Nick Vertucci, From Impossible To I’m Possible

The rich and the wealthy societies were not commonplace for Nick Vertucci as he and his family worked harder than average families to make deadlines happen when the expense column nearly outweighed the amount of cash being recieved monthly. His life took another down trend when his father moved on to the next life when Nick Vertucci was at 10 years old. He had definately gone through deep waters but for the first time in a long time at his eighteenth year on earth he founded a company that revolutionized his view of money and life.

It was a simple system that backed up the thousands and hundreds of people who were first catching wind of the new hit internet sensation along with dot com getting more and more elated with buying sprees and intense up trend growth spurts in the market place. Nick Vertucci was one of those buyers and soon quickly and effectively learned his lesson when the nose dives took place in dot com stocks and his business wilted as a result of those downfalls. Although the chain of events that surrounded his path to attaining financial freedom seemed apparent, he tried something different and kept failing faster to succeed quicker than before and to lock himself into his blue print of destiny.

In this particular case it was in a seminar concerning the art of attaining profits from real estate transactions and activities. He was immediately hooked on the subject and began obsessively working for ten straight years to finally be at the place to where he could actually receive a double strategy from hundreds of real estate homes that he owned and leased to the population at large. On top of diversification of strategies he also has attained a great deal of wisdom and experience from the marketplace.

Nick Vertucci has learned that some of the most wealthy people in the world have real estate investments up and making money. His confidence soared as he was able to piece together an easy to understand and effective learning course for overcoming the challenges one runs into when investing long term in the real estate business. He is confident that the study session devised by him are of the highest and finest quality to exist ever for real estate investors who want to sharpen their skills and mindsets when approaching the markets.

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The two sides of Rodrigo Terpins

Hailing from a family of sportsmen Rodrigo Terpin’s career path does not come as a surprise to many. Rodrigo was born to a former basketballer father who is currently a leader in Brazil’s sports industry. Rodrigo and his brother Michel Terpin are some of the most respected Rally race drivers in Brazil. However, Rodrigo Terpin is more than just a race driver.


Rodrigo the Rally Driver

Rodrigo developed a passion for vehicles and racing at a young age. With the help of his father, he was able to debut his racing career. The critically-acclaimed 44-year-old rally driver is famous for his constant participation in the Prototype T1 races. For over a decade he has was involved in these races alongside his younger brother who joined the industry in 2002. As an individual racer, Rodrigo has some awe-inspiring skills and a natural talent blended with the fearlessness that has helped him maintain a high-rank position in the industry. These skills combined with those of his brother Michel Terpin have made the duo a force to be reckoned with.


Rodrigo is the leader of the Bull Sertoes Team under the sponsorship of the MEM, Xarla and Bull Sertoes. Rodrigo and his team have taken part in five consecutive editions of the Sertoes Rally. Rodrigo and Michael have also participated in the T-Rex four in row annual competitions as partners. However, the two continually challenge each other and take on separate partners time and again like in the previous Prototype T1 race. For more details you can visit



Rodrigo’s executive career

With a degree in management and corporate governance from the Saint Hilaire University, Rodrigo has held some prestigious executive positions. He served as the president of the Lojas Marisa Organization. This job was his first of a few significant roles in the corporate world.


Rodrigo Terpin is also affiliated with the T5Company where he is the senior director. At T5 he has been able to exercise both his passion for rally racing and his executive role. Under his tenure, T5 has organized and hosted some of the highest status competitive events in the history of Brazil.


Rodrigo is an exceptional racer and executive who is determined and hardworking as well as dedicated to his career, family, and society.



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Anthony Petrello Grows Nabors Industries Capabilities With New Tesco Acquisition Deal

Tony Petrello once got an enormous pay raise back in 2013 at Nabors Industries, and now he’s growing the company’s technology development capabilities with the acquisition of Tesco Corporation made not long ago. Tesco Corporation has already had its stock merged with Nabors Industries and its current shareholders now have a 0.68 interest in Nabors Industries’ common shares. Petrello said he felt this Tesco acquisition was key because they have similar goals aligned in drilling technology developments and he has had a good working relationship with the Tesco executives and their employees.

Tony Petrello has made some tremendous deals as Chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries, and over the years the company has amassed one of the world’s largest drilling rig fleets both land-based and offshore. Its holdings are located all around the globe and its patents range not only in the physical drilling equipment and stations, but also include automated software and data analytics technology. Petrello’s 2013 pay raise came in a shareholder negotiation meeting during which some changes were made to Nabors Industries’ governing policies and a new deal was made to give Petrello extra compensation which totaled over $68.7 million making him America’s top-paid CEO that year, but a feat that has not been repeated since.

Tony Petrello first came to Nabors Industries in 1991 as chief operating officer and was moved into his current role as CEO after the man who formerly held that position, Eugene Isenberg passed away in 2011. Prior to coming to Nabors Industries, Petrello practiced law for 13 years after getting his JD from Harvard University and passing the New York bar exam. His specialty area of law mostly covered corporate management, internal auditing, offshore accounts, and tax compliance. Petrello also has a background in mathematics with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in the field that he earned at Yale University.

Anthony Petrello also has a personal story to tell behind some of his philanthropy which involves his daughter Carena who was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia when she was born. The disease specifically affected her cognitive functions, and it became very hard for Tony and his wife Cynthia when they found out no cure existed for this. But they did get in touch with Dan and Jan Duncan who helped start the neurology institute at the Texas Children’s Hospital. The Petrello’s have been proud to support this institute and its endeavors to get into neurology research by giving over $7 million to it.

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Motivational Speaker Vijay Eswaran Proposes that Adversity can be Overcome by Eliminating Expectation

Motivational speaker and author Vijay Eswaran proposes that adversity can be overcome by eliminating expectation. Vijay Eswaran is a generous philanthropist, successful entrepreneur, economist, and founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies. The QI Group of Companies has various interests in real estate, hospitality, education, retail and direct selling in over 30 countries around the world.

Vijay Eswaran is also the author of the best-selling book titled ‘In the Sphere of Silence’. He has established himself as a renowned mentor, leader, educator, and businessman with the keen and insight into people succeeding in leadership and business. Vijay Eswaran proposes that adversity can be overcome by eliminating expectations of results that could potentially happen in any adverse situation. By eliminating expectations you stay focused on the task required to actually overcome the adverse situation.

With an understanding that the adversity is only a temporary obstacle in your life or business, you can prepare to survive throughout the process of overcoming the situation. With a determined approach of never giving up or giving in to the pressures of the adverse situation one can establish himself as an overcomer and grow, expand and eventually reach the conclusion of the adverse situation. By eliminating expectation, a reduction in frustration, anger, and fear of negative results occurs that could come from the adverse experience.

By focusing on the things that you can control and eliminating the perspective that things can go either good or bad you can concentrate on the day-to-day opportunities that lead to overcoming the adversity. Through perseverance and a willingness to keep your head down and press forward in spite of what the outcome could be a person can make the transition through any adverse situation with less stress. As a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Vijay Eswaran propose that adversity can be overcome with the willingness to eliminate expectations and persevere.

Logan Stouts Health Company Is Revolutionizing The Supplement Industry

It is believed that over 65% of women in the United States are either overweight or obese. Add that to the fact that 70% of men are overweight or obese and you see why we have a big problem.

For most people being overweight is nothing more than an appearance issue. The reality however is that having access weight on your body can lead to serious health issues that can make it difficult to do the everyday basics.

As you very well know, the health and wellness industry is a billion dollar industry. Everyday there seems to be a new product promising to be the magic solution to all of your weight loss problems.

Most of these products are nothing more than hype. People spend their hard earned money on them only to be left frustrated and disappointed.

IDLife Is Different

IDLife is a health and wellness product that has completely revolutionized the industry. The product is designed to provide nutritional supplements that are targeted to each customers individual needs.

IDLife was built on the idea that no two people are alike. We all have different genetics, different eating patterns and different health issues. Because of this it would not be a good idea to try to create a one size fits all type of product.

This approach is one of the many things that has allowed IDLife to stand out in the very crowded health and wellness industry.

Who Is Logan Stout?

Logan Stout is a serial entrepreneur who has started and grown several successful businesses over the course of is career.

Being that Stout is a former athlete, he knows first hand how important nutrition is to overall performance both on and off the field.

His latest venture, IDLife, is a direct reflection of Stout’s desire to help people get the nutrition they need to perform at optimal levels.

As millions of people continue to seek help for health related issues, IDLife is proving to be a breath of fresh air for those looking for options that are designed specifically for them.

By providing individuals with personalized nutrition options IDLife is leading the charge in what could very well be the dawning of a new era in the health and fitness industry.

When it boils down to it people want results. Logan Stout and IDLife are not only providing results, but they are helping people break through barriers so they can achieve their biggest goals.

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Waiakea Water Efforts to Produce Clean Water For Drinking Globally

Clean water for drinking is always an important aspect of life that we cannot afford to miss. Many companies prepare clean water such as the Waiakea water. Thais is a clean water company from Hawaii and have been in the business for the year 2012. Ryan Emmons started the company as a result of inspiration from Hawaii culture, he used to spend winters and summers in Hawaii and realized that people have this unique values for land than just accumulating wealth. His family had access to the Mauna Loa volcano, and he explored the opportunity that could come from the volcano, and that is when he came up with the idea to start Waiakea Water Company.

Waiakea water operates in the social and eco-friendly foundation that puts the needs of the community as the priority. The company contributes to several charitable efforts for the community. The company partners with pump aids and donates around 650 liters of clean water to the needy for every liter they sell. Up to date, the company has donated millions of gallons of clean water in their effort to continue with supporting initiatives.

The company has a working philosophy which they termed it as the Triple bottom line where they value and consider their impact on environmental and social values as they work hard to their financial growth. The company is open, and their efforts are seen everywhere because they have displayed it in their products and their actions towards the community and also the environment. Many companies would associate themselves with this kind of values where they only mean to care so much about making profits. They follow the principle to ensure that they do not damage the environment while undertaking their work.

Waiakea brand operations are run under the idea of sustainability which is more than just stamping advertisements. From their research, the founder announced that they only use a fraction of the water produced by the volcanoes. He said that the company has a potential of producing about 740 million gallons in a single day. The USA as a whole consumes over 2 million gallons a day, and according to their aquifer sources, they have a recharge of one and a half billion gallons which means that the water they extract every day is less than 1% of what is available.

Lime Crime Offers Brilliant New Scandal Line

Scandal is a new lipstick shade that is hosted under the very popular Lime Crime brand. They don’t have a problem standing on their own, and their making waves as a signature purple-violet hue. Thousands of girls and guys around the world rely on Scandal to enhance their look with a shade of frost. Thousands of customers have followed their Pinterest account to learn more about the Scandal line, and the release of other intricate colors. They have taken a solid approach to cosmetics and have responded with the same familiar brand their customers are use to. Experience bold color options that demand their customers take risk.

Take advantage of a seasonal list of colors that blend well with every occasion. The Lime Crime is uniquely based with super-foil and velvetine matte. Scandal also goes on moist and dries to perfection. Women love the most application that dries to perfection. LC cosmetics are famous for being waterproof, and eliminating the need for multiple applications. When you’re trying to impress a blind date; LC products has you covered. Give your current look an upgrade, or create a new look with LC or their sister company Scandal. Choose a color which will make you feel good about facing each day.

Take advantage of their LC shipping offers from their website. Get a detailed listing of ingredients, and colors along with different ethnic models for customers to know how a particular color will look on you. Scandal offers the same intricate bright colors you’re use to, but they plan to expand their line with different colors that will impress their wearers. Your friends will swear you pay a fortune for a makeup artist, but your best kept secret is LC cosmetics. Their shades are clinically proven to last up to 24 hours.

Mix and match Scandal through the advice of other users on YouTube. You can also accessorize their makeup with items from Doll Kills, their sister company at LC. Lime Crime creator, Doe Deere is adamant on empowering her wearers and giving them bold new cosmetic options; completely unmatched by their competitors.

Chris Burch Brings The Focus To Problem Solving

One of the issues that many people are faced with in their lives is that they tend to focus too much on their issues. As a result, they never manage to resolve them in a manner that will make their lives much better. Instead, their common way of dealing with their problem either involves complaining about it, blaming others for it, or both. Either way, it prevents any progress that could’ve been made with the company or the person’s life. Fortunately, there are mentors that could teach people how to adjust their mindset so that they can be more effective in the lives they lead.


One person is Chris Burch. He is someone who builds tons of businesses and brings them to success. He is also someone who shares the secrets to his success. Among the secrets he gives people is the importance of embracing opportunities that come their way. He is also very passionate about making sure that people are able to take a more constructive yet unconventional approach to life. After all, he understands that people are different and can find different ways to succeed. He also teaches people how they can work together so that they can achieve many great things.


Chris Burch is an example of the types of minds that are going to make changes in the world for the better. The old world of what people thought were tried and true is slowly giving way to this more collaborative world in which people come together in ways that are harmonious. Instead of competition, he encourages collaboration. He is also someone who understands the importance of a good environment for work. He has taken the time to remodel an office in order to bring out the most productivity in people who work in those offices.