jews feel in the United States. Though many groups fight for freedom of religion, this is seldom done by Jewish people. However, Adam Milstein believes Jewish people should start speaking up regarding freedom of religion. Adam gave concise dates of when Jewish people came to him personally complaining about how they were being mistreated due to them being Jewish. Some of these individuals were told to remove the Star of David, and others were told not to observe any Hanukkah practices in public. This is the first time Adam realized Jewish people were being oppressed in America. Adam plans to do more to help the voice of Jewish people be heard in America.

Chris Burch Thinks Ahead Of The Curve

A Passion For Fashion

Chris Burch has spent many years in the fashion industry. He understands it like the back of his hand. it doesn’t come as a surprise that he has managed to build his billion dollar fortune. When he speaks about fashion people listen to what he has to say. Now, he’s telling everyone the fashion industry is about to undergo a major change with the introduction of wearable tech. Once that happens a new age of fashion is upon us.



What Will Come Next?

Wearable tech is one of the latest trends seen in the fashion industry. Across the world innovators are finding ways to combine tech and fashion in creative ways. We’ve already seen the watches and hats that contain this tech, but you might see even more in the future. Imagine a future where everything you put on your body has some sort of high tech future. The technology will bring you an incredible level of convenience, but there is so much more to the store than that. Your idea of what technology is will change too.



What He Plans To Do

Burch wants to make himself one of the first major investors in this and he wants to establish the trend of wearable tech. He has a long track record of predicting what will happen in fashion and those things do tend to happen. Making a billion dollars off of the fashion industry takes incredible insight and it takes an understanding of exactly what’s going on behind the scene. Thanks to his years of operating his own fashion businesses, he is able to make that sort of judgement. However, only time will tell if what he predicts actually comes true.



About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur with a strong focus on the fashion industry. He started with his first fashion business in college and slowly built his fortune about that. Now he has diversified his investments and he works in a number of industries. He has made a movie and he has even worked in finance. There simply aren’t many people out there who have achieved this level of success and it makes him unique. Outside of his entrepreneurship Chris Burch is a man of faith and philanthropy. He aims to make the world a better place by doing everything he can to fix important issues.