Securus Technologies – Innovative Products and Services for Correctional Sphere

Securus Technologies was established in the year 1986 with the aim to revolutionize the correctional industry, and in a way, it did transform this dormant sector. The company has been focusing on the needs of the end users from the day one, and it is why the company has a broad range of products and services on offer today that is highly popular with the customers. The company has made tremendous progress in the sector since the time of its inception, mainly because the company focuses on building innovative products and offering unique services that were earlier thought of to be impossible.


Securus Technologies has a huge network in the correctional industry and over a million inmates use its services and more than 2,400 law enforcement agencies depend on the company for its investigative products and services. Over the years, the company has been able to win the trust of its customers, and it is mostly because the company believes in providing efficient services at economical prices.


Securus Technologies has a good hold in the correctional technology, and it can be seen in the amount of law enforcement agencies uses its services. As of now, close to three thousand law enforcement bodies and thousands of law enforcement officers trust the investigative products and services offered by Securus Technologies. You can be sure that the services provided by Securus Technologies are useful, efficient, and economical.


The inmates don’t have to pay a fortune to use its services, and the law enforcement agencies have experienced a major improvement in its performance after integrating the crime prevention technology the company offers. Securus Technologies believe that technology has a critical role to play in the correctional industry and it is for this reason, the company has also set up a technology center in Dallas, Texas. The technology center focuses on developing new technologies and creating new products and services.

Why Securus Technologies is a Great Communications System

If you are striving to benefit from Securus Technologies but are unsure about exactly what it is, then you may be able to benefit from visiting the website. It explains in great detail about what exactly the communications platform offers. It is a communications platform that is allowing both parties of inmates and visitors to communicate with one another through a safe and secure platform of communications without having to worry about setting up appointments for physical visitations at the respective correctional facility the inmate is incarcerated in as traditionally has been required. Traditional methods of appointment scheduling has consisted of visitors contacting the jails and setting up an appointment time of visitation at a time that is available. Oftentimes, the appointments that are available aren’t necessarily convenient for visitors, thus, requiring them to reschedule. Securus Technologies offers flexible scheduling options, those of which offers visitors opportunities of setting up a visitation period in which they will be able to tend to without any difficulties in their respective schedules.


Securus Technologies may not be offered for utilization at the particular correctional facility the inmate is incarcerated in; however, one can have assurance about whether it is or not by visiting the website, as there is a list available on it which contains correctional facilities that have incorporated it into their communications systems. Should you have any concerns and/or questions pertaining to the program, please do not hesitate to contact one of the system’s customer service representatives, as they will be more than happy to assist you in your endeavors of partaking in efficient and effective forms of communications.


Securus Technologies is a system that is has been quite beneficial for law enforcement, as they have been able to solve crimes with its system. Please do not hesitate to go to the website to read through the press releases that are available on it.


Talk Fusion Launches an Award-winning Application

On August 15th, 2016 the online marketing company Talk Fusion was recognised for their innovative Video Chat product package with the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. This coveted recognition is awarded by the Technology Marketing Corporation.


Talk Fusion was funded by Mr Bob Reina nine years ago. It started out with a focus on Video Email but later began incorporating other online marketing products and services into the company as well. Mr Bob Reina acts as CEO of the enterprise. It is based in Tampa.


Talk Fusion won the award because of the Video Chat service. The completed version became available to the public in March of 2016, and it is available to download on Goggle Play Store as well as iTunes. The video chat app allows people to communicate freely and easily with any device. The application is powered by WebRTC technology, and it is focused on supporting video chat no matter how far away people are from each other.


The leader of the Talk Fusion IT team is Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page. He proudly stated that the award is a confirmation of the expertise of the IT team of Talk Fusion. He also added that he views the award as an encouragement to reach higher and further.


Over the course of 2016, Talk Fusion did not only create an application that won a coveted prize, but they also launched a new website that is dedicated to the newly introduced 30 Days of Free Trials. The company of Talk Fusion is now offering their services for a total of 30 days and completely free of charge. They believe that it will be a beneficial feature of the company because they will be able to prove themselves to many new clients.


Currently, in 2017, Talk Fusion has three application available for free on the app store. Talk Fusion Live Meetings allows users to view their meetings and use their phone to have a meeting; Fusion on the Go lets users create ad send video emails, and Talk Fusion Video Chat allows smooth communication wherever people are in the world.