Jason Hope donates large sum to anti-aging institution

The SENS Foundation has long been at the forefront of anti-aging research. Started by Aubrey de Grey, a long-time cellular biologist with an intense interest in the aging process, the SENS Foundation has been able to make serious inroads into understanding the aging process at a molecular level. It is hoped that at some point in the future, these findings may help create products that are able to help people indefinitely postpon the aging process, leading to a vastly higher life expectancy for all humans.

As one of the most prolific entrepreneurs in the state of Arizona, Jason Hope has gotten his fair share of attention. He was one of the first pioneers of the premium mobile content streaming business model, developing the business more than 10 years before Apple came out with the Apple Store and its own streaming model. Additionally, Hope has also been involved in the creation of novel businesses that have done everything from providing business to business analytics solutions to developing apps for business to customer use.

But now, the incredibly busy Hope has mostly stepped back from the day-to-day operational aspects of running his tech empire. He prefers now to spend the majority of his time writing and blogging on the coming revolution that will be brought about by the Internet of Things as well as the latest developments in biotech, including the development of anti-aging solutions that may soon allow people to vastly out live any of our ancestors.

It was for this reason that Hope decided to donate more than half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation. Hope has stated that the money will be used primarily to find a full-time team of atherosclerosis researchers. Although atherosclerosis ranks as one of the deadliest conditions in the United States today, causing the deaths of millions of people from its downstream effects of heart attack, stroke and other diseases related to venous insufficiency, Hope believes that the underlying cause of atherosclerosis can be teased out to such an extent that its lessons can be applied to a vast array of other conditions.

Based on his own reading of the medical literature, Hope has concluded that the inflammatory process that lies at the core of atherosclerotic plaque formation is also the same fundamental process that drives conditions ranging from glaucoma to rheumatoid arthritis.

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Jason Hope, the Brains Behind Tech Development in Arizona

All around the world, there are different individuals with different personalities. Everyone has a part to play in the society be it socially, economically or even politically. Human beings are almost similar, but our strengths and weaknesses are what distinguishes us. There are those individuals that have tremendous influence impact in our lives. One such individual is Jason Hope.

Jason Hope is a businessman, futurist, and philanthropist. He is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and is passionate about technology. Also, he has a soft spot for the needy people. Jason was bred in Tempe. He studied the degree in finance from Arizona State University and later furthered his studies by undertaking Masters in Carey School of Business.

At the beginning of his career, Jason founded mobile communications company called Jawa. The company steered several developments in the communication sector. Currently, his focus is projected towards biotechnology and investing in start-ups. They are business ventures that are young with the potential of penetrating the job markets. What Jason does is that for the people behind different ideas, he mentors and nurtures them to make their projects to be of substance. Asides from that, he is partisan of diverse grant programs for people in business and mentoring learners from high school.

Jason is among the most prominent cheerleaders of tech development. He is a futurist in the essence that he looks up to the future towards the development of the current tech world. Hope believes that every individual is well-acquitted with the knowledge that all societies across the globe rely on technology. This is because technology connects people at a faster rate and easily especially, in the 21st century. Now he invests in a wide range of portfolio including Business Information Systems and Digital Media Solutions.

One may wonder how Hope does his work. Considering the technology industry that is fast growing in Arizona, his ideas and approaches do not conflict with those Arizona’s government. When Jason stands behind a lot of tech projects in Arizona, the state also reaps from it in the sense that lots of jobs are created, and in turn, revenues are brought. Jason supports anything that he finds productive, and that is why his success immeasurable in the Arizona.

It is evident that from what Jason Hope a lot of entrepreneurs can acquire a lot of attributes from him. He is a man of good heart and a significant one to any society for that matter.

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