The Story Behind Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru and his friends always had a hard time finding easy, healthy, and fun places to eat during their senior year while studying at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. They decided to start an eatery on M street due to this reason. The eatery grew to become a restaurant chain known as Sweetgreen six years later. Nathaniel spoke about this during the Wharton Marketing Conference that was titled the New Era of Marketing. It entailed Globalization, Analytics, and Choice.


Nathaniel Ru talked about how it was hard getting the tavern space to set up the eatery. He said that his friends together with him persistently called the landlord until she agreed to meet with them. He says that this was his first time to wear a suit for a business meeting. He adds that they already had the business plan and that they had decided to name the place green. They went out to find an architect and business advisors who helped them set the place up after meeting with the landlord.


Sweetgreen currently has stores in the major cities in Northeast together with their suburbs including Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, and New York. The food offered by Sweetgreen is always fresh and healthy. They get the majority of the ingredients from local purveyors and farmers.


Theresa Dold is the head of digital marketing at Sweetgreen. She also attended the Wharton Conference. Theresa stated that Sweet Green had marketed itself as a place with a deeper purpose and not just as a place to purchase food. She likened Sweetgreen with Apple. Theresa added that Sweetgreen wants to be sexy, social, local, and smart. She added that they have a fantastic line of juices that they throw a music festival every year.


Nathaniel Ru said that every store has to live up to the company’s core values and serve the community that surrounds it regardless of the number of stores that Sweetgreen owns. He added that Sweetgreen is a lifestyle brand and not just a restaurant company.


Nathaniel Ru has a BS in Finance which he earned from the Georgetown University. He is the co-founder of Sweetgreen and has been able to steer the restaurant company to success as its Co-CEO. Nathaniel lives in New York. He has invested in numerous enterprises. Nathaniel and his friends started Sweetlife in 2010 which later grew to become Sweetgreen. He attributes his success to hard work, passion, and commitment.




Changing the Way Fast Food Looks: sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is starting off right from the beginning. They are healthy, fresh, organic, and use all local produce. They have big backing from investors, Steve Case, Danny Meyer, and Daniel Boulud, and they have created a restaurant that stands for more than just the food they sell. This idea has hit big with customers, who keep their 40 nationwide restaurants busy. They are more than just pioneers of what food they sell and how, because 30% of their sales come from their website and/or mobile app. More and more restaurants are picking up on this trend.


Innovative management is also part of their recipe for success. The corporate office is shut down at least five times per year, so that they can work in the restaurants close to the customers. Also, there is no main headquarters, because they are trying to grow the company nationally. They keep their corporate offices bi coastal and recently opened offices in Los Angeles. All three of the co-founders are Georgetown University graduates, with family backgrounds of entrepreneurship, and a status of being first generation immigrants. They wanted their business to thrive and survive the college environment. After they made it through the first winter break in 2007, they knew that they would be successful.


Nathaniel Ru, co-founder, had some advice and life wisdom he would share. First, he would tell his younger self to read more. Then, he has found that managing can be hard work and that the team around you needs to be able to take on part of the load. At first, he tried to do all the work themselves. They learned that was much more than they needed to do. He has learned so much from building this company with his friends and fellow co-founders.


They have built a fully sustainable restaurants, which pulls local produce from 300 restaurants around their 40 stores. They rotate a seasonal menu and believe in transparency in all that they do with their company. This type of innovative food industry leadership is what has caused them to be one of the fast growing and most cutting edge restaurants. They continue to build a brand together as sweetgreen opens more stores nationwide.



Sea Moss Made The Markus Rothkranz Way

In this video about Natures raw Vegan Collagen and Gelatin, Markus Rothkranz brings us the knowledge and details about another amazing product from the sea, Irish Moss Seaweed.

Irish Moss Seaweed, commonly referred to as Sea Moss, is a seaweed plant found mostly in the ocean near Ireland and England (hence the name). Taking into account the incredible amount of beneficial properties this plant has is no easy task, and it’s no wonder Markus speaks of it so highly.

First, it’s high in Collagen and Gelatin, which is good for the skin and hair and Mucilagen for helping soothe the digestive and intestinal tracts, giving relief to those with IBS, Crohns and even those who are missing their gall bladder as it softly coats the stomach lining and intestinal tract. Next, it has Iodine to help those with thyroid imbalances and anyone trying to lose weight. It is high in Sulfur, which also helps protect the skin and those with joint pain or inflammation from arthritis. It is also a good source of Potassium (which your body cannot store) to help with your memory and combatting other brain issues such as depression, anxiety and even fibromyalgia. It has Selenium, which is also good for balancing your thyroid and hormones and help rid the body of fats and is even good for those with colon or prostate cancer. Oh yeah, it’s also a good source of Protein which we all know is essential to the body’s needs.

So now we know the benefits – but what do we do with it? How do we prepare it?

In this inspiring video Markus will show you how to properly clean Sea Moss. The importance of soaking it and how to correctly prepare and store this wonder weed as well as many of it’s amazing applications.

Enjoy… and to your great health.