The Success of Don Ressler as an Entrepreneur

Don Ressler is a businessperson who has gained recognition due to his successful e-commerce ventures. His most profitable business is Intelligent Beauty. Ressler kicked off his entrepreneurship journey by establishing an online enterprise that was known as The business was successful, and he later sold it to Intermix. The entrepreneur then decided to partner the then COO of Intermix, Adam Goldenberg, in founding another firm that was called Alena Media. The efforts of the two businessmen enabled the company to generate revue that totaled to hundreds of millions of dollars. The company was successful until 2005 when New Corp acquired it. It was mismanaged by the media conglomerate, and this led to its fall.

Don Ressler and Goldenberg have sufficient knowledge on how to handle online performance advertising enterprises. They decided to establish a company that could be run independently. The duo invited their former employees at Alena Media, and they combined their efforts to create a new business. The firm was first called Brand Ideas but was later renamed Intelligent Beauty. It has been making huge profits through various subsidiaries that it created. The company founded DERMSTORE as its first branch, and it focused on retailing skin care and cosmetic products. Two years later, the entrepreneurs established another subsidiary that was called SENSA. According to the company mainly specialized in weight loss products and Brett Brewer was appointed as it CEO. The success of the two subsidiaries attracted Intelligent Beauty’s first investor, Technology Crossover Ventures, which offered $43 million.

Intelligent Beauty expanded its business when it founded JustFab in 2010 on The company was a third party e-commerce business and focuses on fashion. Its success enabled it to secure $33 million from Matrix Partners. The firm’s subscription service grew rapidly, and it had 4 million members by December 2010. By April 2012, the number had grown to more than 6 million. Crossover Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures were pleased by the success of JustFab, and the offered it $76 million.

JustFab expanded by founding FabKids, which sells children clothes to its subscribers. The firm got 3 million members from Europe by acquiring The Fab Shoes, which had established itself on the continent. The Fab Shoe’s main client base was in Germany, France, Spain, and the U.K. JustFab had a series c funding where it secured $40 million that was used in setting up Fabletics. Investors also offered it $85 million is 2014, and this raised the total investment to $250 million. Source:

Eric Lefkofsky, Serial Entrepreneur And Philanthropist.

Eric Lefkofsky is an American businessman, serial investor, and entrepreneur with over 100 investments in 70 companies and startups. He is currently based in Chicago, Illinois and is actively involved in philanthropic activities.

He received a B.A degree from the University of Michigan. He then went on to attain a J.D from the university’s school of law.

His career as an entrepreneur began while he was still at the University of Michigan when he got together with Brad Keywell to purchase Madison-based clothing line, Brandon Apparel.

His partnership with Keywell has been extremely fruitful, as the two have been involved in the co-founding of successful firms and ventures such as Starbelly, Echo Global Logistics, and MediaBank.

Eric Lefkofsky specializes in the conversion of traditional business systems into technologically astute entities that are competent and fully operational. He has either worked for, or had a hand in the development of entities such as Groupon, Innerworkings, Lightbank, Uptake, Mediaocean, and Tempus.

Currently, he is the CEO of Tempus and chairman of Groupon.

About Tempus

Tempus is a healthcare technology firm that makes it possible for physicians and other medical practitioners to offer cancer patients personalized care. This is made possible through the use of an interactive analytical learning platform.

This is done by creating an online database of clinical and molecular data and an operating system that would make this data easy to access and to comprehend. The objective here is to ensure that each patient will gain from the data collected from previous patients.

This platform will contribute to this process by making available tools for genome sequencing, data analysis, generating reports, and the validation of these reports.

Eric Lefkofsky is the author of Accelerated Disruption, a book that explains what disruptive businesses are, how they are formed, and how to achieve their sustainable growth.

A disruptive business is one that can move at the same speed with the improvement of technology. Those that are left behind in this dynamic change will be irrelevant and get replaced, while those that are able will have a competitive advantage in the years to follow.

In this book, he reiterates that the rate of technological development is allowing competition to emerge from either the large firms or from small innovative startups.

He has been an active philanthropist since the launch of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006. This foundation aims at creating high impact opportunities in the fields of medical research, human rights, education and the arts.

In Chicago, he sits on the boards of various organizations in different capacities. He is a member of World Business Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago, among others.

Eric Lefkofsky has also been involved in the committee of “Chicago 2016” that aimed to garner support for the city’s bid to host the incoming Summer Olympics.

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