Eric Lefkofsky Excels in Many Different Ventures

Eric Lefkofsky is co-founder and chairman of Groupon a very popular e-commerce site with coupons and deals for consumers about travel, dining,and consumer products. He is co-founder of Uptake a company that provides analytics to world’s largest companies. These are just a few of the many companies he has funded.

He co-founded Lightbank a venture capital investing group that develops new business and companies. As chairman of Lightbank he invests in innovative technology. Recently he has become co-founder and chairman of a company called Tempus. This company has designed and built an operating system that fights cancer.

Forbes estimates his wealth today at 1.79 billion. The company Tempus plans to design a large genomic database. It will compares an individual’s DNA so that doctor’s can custom design the therapy to the patient. Eric Lefkofsky comfortable with risk and with no background in genetics or medicine self funded Tempus.

When his wife had breast cancer he researched every avenue of treatment. He learned about treatments and the disease. He found that hospitals and doctors were far behind on the use of data. He says that technology has not permeated healthcare the way it did other industries.

Doctors collect data but in many cases do not have tools to analyze the information. He plans a partnership with leading hospitals to collect a large amount of data. His company will provide gene sequencing tests from a lab in North Rive that is 20,000 square foot long.

Tempus will provide doctors with software that provides them a way to compare a patient’s genetic profile to their database. This will help them find what treatments worked most effectively. At Tempus, he hired Kevin White a geneticist and top researcher from the University of Chicago. The company now has almost 100 highly qualified trained staff.

Tempus is owned 50/50 by Lefkofsky and his partner Brad Keywell. Their motivation for investing in this company comes from personal reasons and knowing about a problem and find a solutions. They are willing to invest over $100 million in Tempus to learn more: click here.

Eric Lefkofsky is very active in charitable causes. In 2006 he started Lefkofsky Family Foundation with his wife Liz to fund programs that help change lives in communities. They have contributed to education, medical, arts, and human rights causes. He is a trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital, The Art Institute of Chicago, and Museum of Science and Industry.

Career Information About Clay Siegall of Seattle Genetics

Mr. Clay is a time-tested scientist who is passionate about cancer therapies. In 1998, Clay founded the company, Seattle Genetics, with the aim of enhancing scientific innovations. Besides, he also purposed to impact the healthcare industry by introducing new drugs through rigorous research. Clay serves in the company as the president, CEO, and chairman, and is applauded for the milestones the company has made. They celebrate the creation of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), ADC product, as well as ADCETRIS®. In 2011, they got their ADC and ADCETRIS® products approved by FDA. So far, ADCETRIS® has been embraced across the world, with over 65 countries endorsing the brand.


Unique Traits Upheld by Clay Siegall


Clay has been in pursuit of his dream for over three decades now. It excites him to wake up every day and push for cancer treatment. As he is in his 40s, Clay cherishes interaction with smart people. While some time back he may have thought he knew enough, right now he appreciates taking time with other people possessing greater skills. In fact, in his endeavor to push ideas to fruition, he collaborates with innovators in oncology. The strategy enables them to employ new technology that keeps advancing their approach to help the cancer patients.


Mr. Clay Siegall is devoted to his course. He says that when he was 19, he watched his father fight cancer. The difficult battle opened Clay’s eyes to the loopholes in the field of oncology. Most of the necessary tools were missing, and when Clay was 24, his father passed on. He attended George Washington University for his doctorate in genetics. After that, he worked at a Pharmaceutical Research Institute, which is what triggered the idea of Seattle. He gained invaluable experience that helps him in the management of the company.


Clay’s primary objective is to see the cancer patients free. He lives a selfless life, pushing for what he believes, which is impacting other people’s lives. The Ph.D. holder is mostly known for his zeal in transforming the healthcare community. Clearly, there are all the reasons to believe in stopping the life-threatening condition.