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President Donald Trump has been talking lately about imposing tariffs on aluminum and steel imports. The tariffs would apply to all countries that the United States is currently trading with. The tariff on steel would be 25% and 10% for aluminum. The proposal was not welcomed by many on Capital Hill. Gary Cohn is the top economic advisor for president Trump. He was not able to change President Trump’s mind on this and has decided to leave his post. If President Trump follows through on his plan he hopes that the once very strong steel and aluminum industry will gain ground again in the United States (Americasjubilee). In doing so it would make the country less reliant on imports and many jobs in the industry could be created. On the other hand the price for steel and aluminum products could go up for a time which could hurt profits in places like Wall Street and hurt the pockets of the average American consumer. There are pros and cons in this argument. For some people life could improve and for others they could get economically hurt.

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