Revamp Your PPC Ads and SEO Efforts with a Proven Digital Marketing Agency for 2018

White Shark Media is a renowned digital marketing agency, headquartered in Miami Florida with thousands of satisfied clients. In 2011, the co-founders Alexandra Nygart (Chief Operations Officer), Gary Garth (Chief Business Development Officer) and Andrew Lolk noticed a substantial growth in small businesses in the US and Latin America.

Study, Practice and Produce Sales Effectively

The co-founders had a desire to assist struggling and up-and-coming companies so they decided to build a team of professionally certified digital marketers. In contrast of most marketing teams you see today, White Shark Media prides itself in its strength of certified professionals:

– 88 Google AdWords Certifications

– 77 Bing Ads Accreditations

– 69 Google Shopping Certified

If those numbers are not impressive enough, small businesses have spent over $32M in ad spending over the last year. A team willing to manage PPC advertising and SEO services in a big way stands out among the best including their Premier Google Partnership, 1 out of 29 in the US.

See Opportunity in Every Experience

According to CEO Alexandria Nygart, one factor of their success is the ability to see opportunity and seized it. He also says that his team applies the extensive background of is founders’ marketing experience to their clients strategies. White Shark Media review client expectations, design and present creative slants to tackle niches with impact.

By implementing Google and Bing Ads’ best practices, the White Shark Media team improves clients’ current lead generation and sales by applying proven methods that have worked for a multitude of industries over the last six years.

Learn How to Work with a Strong Marketing Team

White Shark Media proves their worth in  every relationship built with their clients. As time passes, small business owners learn how to work with a strong marketing team and expect nothing less from their ad campaigns.

Any small business owner in need of guidance in building a consistent, sales producing Google and Bing Ads campaigns can depend on over 150+ White Sharks to have their best intentions in mind.

White Shark Media Excels in Adwords Management and Personalized Customer Service

“White Shark Media will be the only company I will be using for the life of my company.” This is just one of the hundreds of appraisals that White Shark Media has received since they were founded in 2011. Three entrepreneurs, Gary Garth, Andrew Lolk and Alexander Nygart were experts in both online and brick and mortar marketing when they formed WSM.


What is unique about the merger was that all three co-founders are united in their desire to present excellent Adwords management and even better customer service for their clients. They committed WSM to always put the client first and to handle each client as an individual.


WSM is an online marketing and advertising agency, which uses PPM, SEO, SEM while handling the marketing and management for the client. Using the highest-quality technology and staffed with an exceptional team of employees, WSM offers superior Adwords and have been on Google Adwords since 2013.


Reviews come in regularly that express how much WSM has increased the sales of the client’s companies. WSM uses a completely different method of handling suggestions and complaints than most companies. When a client has a problem, the staff is ready to act on it in a way that benefits both the client and the entire agency.


As an example, in their early days, a client was having difficulties reaching their contact person the way the system worked. White Shark Media management solved the issue by creating direct lines for all clients without having to go through a receptionist, a free local line was provided and WSM added Live Meetings every month for updates and questions.


This is the stellar mindset that Garth, Nygart and Lolk have had since their opening and by offering exceptional service, WSM is one of the top online marketers in the industry.