Sheldon Lavin and His Commitment to His Career

Sheldon Lavin has a very high profile, especially in the meat and food processing industry. He is currently the Chief Executive officer at OSI Group organisation. Sheldon Lavin is also serving as the president of OSI Foods Limited which is an international company which deals with foods, and he is significantly involved in many operations of the company. Lavin has gained extensive knowledge of the market since he joined in 1970 where he dealt with financing at the Otto and Sons which later developed becoming OSI Foods Limited.

Due to the leadership and management skills of Sheldon Lavin, the company grew from a domestic food processing company, and it became internationally recognised in the Food Industry markets. The company has now become widely spread having more than 60 branches in 60 different countries. Sheldon Lavin’s hard work in developing the organisation was recognised when he received an award from the Global Visionary Award which was presented to him by The Vision World Academy in India since he had made many developments such as the provision of many job opportunities to many individuals in the sector.

After winning the award, Sheldon greatly appreciated the award, and he became proud of his work and all the struggles he went through to grow the company until it was recognised internationally.He has spent the better part of his life ensuring that there is a smooth running in the company and also seeing that the welfare of the employees of the company is looked into. Being an internationally recognised company, maintenance of the environment is a crucial factor, and the company has received several awards due to the preservation of the environment.

Sheldon Lavin has had so many triumphant moments in his career, and he says that his main aim is to try and inspire most of the leaders in the corporate world to grow their organisations responsibly in manners that have a positive contribution to the global industries and also give employees more opportunities. Sheldon does not take his success as an opportunity to sit and relax; he actively participates in the activities of the company which include charity events such as the Ronald McDonald Charities. Lavin was able to raise his family despite all the challenges he faced in the early years of starting his company and because of that achievement, he always gives back to the community for their support in growing the company.

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Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO

Sheldon Lavin has served on many prestigious Boards including Ronald McDonald House, Rush University Medical Center, Goodman Theatre, and the Sheba Foundation. He is recognized nationally and internationally for his charitable funding to organizations that represent different nationalities, the disabled, the disenfranchised et. al., like the Inner-City Foundation of Chicago, Ronald McDonald House, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Jewish United Fund, Chicago’s Boys and Girls Club, the United Negro College Fund, and many other charities.

Mr. Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the OSI Group, LLC. The OSI Group is based in Aurora, Illinois but its presence is set up globally under the auspices of the OSI International Foods Ltd, where Sheldon serves as its President. OSI is a privately-owned food service industry firm that deals with global suppliers of healthy food products to leading meat processors, as well as food service and retail food brands.

Under Mr. Lavin’s leadership, the OSI Group has received outstanding awards like the one from the British Safety Council in 2016, called the Globe of Honor. This award recognizes food industry companies who have excelled in health and environmental management, and good safety risks. Also, in February 2016, Mr. Lavin was awarded the Global Visionary Award with a ceremony in India. The award is given to distinguished visionaries.

Sheldon Lavin did not start out in the meat industry. His educational background was in accounting and finance. In 1970 he worked at a financial firm where Otto and Sons, the forerunner of the OSI Industries, came to his company for funding. Soon Otto and Sons asked that he join them in an ownership position which he did. Later the McDonald’s company approached Lavin to join them along with OSI so that they could grow together.

The OSI Group grew exponentially throughout America, Europe, Asian countries, and Africa. After a retirement and a sell-out investment to Mr. Lavin, he took over managing the OSI Group. Today, the company has extended to the Philippians, Australia, and India. OSI is the world’s largest protein supplier with over 55 facilities in 16 countries and at 80+ Sheldon Lavin is still working hard to expand the company internationally. Mr. Lavin stated that with additional acquisitions of food related companies, he hopes to bring leading edge food processing to countries around the world.

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Food Company OSI Group Adds European Companies to Its Portfolio

From Pizza Hut, to Starbucks, to Subway, to McDonald’s, people often don’t question where their delicious food comes from. And it may surprise most people to find out that most of the food giants out there, from restaurants to grocery stores, get their food products from the same company: OSI.

OSI Group has been around since 1909, when it was founded in the small city of Aurora, Illinois. Of course, since then, the company has grown immensely and now offers a range of food products and services by focusing on innovation and dynamic processes that move the whole industry forward.

OSI is used to being a leader in many ways. Firstly, they always win awards for their food safety. This is because of their state of the art production facilities that they are repeatedly equipping with new technologies like xray machines. These machines detect foreign objects on the production line so they can prevent harm from reaching customers before the food is every packaged. They employ these techniques and high standards in all of their 65 facilities across the globe in some 17 countries on 4 continents.

In addition to this, the CEO Sheldon Lavin said that their key to success lies in their ability to reach out and ask the customers what they want. For example, some markets may prefer something fresh or natural, even organic. Other times, the economics of certain markets means that they won’t value natural and more likely need something cheaper and filling. The company adapts their offerings and quality in different markets to ensure maximum profit and customer satisfaction. The key is balance the two.

And the company doesn’t just care about profits. They actively participate in the community and give back in various ways. For example, recently they have partnered with Ronald McDonald House and Feeding America to help hungry children have the nutrition and care that they need. This is something that is rare in today’s corporate world. For more info about us:,-IL-jobs.html click here.

Another way they are reaching out is actually by expanding. 500 workers at Tyson were going to lose their jobs when a factory was getting shut down. Instead, OSI bought it out for $7.4 million keeping those people employed. In addition, the company has expanded out of the U.S. with European companies Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. These companies will help them deliver unique products like pastries, doughs, poultry, veggies and more to over 17 countries in Europe.

Sheldon Lavin Leads OSI Group With Sustainability in Mind

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of the sprawling business enterprise with a global weight of success behind it known as OSI Group. They have a vast range of expertise in food processing and they also partner with some of the world’s leading retail brands to provide quality food products in many countries throughout the world.

Lavin has enjoyed a wonderful career in business and his skills have helped him steadily grow OSI Group into the powerhouse it is today. His background in financial consulting where he helped companies successfully expand their operations with funding, was instrumental in positioning him to become the owner of OSI Group. His relationship with the previous owners was strong and when they retired from business he was a natural choice to purchase the company.

OSI Group is a thoroughly modern, global enterprise and Lavin has been the driving force behind their vision of sustainability throughout all of their operations. They always demonstrate concern as to how their business activities will impact the world around them and they plan sustainable practices in all facets of their processes. This vision encompasses the people, communities, and local environments where they conduct business and they cultivate positive relationships among all three.

California has some of the strictest environmental laws in the U.S. and OSI Group has thrived there as evidenced by their Riverside facility which received the Green Business Award. This honor highlights companies that practice conservation, develop greater efficiencies and prevent pollution in their facilities.

An efficient lighting system that was installed by the company at the Riverside facility is an example of improvements that were made and led to the award. They also made additional upgrades such as premium efficiency motors, a high-efficiency boiler, and a wastewater reduction plan. OSI Group is a leader among manufacturers that show the way as to how to be productive and practice environmental safety at the same time.
OSI Group has prospered under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin and currently operates more than 65 facilities in 17 countries. They have come a long way from a humble midwestern food processing company and much of that can be attributed to Lavin’s vision which was always of global proportions.

The Global Visionary Award is bestowed by India’s Vision World Academy and Sheldon Lavin was honored in 2016 with this prestigious award. Their international presence and contribution to job growth all over the world has given him this distinct honor.