Jason Hope Wants To Eradicate Aging

Aging is an unfortunate reality we have to contend with. New research suggests it may not be inevitable and that we can avoid it if we make the right decisions. There is a growing movement to support what is known as negligible senescence. If we can achieve this humans will be able to live vastly longer lives with far lower rates of mortality and disease. It’s something everybody wants to have but few believe can be achieved. Fortunately, Jason Hope has a plan to make this reality and he wants to give as much funding to anti aging research as he can.

The main player in anti-aging research is the SENS Institute. Focused on making sure we have a proper understanding of what causes aging is going to be key to fighting it. The SENS Institute thinks we should think of aging as a disease and cure it like any other disease we see in our world. There is no reason to believe that we have to accept it as an inherent part of reality when we are fully aware that many animals are able to live without ever encountering the rapid rise in mortality rates that humans experience. The ocean floor is filled with examples of these animals and we can learn much about senescence by studying them.

Jason Hope has plenty of things he has invested in before that we can now appreciate. This is going to be just one example of him at work. He’s shown he understands how to get the tech industry going and he has made Arizona one of the top spots for tech start ups. It’s only natural that he starts applying that to other domains of science when he feels that there is great potential if things work out according to plan.

This research into aging is going to deliver something that humanity has wanted since its inception. There isn’t a culture in the world that doesn’t want to do away with the specter of aging. It takes away just about everything we have but it doesn’t have to be this way. The SENS Institute is often mocked or seen as something of a joke. Its ambitions are regarded as too lofty to ever reach. Jason Hope doesn’t believe that is the case and he wants to show the world that we can live entirely different lives if we dare to explore.

About Jason Hope: www.linkedin.com/in/jasonrhope

Stream Energy: Giving Society Unreservedly

Homelessness is a big problem in the state of Texas. This is according to statistics from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The most prevalent cause of homelessness is unemployment and low income.

Other causes of homelessness are eviction, abuse, incarceration, mental problems, a change in family status, and drug or alcohol abuse.

Stream Energy launched Stream Cares. This is a humanitarian foundation whose main aim is to provide homes for the homeless.

For over a decade, Stream Cares has combined efforts with other humanitarian organizations to eradicate homelessness among the veteran community.

Corporate philanthropy is a new phenomenon that has the potential to change the lives of people in the community. It also helps in the marketing of the company’s products. It gives the companies much-needed societal goodwill.

To tackle the homelessness problem, Stream Cares partnered with Hope Supply Company. This is a charity organization whose objective is to meet the necessities of homeless children.

Hope Supply organizes an annual event at a water park in Texas where children enjoy playing with one another in a new environment. For more than four years, Stream employees and associates join the fun and donate money and supplies.

Stream Cares was one of the first respondents when a number of tornadoes hit North Texas. They responded by donating money to help alleviate the homelessness problem.

Stream Energy has also been involved in other projects such as Once in a Lifetime, where they organized transport for underprivileged veterans to reunite them with their families.

Another generous act was when Stream Cares paid all expenses for the American Girl Doll Experience.

Stream Energy continues to identify opportunities through which it can lift the lives of the less fortunate by devoting their time, energy and finances.

Stream Energy uses network marketing business model to promote the sale of its energy products. Stream pays its associates commissions when they sell products to consumers or by recruiting associates.


David Giertz Has Dedicated His Life To The World Of Finance

David Giertz is someone who believes that individuals are used to saving their money more than they are used to spending it and that spending money can be hard for some people. He is someone who feels that older individuals should have the chance to spend their money. When they budget smartly, he believes that seniors can spend their money on the things that they want. David Giertz says that savings accounts stop people from spending money so that the money that they have tucked away is never touched and put to use. He believes that those who are retired should have the chance to use their money and to enjoy life by using it.

David Giertz is a financial advisor who has been working with money for some time and who knows what he is talking about. He is someone who understands the way that people use their money and who knows what a person can and cannot afford to do with their money. David Giertz is someone who works with the Nationwide Investment Services Corporation.

Operating out of Columbus, Ohio, David Giertz is an individual with much experience. He has been working as a broker for 31 years. This man has put in his time when it comes to the work that he does, and he has gained much knowledge by doing that. He is someone who has dedicated decades of his life to the financial world, and he is someone who will keep on giving himself to his job.

Paul Mampilly Thriving In Finance And Investment Business

He was born in Indian but relocated to America at a young age. Paul Mampilly turned out to be a successful personality in finance. He began by working for a Deutsche Bank as a research assistant. Mampilly got promoted fast and began to work in higher positions. Soon, he was managing accounts worth millions of money. Paul has also worked for other banks such as Swiss, Royal, Sear, and Pal.

When Paul joined Kinetics International Fund, he worked as a hedge fund manager. He became the main manager in this docket. The passion and love for his job made the company thrive. Paul’s efforts brought the company assets worth twenty-five billion dollars. This growth was four times more than the original assets. This great accomplishment was recognized as the best performance globally.

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After leaving Kinetic, Paul was involved in Templeton Foundation. He began with fifty million dollars. Within one year, Mampilly had achieved seventy-six percent returns. In other words, the initial capital had increased to eighty-eight million dollars. Paul’s wealth of experience has enabled him to know promising areas of investment. He can easily tell where to invest. For instance, Paul invested in Sarepta Therapeutics, and it yielded big returns after eight months. Sarepta was just a start up firm when Paul was investing. It turned out to be fruitful, considering the short turn around period. Other successful areas Paul has invested are on Netflix and Cemex. These companies are just a few of the many entities Paul has invested.


The mind of Paul prefers fast pacing things. According to his analysis, He considers Wall Street a slow pacing environment. Paul decided to retire at the age of forty-two. His cause after retirement is dedicating his skills to ordinary citizens. He wants to help people to learn how to invest wisely. Wealth from an investment is secure and flexible.

Besides employment, people can invest in other places and get additional income. Some can even decide to retire at whatever time they wish. After all, they have security in the investments they have made. Helping people is a noble cause, and it has uplifted many people following his advice.

Find more about Paul Mampilly: https://www.dailyforexreport.com/paul-mampilly-offers-expert-investment/

Top Igor Cornelsen Tips for Investing in Brazil

Brazil happens to be an attractive place for investors despite its endless scandals. It has a huge market with over 200 million inhabitants. This is one of the things that make Brazil an ideal market for multinationals.

Because the stock prices are at the bottom of the cycle, and the attraction of the natural resources in Brazil, more people have considered investing in new businesses in this nation. It’s anticipated that this will be the turning point for the Brazilian economy. Although it sounds exciting to invest in Brazil at the moment, how should investors start? Igor Cornelsen has shared some pointers:

Get ready to adhere to regulations And Understand foreign-currency restrictions

  • Connecting with the natives – just like the other aspects of the Brazilian culture, finance and business is determined by relationships and networks. Igor believes that it’s not difficult to find the connections.
  • Get ready to adhere to regulations – Cornelsen recommends that potential investors be ready for the red tape when entering the market. Investors have to face regulatory complexity, market rigidity, pervasive bureaucracy, and high taxes are obstacles investors will face.
  • Understand foreign-currency restrictions – only authorized financial institutions are allowed to conduct foreign currency transactions.


Igor Cornelsen is a famous Brazilian investment expert and banker. He has always known the potential Brazil has to become a major player in the economics world. The tips he shared can be helpful to investors who are looking to penetrate the Brazilian market.

Eric Pulier: A Genius & A Lot More Than A Jack of All Trades

To say Eric Pulier is one of a kind is an understatement. Eric Pulier is a multi-talented, intellectual innovator who is a published author, a public speaker, a columnist, an entrepreneur, and a generous philanthropist.


Early Life’s Journey


His career started in childhood. He started programming computers when he was a fourth grade student. And when he graduated from high school in 1984, he already began a database computer organization. He then went and graduated from Harvard University. After graduating, he was The Harvard Crimson’s editor, a daily newspaper for Harvard University. He also wrote for the paper which included insightful literature which are still viewable on his writer profile at Harvard.


Other Amazing Achievements


In 1991, Pulier moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of his dreams. One of his startups, XPrize, is one of his most revolutionary startups in which includes prizes and competitions for people willing to push themselves to their best potential. He also found the SOA software program in which he succeeded in acquiring several other vendors of SOA throughout the 2000s. And in 2016, the company was sold to Rogue Wave Software.


His Philanthropy Work


Through all his successes, Eric Pulier still found time in giving back. One of his most noteworthy philanthropy tasks is with the Painted Turtle, a camp for children with chronic illnesses. He was the organization’s vice president of cloud operations. He gave a generous amount of money and time for those children with special medical needs to ensure they have an enjoyable and idyllic summer camp experience. With Starbright World, he also gave tons of time and money in helping children with special medical needs. His time was spent in giving tech skills to work in the construction of a secured and specialized, social media platform for those children. With this innovative tool, the children can meet and interact with others experiencing similar health conditions. He even worked in the 1990s with President Bill Clinton in finding low cost solutions for lower economic communities with cloud computing. He is also considered as a pioneer in home usage, multimedia educational platform development. One notable program of this magnitude includes a program for people with multiple sclerosis concerning many facets of their illness.