Lime Crime Makeup Excels In Self Expression

Makeup has long been a passion of women and men alike. Cosmetic companies initially catered to women “enhancing their natural beauty”, but in recent years makeup has become much more than that. It has become not only an elaborate art form, but also a means of self expression for all individuals. While many cosmetic companies are producing new and innovative products, one brand stands out for its unique items.


Launched by Doe Deere in 2008, Lime Crime cosmetics provides colorful, cruelty-free makeup products for women and men. The brand started with what they call Unicorn Lipsticks, much like classic, bullet-style lipsticks but in a range of enticing colors. They followed with what would become their most popular and renowned item, Velvetines. The brand’s signature item is a liquid lipstick that comes in a matte or metallic finish. From “Alien”, a neon green for daring makeup enthusiasts, to “Red Velvet”, a classic cherry red for more traditional enthusiasts, there is a color for everyone. There are currently over 50 shades of Velvetines with new shades frequently being added.


Expanding on the popularity of their lip products, the brand recently introduced Perlees, a bullet-style lipstick with a metallic finish. Following were Diamond Crushers, iridescent lip toppers that add a glittery finish to matte lipsticks.


While widely known for their range of lip products, Lime Crime has also produced two popular eyeshadow palettes. The first being Venus: The Grunge Palette, a collection of earthy reds and browns. Secondly came Venus 2, a collection of unconventional shades such as “Filter”, a periwinkle blue, and “Mustard”, a dark yellow.


Due to the success of its makeup products, the brand recently expanded to included hair dyes. True to style, the brand’s hair dye is bright and vibrant. Popular shades include “Bunny”, a vibrant bubblegum pink, and “Jello”, a bright green reminiscent of the gelatinous snack food.


Lime Crime looks to revolutionize the cosmetic industry, consistently introducing new and exciting products. Recent additions to their line have included highlighters, pop-on nails and mermaid makeup brushes, surely with more to come!

Wengie Draws Her Life In Great Detail

Wengie is one of the top YouTube cosmetic video bloggers on the web. She has been able to build a rather successful career as someone that helps others with lots of life hacks. When she was asked by her fans to draw her life she was more than happy to provide her audience with the background of her life.


Long before Wengie became one of the top makeup artists, she was a bit of an introvert in her early years. She lived with her grandparents for a moment before she flew out to Australia to be with her parents as a child. Wengie would reveal in an awesome 10 minute “Draw My Life” video that she was a lover of videos games and that the Internet became a big sensation when she was in high school. It would be during her time in high school that she was would share some of her drawings with others as she downloaded tons of music from the web.


Wengie could go on to talk about crushes in high school and the time that it would take to do anything online because the initial Internet connections were so slow. During her high school years her mother would give birth to another baby, her brother Jim.


At the age of 24 Wengie would move out from under the roof of her parents and live on her own. She would start a blog where she would share makeup tips, and this would lead to her success.

Lime Crime Releases Scandal Lipstick

Lime Crime is a trendy cosmetic company that is run by Doe Deere. Doe Deere is the pastel haired founder that is changing the way that people regard makeup. She is also demonstrating that the world of makeup is due for a more imaginative line of cosmetics like Lime Crime. Lime Crime started out small, but is now one of the most well known brands online. The company recently released Scandal. Scandal is a welcomed new lipstick that is part of the Velvetines line. The rich, deep purple hue is sure to capture the imagination and charm just about anybody into loving the new color.


Why We Like Scandal

Why do people like the new Velvetines Scandal lipstick? The lipstick is part of the very popular Velvetine line. This lipstick goes on liquid, but turns into a beautiful matte finish that last all day long without requiring reapplication. The deep purple color is very bold and beautiful. The lipstick is cruelty free and purely a vegan product. This is a very rich and luxurious lipstick that is guaranteed to stir up a little scandal, every time that you wear it out to work, on the town, or simply relaxing. The new Scandal color is perfect for the individual that is not afraid to show their true colors to the world.


Lime Crime

Some companies like to follow the latest trend. However, Lime Crime likes to create the fabulous new trends that you see on a girl’s lips. They are the creators. They are not the followers. Doe Deere is one CEO that believes in living life unapologetically. Lime Crime was created with that strong belief in mind. Thus, it attracted followers with that very same belief.


Lime Crime is based in Los Angeles, California. They produce cruelty free, vegan based cosmetics that are part of the hottest trends around today. Lime Crime cosmetics are all about self expression and showing your creativity to the world. They do not believe that makeup should be used to simply just cover up imperfections or enhance your looks. Today, Lime Crime has over 2.6 million followers on social media. Join them today.

New Upcoming Products From Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a leader in the Cosmetic industry. They are constantly working to add new and innovative products to their line. These are two of the newest products that Lime Crime has coming up.


Highlighter Palette


The highlighter palette is a new and innovative product that Lime Crime has come up with. It comes in adorable iridescent packaging and offers three fun highlighting colors. The pearlescent highlighter comes in pink, gold and peach. Each color offers their own unique benefits. Colors can be dusted over cheeks, brow bone, lids and even the nose to offer a highlighting effect. It can be worn above foundation or underneath it. It is one of the first products of its kind from Lime Crime. It is a thin silky formula that lasts all day long. The highlighter palette is cruelty free as well as vegan friendly.


Chromatic Press On Nails


The chromatic press on nails are another new and unique item from Lime Crime. They are simple and easy way to get a great manicure. Application takes just 10 minutes and offers a cool fun color. They are so simple to apply that anyone can do it. They are very easy to use and looks completely real and natural. The new chromatic nails that are coming soon are available in a few different colors including iridescent champagne, black, and even green. It is one of the first products of the kind that Lime Crime has created.


These are just two of the new Lime Crime products that will be available soon. Lime Crime products are typically easily available online as well as in many different select retail locations.

The Entrepreneurial Saga of Don Ressler

Don Ressler is without any doubt, one of the most popular American entrepreneurs with some wonderful startups in his portfolio. Don Ressler is an idol for all the entrepreneurs with a focus on business and brand building. Within a short period, he has dazzled the world with his entrepreneurship ventures worth millions of dollars and an industry wide saga of triumph in online brand building and advertisements on He is mostly known as the Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Intelligent Beauty. In addition to this, he was behind some of the most successful brand building ventures such as, Dermstore, Sensa, Intelligent Beauty, FabKids, JustFab, and Fabletics.

The spirit of entrepreneurship and appetite for new challenges are the two elements that drive Don Ressler from the very beginning. While his fellows were busy with a regular career, Don went to a different path of entrepreneurship and co-founded his first startup called, an e-commerce and performance advertising platform which was an instant success with millions in revenue in no time at all. It was then acquired by Intermix Media in 2001 and became its only profit center at However, it was quite frustrating for Don to work in an environment without any control or autonomy when Intermix Media was acquired by News Corp in 2005. At that point, he decided to venture on new projects on his own.

So, Don teamed up with Adam Goldenberg and former group members from their past ventures and developed the idea of Intelligent Beauty, which is one of the first “direct to consumer brand building business” in the USA. With autonomy and expertise on online performance advertisement, Don Ressler was able to create an online skincare and cosmetic marketplace called Dermstore in 2006. Their next venture under the umbrella of Intelligent Beauty was a weight loss system called Sensa. Under the leadership and direction of Don, Intelligent Beauty became a highly profitable startup, and it also secured a funding of $43 million in 2008.

However, the biggest successes of Don and Intelligent Beauty are JustFab and Fabletics which are considered two of the biggest and inclusive brands in the country. JustFab was the third venture of Intelligent Beauty which is a subscription based e-commerce fashion retailer platform on LinkedIn that took place in 2010. This revolutionary business model was an instant success, and its membership rocketed to 6 million in 2012 leading to $76 million funding from some investors. Thanks to Don’s craving for a new venture in different sectors, JustFab continued to acquire and create more startups in different sectors which included FabKids and Fab Shoes. Their next venture was Fabletics, a marketplace for sportswear for which they collaborated with Actress Kate Hudson.

Don Ressler’s Successful Fashion Company

Fabletics is about so much more than great workout clothes for Ressler. The brand was created to be able to inspire women so that they would have a chance to be able to do more when they are working out and to be able to look good while they are working out. For Ressler, it is a great brand that has made a lot of difference in the way that women choose to shop and it has been instrumental in the fashion and athletic industry so that people can get what they need out of the company and the things that the company has to offer.

Women are treated to some of the best fashion choices when it comes to Fabletics. They are able to get what they want from the brand in that they have fashionable clothes that women can wear. The prints are great and on trend. They are beautiful clothes that are designed with the highest quality materials available according to Ressler. The prints are different than what any other workout company has to offer and they can truly be worn anywhere.

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They are made with performance materials so that people can get what they want out of them. For Don Ressler, Fabletics are high quality and they are designed specifically for people to be able to do more in them. They are not cheap quality and they can be made to suit even the most active person. They are a great addition to any workout wardrobe and they are able to outperform many of the top athletic brands because of the way that they can be worn and used so nicely.

Another factor that is great about Fabletics is the convenience that comes with it. Women don’t even have to leave their home to go to the store to get the most out of Fabletics. It is something that is delivered right to their door each month and something that they can take advantage of. People who are able to get the most out of the brand are able to do more with it. This is something that has been great for many women who are just too busy to be able to shop on their own for clothes to wear to workout in.

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Wengie beauty hacks



  1. The first beauty hack is green tea. Make a cup and pour it into a container and refrigerate it. It’s great for your skin! You can use the left over tea bags. Place them in the refrigerator and put them over your eyes when you wake up. It will take away the swelling.


  1. Place face toner and refrigerate it in a container that sprays so it doesn’t get everywhere and waste the product.


  1. Spraying perfume onto your hair can be overwhelming, so instead spray perfume onto your brush and brush your hair.


  1. For healthier hair, you can add oils to your brush and brush them through your hair. It leaves your hair smooth and shiny.


  1. You can spray bobby pins with hair spray so they don’t slide out, and the curly side of the bobby pin goes underneath the hair.


  1. If your bobby pin isn’t the same color as your hair and you want it to be, you can coat it with nail polish that resembles your hair color!


  1. To remove nail polish easily without the hassle of a bunch of cotton balls, place a sponge into a jar, fill it with nail polish, and rub your nails onto it.


  1. Makeup cleansing wipes can be expensive, so a good trick is to place some cotton pads and makeup remover into a baggy and make sure the pads are soaked. It saves money!


  1. Coconut oil is another great way to remove makeup. Place it onto your face and wipe them with cotton pads.