The Big World Tour for Clay Hutson, Tim McGraw, And Faith Hill’s Soul2Soul

It is a great moment for Clay Hutson as he joins both Faith Hill and Tim McGraw on their global tour since the year 2007 when they last toured together. This is the second leg of their renowned Soul2Soul tour. The first leg of their tour took place between April and December 2017 where they engaged in about 70 sold-out concerts. Interesting to note, their fans requested for an extension of the tour which has seen Clay Hutson in the middle of the fascinating music tour. The long-awaited second world tour will take off on May 31st and the residents of Richmond, Virginia will be the first to witness it. It is set that Caitlyn Smith will open the concert and other musicians that will take part include Brothers Osborne, Seth Ennis, NEEDTOBREATHE, Margo Price, and Devin Dawson among others. Clay Hutson revealed that he is quite honored and humbled to join Faith Hill and Tim McGraw as they have amazing talent.


Clay Hutson is an individual who is respected and renowned in the world of live music performances. Clay has performed with individuals such as Kelly Clarkson, Kid Rock, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and Pink among others. Clay Hutson brings to the table more than 20 years of experience which enables all his live performances to be amazing leaving his fans wanting more. Clay offers services such as tour production, sound engineering, and stage management to his clients. In the early years, Clay was part of Billy Graham’s sound team before he decided to focus his career in live music performances and traveled through North America, Europe, and Australia with some of the most renowned musicians. According to Hutson, he believes in being the most hardworking person in the team and gives his all when it comes to making sure that the live performances are lit and top-notch. In the long-run, all his clients are satisfied with the services offered and end-up referring his services to other clients which is a plus for his business.


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Clay Hutson is one of the most sought-after tour rigger and sound engineer. For any musician looking to have a fulfilled and amazing live music tour, then Clay Hutson being a part of your team is not an option. Other services that you are bound to enjoy include logistics management, shows production, stage management, production design, rigging, and monitor engineer among others services. Learn more:

The New Side of The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the members of the New York City-based EDM group known as “The Chainsmokers.” Through their successful mainstream debut of the song “Selfie,” they have launched themselves into a very successful pop music career. The Chainsmokers have since released songs like “Closer” (which charted on billboard as number one for over twelve weeks) and “Don’t Let Me Down” just to name a few. This duo has since had worldwide success. The Chainsmokers originally started in 2012 with member DJ Rhett Bixler, who has since left the group due to artistic differences. The Chainsmokers have continued their success in the EDM industry by since releasing their EP, “Bouquet” in 2015 and their second EP, “Collage” in 2016, as well as a full studio album, “Memories… Do Not Open” in 2017. The group has won two academy of music awards and five iHeartRadio music awards as a testament to their success.

With the release of “Sick Boy” in 2018, the EDM duo aims to encompass a “darker” side to their music. In an interview with Forbes Magazine, member Andrew Taggart claimed that The Chainsmokers’ music has always been indicative of the theme of the millennial generation. They feel that with the release of this new song that people will appreciate their advancement as artists and that their music will encompass the current feelings of this generation, that which is darker and more serious. The Chainsmokers pride themselves on being musical representatives of current events and the overall theme of the current younger generation.

Andrew Taggart has gone on to say that frustration has inspired the new song. He claims that the duo is tired of being seen as something they aren’t- a vapid pop group that only aims to profit off of mindless pop music that has no real lyrical value. They are hoping to change that narrative which has plagued them since the release of “Selfie” in 2014.

After listening to “Sick Boy” for the first time, it is clear what The Chainsmokers are trying to get across. They no longer want to be seen as puppets of the pop music industry, but rather use their musical influence through EDM culture as a vent to the frustration of current day-to-day events, even those that may cross the political spectrum. It remains to be seen if The Chainsmokers will release another album with more songs like “Sick Boy,” but for now, it is clear that the duo is changing with the times.