NCAA Football Beats Pros When It Comes To Sports Betting

If you’re looking to get into professional sports betting, contrary as it may seem, collegiate sports are often a far richer source of profits for the beginner than professional sports. There are a number of reasons for this. The primary ones are that collegiate sports offer far more games, thus, more opportunities to get your money in action and find mispriced lines. The other reason is that there are so many games, many of which attract low betting volume, that the best handicappers simply don’t follow them closely. This means that lines are often mispriced to a far greater degree on college games than they would be on professional matches.

If you’re going to bet football, learn to bet the NCAA

Football is a great sport to learn how to bet on. One reason for this is that football tends to have a lot less short-term luck than other sports. In baseball, things like home runs, which have a huge component of luck, can be a decisive factor in who wins and loses a game. This is far less true in football. A football team with a strong offense playing a team with a weak defense is going to win a huge percentage of the time. Good quarterbacks, receivers and running backs post numbers much more consistently game-to-game than big sluggers in baseball, some of whom can go on dry spells that last weeks. For more information on college football odds, please visit

One of the most important consequences of this is that a good football handicapper will need a far smaller bankroll than someone betting equivalent stakes at baseball. This is because the variance, that is the volatility, of betting football will be many times lower than in other sports that are more dominated by luck.

Another great reason to bet college football is the sheer number of games. Having so many games to choose from not only increases opportunities for finding edges but also ensures less expert bettors in any given game.

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