Glen Wakeman: LaunchPad Holdings Success Story

Glen Wakeman is an incredibly successful entrepreneur who is passionate about self-improvement in the creation of profitable businesses ( In his drive to create profitable businesses, he utilizes a proven method that assesses five important aspects of performance. These aspects of performance are leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance. Leadership is the capacity to prepare the company for change. Human capital is the alignment of vision strategy and tactics within the company. Execution is the integration process of both technology and people within the company. Risk management is the minimization of potential disruptions. Governance is the enabling of constructive dissent that will help the company grow.

Today Glen Wakeman works with entrepreneurs who are in the startup phase of the company’s through his company LaunchPad Holdings. LaunchPad Holdings offers online business planning services and helps individuals with digital marketing in order to reach a potential client base.

In his own life, Glen Wakeman worked with GE capital in various leadership roles for the company over a period of 20 years. During this time he helped the company create over nine separate operations from the ground up and is responsible for helping to generate over $2 billion in revenue. He originally completed his education by receiving his MBA from the University of Chicago.

When asked about what was the inspiration for his company LaunchPad Holdings Glen Wakeman responded that he had a desire to help give individuals with great ideas the funding that they needed in order to launch their ideas. Over his life, he had seen innumerable individuals with great ideas that continue to fail. He looked into this and realized that it was because these good ideas had a lack of structure. He believes that if he was able to create a simple software platform that he would be able to help entrepreneurs launch their business plans successfully.

In order to bring ideas to life, Glen Wakeman believes that it is important to explain your ideas to others. Sometimes whenever you are explaining an idea to someone, you will realize that it is not as good as he thought, however occasionally you will strike gold and realize that you are on to something.