Porfirio Sanchez CEO of Editorial Televisa Grows Company Worldwide

Porfirio Sanchez is the CEO at Editorial Televisa who graduated from IATM with a Bachelor Degree in Applied Mathematics and then went on to the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he got a Masters in Executive Education before proceeding to Carnegie Mellon University to receive a Ph.D. in Institute for Software Research. Sanchez has been the CEO of the Editorial Televisa since June of 2015 and Editorial Televisa is a Broadcast Media company that is based in Cruz Manaca in Mexico City, Mexico.

Porfirio Sanchez is not only the manager and CEO of the entire company but he also oversees many special projects within the company as well. He ensures that the projects that the company takes on are specializing them in both terms of marketing and telecommunications as well. He was chosen as one of the 30 most promising promises of the year in 2014 according to the Expansion magazine. Sanchez started the Editorial Televisa when he left his job at the World Bank because this seemed like quite a bit more fun.

Editorial Televisa is a project that is designed to “win over new audiences in various markets as well as their advertisers”. To do this Porfirio Sanchez currently relies heavily on the director of special projects Sanchez Galindo to bring better infomercial advertising on board for the company as well as to help them get a diverse range of various programming onto their network. Galindo previously worked with a company responsible for publishing 17 different magazines on 11 different websites that helped make up the previous print media group that she worked for.

Porfirio Sanchez previously also started MexicoLabMediaS21 in September of 201 which was a center that specialized in accumulating and generating research related to the use of new information and communication technologies (ICTs) to imagine and implement disrupt projects that provoked innovative relations of the public and private sectors of the country. Now her collaborates with papers like The New York Times & The Washington Post to help spread information via his new Editorial Televisia program and his company past just Mexico, but also across the US, North America, and around the world.