The greatest CEO Of National Steel Car Gregory Aziz

Since the time in 1912 that National Steel Car it has faced the challenges but they have managed to rise above all of them. The growth of the company it got experienced a few years later after it was founded and that is in the 1920s. After the company struggled so much to get out of the threat of bankruptcy it had to be sold. In 1960, Dofasco purchased the National Steel Car, but that did not help because they didn’t grow but remained stagnant. After a while, Dofasco had to sale the company, and that’s when Gregory James Aziz bought the company. Gregory Aziz is offering his services to the company as the chief executive officer, chairman, and president.


1In London, Ontario becomes the businessman and entrepreneur, and before he became the owner of National Steel Car, he offered his services to other companies. He got his college education from Ridley College and the degree in economics that he got from the University of Western Ontario. After graduation, Gregory James Aziz didn’t look for work but be decided that he was going to help his family in the family-owned business. With the knowledge that he had gained in university, he oversaw the expansion of the company, and they grew to become the exporters of products all over Europe and South America.


After a while, he felt that the family-owned business was not fulfilling and he left to work at a different company. That’s when he joined the financial institution that he worked so hard to ensure that in the executive ladder he was at the top. During his term at the financial institution he made a lot of money, and with that, he saved too so that to have enough to spend on the business plan he was thinking off. After he saw the post that National Steel Car was being sold he thought hard about buying the company and he finally decided it was a good idea. View Related Info Here.


The ownership was transferred after they were done with all the paperwork. The priority that Gregory James Aziz had was that he would be able to retain the employees and help them see that working was only benefiting them at the end. Greg Aziz later had to raise the number of employee’s, and he added 2000 more to 1000 that he had. With that annually, the company was producing the 12.500 rolling stocks.

Gregory Aziz On Performance Of The National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz is the notable business person in North America. He is the President and CEO of the National Steel Car, a railroad manufacturing company based in Ontario, Canada. This is the same place where Greg Aziz was born in 1949. He studied at the Ridley College and later at the Western Ontario University, where he took a degree in economics.

After finishing his education at the university, he worked at Affiliated Foods, a wholesale foods business located in Ontario and owned by members of his family. Greg Aziz assisted the food business to develop from a small company to being a leading firm in importation and distribution of food in North America.

Greg Aziz left the food company and started working as an investment adviser with various banks in New York. By 1990s, he had acquired experience that enabled him to buy the National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994. At the time, National Steel Car was just a shadow of itself. The production capacity had gone so low that it was no longer a profitable business venture. However, Greg Aziz was up to the task of reviving the operations of the company. In a short time after taking over the management, he led the transformation of the company into the number one railroad freight cars manufacturing company.

One of the areas that he paced emphasis on after taking over is the engineering aspect of the firm. The production needed to be resuscitated, and this could only happen with the company employing new approaches and techniques in addressing the needs of the market. Production, when he was taking over the organization, was at 3,500 cars every year but managed to grow that to 12,000 cars in 5 years. There was also an increase in the number of employees who were employed in the firm after expansion of its production line. Employees moved from 600 to 3,000.


Due to the efforts of Gregory James Aziz in boosting growth in the company, the company is now leading in the engineering and manufacturing industry in the whole of North America.


Greg Aziz is married to Irene and has two children with whom they live together in Toronto. The family is involved in philanthropic activities one of them being food drives aimed at supporting the needy in the community. He also sponsors sports events such as the Royal Winter Fair Horseshow. The zeal he has for good performance is the reason why he is a top business person in the world today.   Refer to This Article for more information.