Mixing Business With Pleasure With Wine

The Traveling Vineyard is providing something that many people feel is impossible, that work really can be fun! And hopefully rewarding too. The Traveling Vineyard is a direct selling business, similar to Avon in concept and theoretically seems like it could be a whole lot more fun.

Traveling Vineyard launched in 2001 with the idea of bringing wine tastings and great wine to everyday people who enjoy drinking wine but may feel uncomfortable in an uptight, more judgmental setting. It gives the guests/clients an educational experience along with sampling great wines with the opportunity to purchase them. The Traveling Vineyard has grown to the point that their Facebook page contains over 30,000 likes and followers. One of the benefits of this business are its low start-up costs. For a couple of hundred dollars you can be up and running as a Wine Guide. With this start-up fee, the Traveling Vineyard provides a Success Kit which provides wine glasses, decanters, brochures and many other items. Most importantly, it provides two wine kits so you get started hosting two tasting parties. Obviously, the purpose of this business is to sell bottles of wine but there are no sales quota’s so you can grow at your own pace. You can start out having smaller tastings for friends and family and allow yourself to grow more organically if you choose. If you’re a social person who enjoys sampling great wines while talking to old friends and meeting new one’s. Then this home-based business might be just what you’re looking for!

Learn more about Traveling Vineyard; https://www.directsalesaid.com/companies/traveling-vineyard.

The Entrepreneurial Saga of Don Ressler

Don Ressler is without any doubt, one of the most popular American entrepreneurs with some wonderful startups in his portfolio. Don Ressler is an idol for all the entrepreneurs with a focus on business and brand building. Within a short period, he has dazzled the world with his entrepreneurship ventures worth millions of dollars and an industry wide saga of triumph in online brand building and advertisements on TechStyle.com. He is mostly known as the Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Intelligent Beauty. In addition to this, he was behind some of the most successful brand building ventures such as FitnessHeaven.com, Dermstore, Sensa, Intelligent Beauty, FabKids, JustFab, and Fabletics.

The spirit of entrepreneurship and appetite for new challenges are the two elements that drive Don Ressler from the very beginning. While his fellows were busy with a regular career, Don went to a different path of entrepreneurship and co-founded his first startup called FitnessHeaven.com, an e-commerce and performance advertising platform which was an instant success with millions in revenue in no time at all. It was then acquired by Intermix Media in 2001 and became its only profit center at https://pando.com/2014/08/28/breaking-justfab-raises-85m-at-what-sources-say-is-a-1b-valuation/. However, it was quite frustrating for Don to work in an environment without any control or autonomy when Intermix Media was acquired by News Corp in 2005. At that point, he decided to venture on new projects on his own.

So, Don teamed up with Adam Goldenberg and former group members from their past ventures and developed the idea of Intelligent Beauty, which is one of the first “direct to consumer brand building business” in the USA. With autonomy and expertise on online performance advertisement, Don Ressler was able to create an online skincare and cosmetic marketplace called Dermstore in 2006. Their next venture under the umbrella of Intelligent Beauty was a weight loss system called Sensa. Under the leadership and direction of Don, Intelligent Beauty became a highly profitable startup, and it also secured a funding of $43 million in 2008.

However, the biggest successes of Don and Intelligent Beauty are JustFab and Fabletics which are considered two of the biggest and inclusive brands in the country. JustFab was the third venture of Intelligent Beauty which is a subscription based e-commerce fashion retailer platform on LinkedIn that took place in 2010. This revolutionary business model was an instant success, and its membership rocketed to 6 million in 2012 leading to $76 million funding from some investors. Thanks to Don’s craving for a new venture in different sectors, JustFab continued to acquire and create more startups in different sectors which included FabKids and Fab Shoes. Their next venture was Fabletics, a marketplace for sportswear for which they collaborated with Actress Kate Hudson.

OSI Group Expands Its Business Base

Recently, OSI Group made a bold and amazing step of acquiring Baho Food, a prominent Dutch based manufacturer of convenience foods, deli meats and snacks, in a bid to easily expand their business base in Europe. This adds to the long list of accomplishments the company has had this year including being crowned as one of the lucky winner of 2016 Globe of Honor Award.

This company is one of the successful American privately owned firms that provide high quality meat processing services to the general and large food service industry and retail outlets. With their main offices in Illinois, OSI Group has managed to make a rapid and steady growth to become the leading market provider of international food solutions both in Europe and North America.

The Great Acquisition

OSI Group’s move to acquire the highly respected Baho Food simply serves to increase and expand an already existing Europe market. According to a recent press release, Baho Food and OSI Group are very confident that the merger will bear lots of mutual benefits. Before the buyout, Baho Food owned more than 5 subsidiaries namely Henri Van de Bilt, Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, Gelderland Frischwaren and Q Smart Life. Baho Food runs two major processing companies located in Germany and Netherlands. Furthermore, it has grown to have a large clientele in more than 18 European countries.

OSI Group will greatly benefit from this acquisition by increasing its supply in the European market. Additionally, by working with some of the employees from Baho Food, it is evident that OSI Group will be able to run all operations smoothly and in a timely manner.

Sword of Honor Award

Also known as the Globe of Honor Award, is an accolade from British Safety Council usually granted to companies that manage to maintain environmental standards, health status and safety while running all the business operations. All firms are allowed to apply for the award and each company is vetted by a team of professional judges.

The judges then review the companies track records basing on the three main areas and a final ruling is given whether a particular company deserves the award. By winning the Sword of Honor award, OSI Group has proven its ability to maintain both environmental and health standards by ensuring all its processing plants strictly adhere to sustainability goals. Furthermore this firm ensures all employees are well treated and taken care of, by providing them with ample working environment and convenient medical cover.

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Don Ressler’s Successful Fashion Company

Fabletics is about so much more than great workout clothes for Ressler. The brand was created to be able to inspire women so that they would have a chance to be able to do more when they are working out and to be able to look good while they are working out. For Ressler, it is a great brand that has made a lot of difference in the way that women choose to shop and it has been instrumental in the fashion and athletic industry so that people can get what they need out of the company and the things that the company has to offer.

Women are treated to some of the best fashion choices when it comes to Fabletics. They are able to get what they want from the brand in that they have fashionable clothes that women can wear. The prints are great and on trend. They are beautiful clothes that are designed with the highest quality materials available according to Ressler. The prints are different than what any other workout company has to offer and they can truly be worn anywhere. Just because they are made for performance in the gym does not mean that they can only be worn when people are at the gym.

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The clothes are crafted with a great amount of effort. They are made with performance materials so that people can get what they want out of them. For Don Ressler, Fabletics are high quality and they are designed specifically for people to be able to do more in them. They are not cheap quality and they can be made to suit even the most active person. They are a great addition to any workout wardrobe and they are able to outperform many of the top athletic brands because of the way that they can be worn and used so nicely.

Another factor that is great about Fabletics is the convenience that comes with it. Women don’t even have to leave their home to go to the store to get the most out of Fabletics. It is something that is delivered right to their door each month and something that they can take advantage of. People who are able to get the most out of the brand are able to do more with it. This is something that has been great for many women who are just too busy to be able to shop on their own for clothes to wear to workout in.

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A Great Presentation Is Key To Getting Venture Capital

Marc Sparks will tell you that it has only been with powerful presentations that he has been able to repeatedly obtain necessary business capital. Sparks has become a master of putting together effective and meaningful Venture Capital (VC) presentations that get the investment secured. He teaches his investment clients, who are often interested in building capital quickly, that they need to think in the long-term. Businesses can be launched and work their way into the black ink of profitability. But, that usually does not happen over night.

For many years now, Sparks has helped many people become savvy investors. He advises that they keep everything as simple as possible. And, he teaches them the importance of having not only great content, but also the right techniques to do the live presentation portion. When clients engage him in their plans, they are presented with more than workable plans.

They are taught how to develop their own capital-winning machine to use throughout their business careers, just as Sparks has. His vast portfolio of different strategies are available, along with his professional guidance.

Make sure your presentation slides contain no fluff. There should only be concise data that directly pertains to the business and the investment opportunity you are offering. If anything seems the slightest confusing or could lead a VC to misunderstand any bullet point or concept presented, then you need to rework your slide set until no more confusion is possible.

Sparks cautions that many novice presenters will tend to put in “shiny objects,” such as consumers might be impressed with. VCs are not impressed by flash so much as function.

Be ready for any possible question, because a VC might want to know some metric or policy and the quicker you can give a straight, cogent answer, the easier it is for that person to feel trusting of your whole operation.

Sparks also feels it is very important to have a trained team of at least three people giving the presentation. No VC will be impressed with everything coming from just one person. He has applied all of his many techniques in obtaining capital for more than 60 clients.