Jason Hope’s Anti-Aging Research Donations

In 2010, Jason Hope donated 500,000 dollars to the SENS Research Foundation. Using this donation, the foundation was able to create the Cambridge SENS Laboratory and use what was remaining of the money to start new research which aimed to be able to break down advanced glycation end products in human tissue. This new lab focuses on studying ways to slow down and even prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s that make the body age faster. After his donation, Jason Hope also discussed finding cures for lung disease, another disease that begins to harm the whole body, not just the lungs or brain. Besides being a benefactor to the SENS Laboratory he is also an investor, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Mr. Hope was born in Tempe, Arizona and then went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in finance from Arizona State University. Furthering his education, he then attended the W.P. Carey School of Business and earned his MBA. As well as his funding of the SENS research project, he likes to donate to any projects that are innovative or take a new or different approach. Jason Hope offers grants to students and young entrepreneurs as well. His hope is that he can encourage younger generations to use their imagination and creativity to help the world of science in particular.  Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging. When speaking at a conference after his donation back in 2010, Hope explained to the audience that he didn’t just want people to be able to treat diseases that have already progressed, he wants people to come up with new ways to stop the diseases before they even happen. In the modern world of science, things move quickly and new advancements are made almost every day. Jason Hope has realized this, and through his philanthropy, he hopes to see people taking advantage of their innovative ideas and continuing to contribute to scientific advancements. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

Scandal from Lime Crime

Created by Doe Deere, who is the named CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics, the new lip product name Scandal is just that. It’s bright and loud and turns from liquid to matte. Added to the Velvetines line of cosmetics, it promises to be every bit as great as all of the other products in this line.

It’s Humane

All of Lime Crime’s products are cruelty-free, meaning they are never tested on animals. All of the products are amazing considering that fact. Not only does Scandal look great, but you can feel good wearing it.

It’s Vegan

By now you must be impressed considering just how great a find the lip stain is. Hold the hat though as there is more to amaze you. All of the products released by Lime Crime are 100 percent vegan as well. That’s two reasons, if not three by now, to feel good wearing it.

Some Tips

This is a liquid to matte lip stain, so there are a few rules to wearing it well. The first is that a fine layer of lip balm should be applied about fifteen minutes prior to using Scandal. That helps it set for the day.

Also be sure to use a lip brush for the application. That way you get the best coverage for that full stained look that the line is striving for. It is a stain, so it will last all day. You need to be careful to only apply it where you want to color.

Removal is easy. Just use some baby oil at the end of the night to remove the lip color and you are all set. It will revolutionize your make up look. No more running to the ladies room to apply lip color repeatedly.

The Look

This look is great for that punk look that many try to emulate today. it’s really all about looking bold and maintaining the look throughout anything. The line has a few color choices.

– Jinx

– Fetish

– Raven

All of the LimeCrime lip colors are vivid for longevity.