“Contour” your workspace – A Newswatch TV Review

After watching the most recent testimonial about Contour’s Ultimate Workstation on my old keyboard, my hand started to cramp. It might be because I was stewing with envy regarding the ergonomic and wireless features that the Contour Ultimate Workstation brings to people in the office environment. Newswatch TV delivers another well paced overview of the workstation and how it can benefit those in the office environment.

We all have to adapt to the conditions that are provided to us. But what may be initially tolerable can, over time, wear on the body. So it is important to have a workstation that is clutter free; as wireless as possible; and ergonomically contoured to the natural state of the human body. This testimonial shows how the Contour Ultimate Workstation can provide that. Tell your manager or get a Contour Workstation for your home office. The investment in comfort will provide a sustainable productive work/life balance.

Newswatch TV presentation of the Contour Unltimate Worksation is just another example of the huge volume of great presentations that they provide for their partners. Using a sleek free-form style of testimonial that blends a standard format exclusive to Newswatch TV and also caters to the needs of each of its partners. Their reach extends to over 200 markets and airs on the ION and AMC networks as well as other affiliated networks.

The wide variety of episodes have garnered award recognition and appearances by a myriad of celebrities and well known companies around the world. It provides information and news to consumers and was recently given the Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcom Award for its 30 minute show.


Classdojo’s Success In The Educational Sphere

ClassDojo began operating in 2011 as a tech business focused on developing applications. The founders revealed that the main motivation of setting up the firm was to contribute towards the great works of pre-existing organizations developing software to address issues in education. Since their establishment, they have risen to compete against giants such as Kickboward, Nearpod, Remind and FreshGrade. ClassDojo currently serves 85,000 schools within the United States in both the private and public sectors.

The most recent accomplishment by ClassDojo is the campaign to raise $21 million in a bid to improve communication between teachers and parents. The amount went into developing, launching and distributing the app. The founders of ClassDojo, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhry, stated that since 2015, the firm has maintained a firm focus to grow their team and expand their products. Chaudhry explained that the lastest app is set to help parents have improved conversations with teachers and students while at home. This real time communication is an efficient strategy to have an active engagement with the educational development at school.

ClassDojo is applicable when teachers want to schedule meetings with parents without setting up a physical meeting. The app supports sharing of videos and photos to offer an accurate progression picture of students. The biggest triumph of the app is that parents have an easy time following up on the development of their kids both socially, mentally and emotionally. As a result, the app is in use in 90 percent of all schools in the US.

Sam Chaudhry attributed the success of the app to the close collaboration between his firm’s tech team and educators. In most cases, educational apps aim to gamify school lessons to make fun the learning experience. Studies however indicate that most teachers can achieve the same result without third party contributions. ClassDojo’s developers sough to perk the app by understanding the intricate needs of teachers, students and parents.

After the launch of the app, EdiTech farther supported its execution by running programs that could afford iPads to schools. The success of this particular EdiTech project has attracted entrepreneurs and government players to invest in the app, especially with the predicted reduction of the 2018 educational budget.