Why Jeunesse is Growing

Jeunesse Products

Jeunesse is a cosmetic company that has expanded into dozens of countries in the past few years. With over one billion dollars in sales last year, Jeunesse is one of the leading companies in the cosmetics industry.

Although the company primarily focuses on cosmetic products, it also offers other health products. The customers who buy products from Jeunesse enjoy the excellent customer service. If any customer ever has an issue with a product, it is possible to return the product for a full refund.


Jeunesse does not use typical advertising methods to reach customers. Instead, the company relies on advertising from satisfied customers. Jeunesse encourages customers to utilize social media when using products. A large percentage of sales come from online transactions.

The leaders of Jeunesse want to spend money on product innovation instead of traditional advertising. One of the reasons that customers love Jeunesse is that the company is continually offering new products and services to customers.

Direct Selling

Another reason for the growth of Jeunesse is the direct selling program. The company recently started offering customers the opportunity to sell products to other customers. Many people join this program in hopes of earning additional income each month. Some sellers have been wildly successful with the program.

The most successful sellers are people who spend a ton of time and money advertising products. There are also numerous people who only sell the products to friends and family.

New Products for the Future

The product development team at Jeunesse is working on dozens of new product options for the coming years. One of the most significant areas of growth in the beauty industry is with organic products. Few people are willing to use products that could harm their skin over time. Jeunesse has focused on producing quality products at an affordable price for years.

The Basis for a Fuller Life by Elysium Health

Unsatisfied with our current lifestyle, many of us strive to be healthier individuals. We set the goals of eating less junk food and exercising more. Getting yourself into a healthier routine by eating more non-processed foods and exercising on a regular basis is, in fact, a great way to improve your well-being. Taking supplements may  improve it even further.

Elysium Health is health company co-founded in 2014 by Dr. Leonard Guarente. Dr. Guarente serves as the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT, in addition to his responsibilities as chief scientist of Elysium. The mission of the company is to help people live healthier, longer. It does so by translating advances in science and technology into clinically-validated health products that work.

At Elysium Health, the company and its leaders care deeply about health. Working as the CEO of the company is Eric Marcotulli. Before becoming the CEO, he worked at Sequoia Capital. Eric earned his MBA degree from Harvard Business School. Dan Alminana, the COO of the company, is in charge of the operational and financial elements of Elysium Health. He previously worked at JP Morgan’s Venture Capital coverage group in Silicon Valley.

Elysium Health’s first product is Basis. Basis is proven to o increase and sustain levels of NAD+ in our cells. This essential coenzyme is part of many of our cellular functions like DNA health, circadian rhythms, and energy creation. NAD+ declines in levels as we age, and those functions break down.

In 2016, Elysium Health put Basis through a clinical trial. The results of the trial showed that taking the recommended daily dose of Basis increased levels of NAD+ by an average of 40 percent over the course of several weeks.

Basis is available by the bottle for $60. To lower that cost, you can buy Basis in a variety of monthly subscriptions. A regular month-to-month subscription costs $50 per month. Prepaying for a six-month subscription brings the monthly cost down to $45, and prepaying for a one-year subscription brings the cost down to $40 per month.



Changing the Face of Cancer Treatment with Eric Lefkofsky

Tempus recently entered into a new deal with Precision HealthAL and CancerLinQ to help structure the huge amounts of data that CancerLinQ has currently. This technology company, Tempus, puts their focus on personalized cancer treatment by using big data to get the job done. The CancerLinQ database has been in the development stage since the establishment of CancerLinQ LLC, and it holds reports that consist of at least one million records of various patients. The CancerLinQ LLC is a non-profit entity and subsidiary of ASCO, which Dr. Clifford Hudis has mentioned is a practical arrangement similar to both Precision HealthAl and Tempus, giving them the opportunity to analyze the information in the database as a faster pace and more effective than an in-house operation.

Eric Lefkofsky, the CEO of Tempus, has given a brief overview of a certain deal that CancerLinQ was formed by ASCO to amass larger parts of patient data directly from providers. CancerLinQ was successful when gathering this data, but now the question sits wondering what should be done with the records gathered. With this challenge in mind, CancerLinQ began to seek assistance from various organizations to both analyze and structure the data. This is where Tempus and Precision HealthAL both come into play. There are major benefits coming from the structure of a larger database like CancerLinQ’s, according to Lefkosfky’s words. It could even aid biotech companies in development and drug research by using the data to help create clinical trials that are more effective. This is how Tempus intends to deliver value to the world.

Both Precision HealthAl and Tempus were chosen once CancerLinQ had concluded more commercialized data for more effective analyzation. Lefkosky notes how both companies will work together because they are complementing of one another. The CEO of Precision HealthAl notes that they will use their platform to deliver larger data amounts, while Tempus intends to focus on building their data by combining both molecular and clinical data. Tempus believes that both sets of data are important to creating personalized cancer care for patients.

Tempus was founded in 2015 by Eric Lefkoskfy. Though he never intended to enter the industry of healthcare, he found motivation in the diagnosis of cancer in someone very close to him. His experience was his motivation to create better technology and data sets within clinical practice since there seemed to be a lack of it everywhere.

As a career entrepreneur, Eric Lefkofsky has spent much of his professional life working in various industries through the power of data. He has used his experience to create various other companies like Uptake, Innerworkings, and Echo Global Logistics, and he helps co-found Groupon, a global company. His largest venture to date is the creation of Tempus, in which he hopes to help change the way cancer treatment is done on a daily basis. His own personal, life experience has given him that push to keep reaching for his dreams as well.

Lefkofsky earned both of his degrees, undergraduate and graduate, from the University of Michigan, located in the state where he was born and raised. He moved to Chicago after graduating, where he has become a huge part of his community both in the business and personal world for various reasons. Through his Lefkofsky Family Foundation and the help of his loving wife, he has helped various arts companies like the Art Institute, Museum of Science and Industry, and even Steppenwolf Theater Company, which are passions of his. Eric Lefkofsky is an extremely accomplished man, and he continues to work toward his goal of helping change the shape of cancer treatment for good.


How Canada’s Dr. Cameron Clokie Used BMP to Reconstruct Peter Russel’s Jaw

The medical field is ever-evolving courtesy of brilliant scientists such as Dr. Cameron Clokie. Read more: Bros Don’t Let Bros Have Bad Breath: Toronto Oral Surgeon Cameron Clokie Helps You Make a Good First Impression

Apart from being an accomplished oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Clokie is actively involved in research in a relatively new field of medicine known as regenerative medicine.

The success of the field will mean that reconstructive surgery will be a thing of the past. Although regenerative medicine is a huge arm of medicine, Dr. Clokie is concerned with using it to approach the musculoskeletal reconstruction process innovatively.

Dr. Clokie was once—for four years—an apprentice of Dr. Urist Marshall, the scientist who discovered bone morphogenetic protein (sometimes shortened to BMP). The protein located within the bone matrix of every human being is responsible for inducing bone growth.

Dr. Clokie uses BMP to initiate the growth of jaw bones in patients whose part(s) of the jaw is lacking either because of cancer or other factors that can damage the jowl area. Although Dr. Clokie started using regenerative medicine to reconstruct human mandibles in the late 90’s, Peter Russel’s case is perhaps the most publicized. Learn more about Cameron Clokie: https://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/1215496/Dr-Cameron-Clokie-Toronto-ON.html

Dr. Clokie used BMP to assist Russel to regrow part of his jaw that the retired banker had lost to a benign tumor in 2003. At the time, Russel was among the first few patients—eight—to undergo a regenerative medicine procedure. Also, at the time, only two hospitals, Toronto General Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital, administered the process.

Dr. Clokie’s procedure involved masking BMP out in a putty-like gel. The gel was then inserted into Russel’s jaw specifically where a gap existed. This was followed by strategically using a titanium rod to hold the gel in place. What followed after 120 hours is a growth of blood vessels over the gel structure.

BMP is a peculiar compound; for example, it liquefies at low temperatures and solidifies at higher temperatures. It is no surprise that when blood vessels started growing over the gel, it dissolved allowing room for Russel’s jawbone to regrow and fill the gap.

Apparently, there is a risk of uncontrolled bone growth, but Russel was ready to take a gamble. However, it turned out well for Russel.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden: A Top Female Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden, a plastic surgeon who was raised in Austin, graduated from the University of Texas, with a Bachelors degree in Biology. She then studied for her Medical Doctorate at University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston with Highest Honors and graduating as the salutatorian of her class. She built a practice in New York City but later on returned to her hometown in 2011. She later took a move to New York where she went to pursue a career in aesthetic surgery after being selected by Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital for a fellowship.

Dr. Walden stayed on in the hospital after her fellowship. Here, she worked on New York City’s Upper East Side for a duration of close to eight years. She took part in clinical trials that led to the reintroduction of silicone breast implants. She returned to Austin so that her twins could be raised near her family. Walden focuses on cosmetic surgery, including breast augmentations, face lifts and rhinoplasties (commonly referred to as nose jobs)

The cost for an augmentation is about $7000, a nose job ranges from $8000 to $9000, and a face lift is about $10000. Dr. Jennifer also performs liposuction on the abdomen, inner thighs, and arms, and minimally invasive procedures such as injecting Botox and soft-tissue fillers.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a member of the Prestigious American Society for Aesthetic Plastic surgery, American Society of Plastic Surgeon, and is a member of the American College of Surgeons. She is also the Vice Commissioner of Communications for the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

In a male dominated the profession. Dr. Walden argues that there are several advantages of being a female plastic surgeon. She says that most of their patients are women who are often more comfortable talking to another woman.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel is committed to Solving Sleep Apnea Disorders

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by blockage of a patient’s airways. The disease is caused by fats accumulating around the neck and, consequently, choking the airways. It is predominantly found among the old folk and individuals suffering from other conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Over 70 percent of people suffering from sleep apnea are not privileged enough to get special attention from specialists, but one dentist from New Jersey is committed to change this situation. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been attending to sleep apnea patients as from 2014 through his firm, Dental Sleep Masters (DSM). DSM is based in Essex County, New Jersey. Dr. Weisfogel works alongside several affiliate doctors.


Avi’s Career Path


A qualified doctor of dental surgery, Avi Weisfogel has been in the dental practice for a period spanning over 15 years. His breakthrough into the practice came in 1999 when he opened Old Bridge Dental Care. His exemplary service to the community earned him both praises and accolades, with the most coveted of all being named as the Best Dentist. At the height of his dental career, Weisfogel developed an interest in understanding sleep disorders. The more he understood, the more his passion towards helping sleep apnea patients grew. Weisfogel finally followed his passion and established Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010, a firm that trained physicians on handling sleep apnea patients. As a consequence of this training, most of these physicians ended up establishing and managing sleep labs. This was Weisfogel’s first significant contribution in the field of sleep disorders. He set up Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient in 2012, a firm that prepared dentists for research and practice in the world of sleep.


Avi Supports GoFundMe Campaign


Operation Smile initiated a GoFundMe Campaign with the aim of raising $2000. The campaign received a significant boost when Avi Weisfogel decided to support it. The money accumulated via the GoFundMe campaign will be channeled towards providing free surgeries to children and youths with cleft lips and cleft palate conditions. Speaking in an interview, Weisfogel said that he supported the movement as a show of the faith he has in Operation Smile.