Wake Up Early to Improve Wellness and How Jeffry Schneider Benefits From It

Jeffry Schneider is the founder and CEO of a growing firm. Under his leadership, the firm has grown to employing over 55 people and services a variety of companies.

Wellness is something that many of us strive for. It can help bring a sense of peace and productivity that can help in every area of life. That being said, people often only have a foggy sense of what wellness is, and have an only slightly clearer sense of how to get there. What if there was a concrete action that could help improve your sense of wellness and make you more productive? The answer to this question is yes, there is a way: wake up earlier. While the answer is simple, it can be challenging to implement. So, how does waking up earlier help with your sense of wellness, you might ask?

Sense of Accomplishment: This is one of the most rewarding elements of waking up early. Simply exerting your willpower to rise and get moving earlier then you would normally bring a sense of accomplishment. It is a great way to feel empowered throughout the day.

Head Start: There is something special about the feeling of knowing that you were working and active while others are sleeping. It ties in with the sense of accomplishment and empowerment mentioned above. Knowing that you are already up and going before your competition is even awake gives you a sense of a competitive edge and a greater drive to succeed. Because of this head start, you have more time in the day as well. You can use this time to either fit in more work, or to exercise; the choice is yours. Simply having that time, however, can be a great asset.

Less Interruptions: Often when we work, especially at an office, we are constantly being interrupted, whether from inter-office calls, or emails and memos that are being circulated through the company. These distractions can seriously detract from the work you are trying to accomplish. The early morning hours, however, are typically free from these types of distractions, as everyone is still sleeping. Being able to do something without interruption, whether it is morning exercise or work on a project, can enable you to accomplish more, which in turn can lead to an improved sense of wellness.

Overall, waking up early has many benefits that directly relate to your sense of wellness. That being said, make sure you are getting sufficient rest. If you are waking up earlier, you should be getting to bed earlier as well. Shoot for around 8 or so hours of sleep a night. Getting up early and staying up late may work for a short while, but eventually it can lead to chronic sleep deprivation, which is something you should definitely avoid.

Jeffry Schneider reaps the many benefits of waking up early. He feels that he is at his best when he is waking up early, even before the alarm, and exercising. Morning exercise is an important habit for Jeffry Schneider, and he tries to implement it as often as he can, regardless of which city a business trip may have him in. He uses a variety of forms of exercise, such as running, biking and swimming. Finishing his workout before most people are even awake gives Jeffry Schneider the confidence to take on anything that may come his way throughout the day.