Wesley Robert Edens also known as Wes Edens is a New York-based businessman who was ranked position 962 in the Forbe’s list of billionaires in 2008. Unlike other billionaires who make it due to the inheritance of family businesses, Wes Edens is a self-made billionaire. He graduated in 1984 from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration. Edens started his career in 1987 at Lehman Brothers where he worked for six years. He steadily rose the ranks, and he was the Managing Director by the time he left in 1993. He moved to BlackRock where he was involved in forming BlackRock Asset Investors, a private equity fund. He worked until 1997 when he resigned as the Managing Director as well as a partner. The engagements in Lehman Brothers and BlackRock prepared him for the tasks in Fortress Investment Group.

In 1998, Wes Edens alongside Peter Briger, Robert Kauffman, Randal Nardone and Michael Edward founded Fortress Investment Group as a private equity firm. The company deals in raising, managing and investing a portfolio of assets such as private equity, debt securities, real estate and hedge funds. Wes Edens served as the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress for six years from 1998 to 2003. He is the Private Equity Chief Investment Officer, President of the Private Equity, Principal, Head of Private Equity and Co-Chairman for nine years now. In December 2017, he started serving as a Co-Chief Executive Officer Of Fortress Investment Group. Edens is in charge of private equity and alternative investments at Fortress. He was the force behind the acquisition of Springleaf Financial Services by Fortress in 2010 which by 2015 had grown to $3.5 billion from the original $124 million, multiplying the gain by 27 times.

Employees at Fortress have described the working environment as challenging, but the presence of friendly employees encourages teamwork. The organization embraces a flat structure making communication easy along the hierarchy. In 2014, Wes Edens purchased Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA team in Milwaukee together with Marc Lasry. Bucks has been ranked position 26, and the value of the team is growing rapidly compared to the initial $550 million investment according to Forbes. Edens also owns League of Legends a video game published by Microsoft Windows. He has also launched a new e-sport team FlyQuest to take part in professional video game tournaments. It is believed that with time FlyQuest will become a professional team in video games and will be recognized globally.

Roberto Santiago Creates Vision for Mega Mall and Follows Through in a Big Way

Roberto Santiago is someone that people may not know if they are visiting Brazil for the first time, but many of the natives know him because of what he created. The Manaira Mall is a product of the vision of Roberto Santiago, and it appears that this is one of the biggest shopping centers in all of Brazil. It is a fine example of how shopping can bring a lot of consumers together if there are a variety of stores in the midst. This is exactly what Roberto Santiago planned to do from the very beginning. He wanted consumers that may be in large groups as tourists to have a place where everyone could find something that they were interested in.


Men that go to this mall will also be able to say that there is something available for women. Teenagers that travel to this mall to hang out will even notice that there are shops that may be interesting for pre-teens or children. There is something for everyone regardless of what their desire is. This is what makes Roberto Santiago such a huge visionary when it comes to retail entrepreneurship. His real estate endeavors have reached beyond Brazil, but Latin America is where he tends to keep most of his focus.


He has been able to help many people find something to do with their time by bringing together a huge open space for people to engage in activities like bowling, movie watching and joy rides at the amusement park all within one setting.


There are close to 100 stores inside of the Manaira Mall and it continues to grow as renovation continues down through the years. It is not the same spot that Roberto Santiago originally started in 1989, but it was always a big mall environment from the very beginning.


People that know about the early beginnings of this mall are aware that it was a mega mall even at the start, but it has expanded in recent years to cater to crowds that are interested in different things. There is a lounge for young adults that may want to hang out. There is also a recent concert hall that has been added to this mall environment. All of these things bring more tourists, and it also attracts a greater crowd of people that may want to engage in an abundant number of activities while they are vacationing.


Roberto Santiago had the vision for this early and he continued to improve upon this mall environment because he knew that it could benefit a lot of people. There are few people that come to this mall that have do not ability to find anything that they like easily.


Stream Energy: Giving Society Unreservedly

Homelessness is a big problem in the state of Texas. This is according to statistics from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The most prevalent cause of homelessness is unemployment and low income.

Other causes of homelessness are eviction, abuse, incarceration, mental problems, a change in family status, and drug or alcohol abuse.

Stream Energy launched Stream Cares. This is a humanitarian foundation whose main aim is to provide homes for the homeless.

For over a decade, Stream Cares has combined efforts with other humanitarian organizations to eradicate homelessness among the veteran community.

Corporate philanthropy is a new phenomenon that has the potential to change the lives of people in the community. It also helps in the marketing of the company’s products. It gives the companies much-needed societal goodwill.

To tackle the homelessness problem, Stream Cares partnered with Hope Supply Company. This is a charity organization whose objective is to meet the necessities of homeless children.

Hope Supply organizes an annual event at a water park in Texas where children enjoy playing with one another in a new environment. For more than four years, Stream employees and associates join the fun and donate money and supplies.

Stream Cares was one of the first respondents when a number of tornadoes hit North Texas. They responded by donating money to help alleviate the homelessness problem.

Stream Energy has also been involved in other projects such as Once in a Lifetime, where they organized transport for underprivileged veterans to reunite them with their families.

Another generous act was when Stream Cares paid all expenses for the American Girl Doll Experience.

Stream Energy continues to identify opportunities through which it can lift the lives of the less fortunate by devoting their time, energy and finances.

Stream Energy uses network marketing business model to promote the sale of its energy products. Stream pays its associates commissions when they sell products to consumers or by recruiting associates.


Jason Hope’s Anti-Aging Research Donations

In 2010, Jason Hope donated 500,000 dollars to the SENS Research Foundation. Using this donation, the foundation was able to create the Cambridge SENS Laboratory and use what was remaining of the money to start new research which aimed to be able to break down advanced glycation end products in human tissue. This new lab focuses on studying ways to slow down and even prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s that make the body age faster. After his donation, Jason Hope also discussed finding cures for lung disease, another disease that begins to harm the whole body, not just the lungs or brain. Besides being a benefactor to the SENS Laboratory he is also an investor, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Mr. Hope was born in Tempe, Arizona and then went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in finance from Arizona State University. Furthering his education, he then attended the W.P. Carey School of Business and earned his MBA. As well as his funding of the SENS research project, he likes to donate to any projects that are innovative or take a new or different approach. Jason Hope offers grants to students and young entrepreneurs as well. His hope is that he can encourage younger generations to use their imagination and creativity to help the world of science in particular.  Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging. When speaking at a conference after his donation back in 2010, Hope explained to the audience that he didn’t just want people to be able to treat diseases that have already progressed, he wants people to come up with new ways to stop the diseases before they even happen. In the modern world of science, things move quickly and new advancements are made almost every day. Jason Hope has realized this, and through his philanthropy, he hopes to see people taking advantage of their innovative ideas and continuing to contribute to scientific advancements. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

Fruntera Fund Fights that All May Be Equal

Immigration may be a very hot topic in the United States of America today, but that does not mean neither worldview is correct. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin firmly believe that America should be pro-immigration and a system should be in place to welcome Hispanics to this great country. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

However, they understand that many Americans have a very negative viewpoint of Hispanics entering this country. They seek to change that viewpoint through the many publications that come out of the Village Voice Media and their nonprofit, the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was not only created to stop the atrocities being committed toward immigrants, but was actually born out of an injustice that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had to endure at the hands of Sheriff Joseph Arpaio.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin attempted to sway the minds of their fellow American citizens by detailing the various acts that Sheriff Joseph Arpaio was guilty of committing. They thought that as they showed how evil the Maricopa County Sheriff was that at least the people of Arizona would understand that the way we treat immigrants is wrong.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were the ones who detailed how atrocious the Hispanic population was being treated in the Maricopa County prison system. They were able to uncover evidence that the most unsanitary jail cells were reserved for Hispanic men and women.

They also uncovered evidence that showed Sheriff Joseph Arpaio not only turning a blind eye but also encouraging security guards to ruthlessly beat down Hispanic men and women who did not comply immediately with their orders.

In addition to this, they uncovered evidence that Sheriff Joseph Arpaio would force Hispanic men to do hard labor out in the Arizona summer as if this was some concentration camp.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin uncovered was the rate of suicide inside the Maricopa County prisons were 400% greater than any other prison in America.

Many coroners wrote down that these alleged suicides could not have happened in solitary confinement.

News about this broke out nationally and Sheriff Joseph Arpaio found himself in hot water. Rather than dealing with this in a judicial way, Sheriff Joseph Arpaio thought he could take justice into his own hands.

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio rounded up his gang of deputies and secretly went to the homes of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin with a forged warrant. Using this forged warrant, he was able to gather all evidence that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin possessed which would incriminate him.

He of course been destroyed the evidence. He did not know that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have made copies just in case this event occurred.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were then illegally detained in the Maricopa County prison.

The story would go national and Sheriff Joseph Arpaio would be indicted on charges of violating the First Amendment of the Constitution as well as manipulating the justice system.

Adam Milstein Cares About More Than Just Himself

Adam Milstein grew up in Israel. He loved being around family and friends, and he enjoyed all the annual festivals. However, his mind is still plagued by attacks on Israel from radical Muslim groups right before his eyes. This gave Adam the fuel he needed to join the Israeli army. He fought in two wars before moving to the United States with his wife.

Adam went on to receive a business degree from USC, and he was able to open up several different businesses. Throughout all his success, Adam Milstein never forgot Israel. He is currently on the Jewish News Syndicate board, and he studies and writes news about Israel and distributes that news to both Israel and the United States via the Jewish News Syndicate.

In his most recent article, Adam Milstein discussed the terror Israel is facing from Muslims in the middle east. Adam opened a lot of eyes with his article, especially the eyes of people in America. He described how, for a long time, people believed only radical Muslims were against the Jews. He displayed evidence on how all Muslims want to get rid of Jews. This goes for both radical and non-radical Muslims.

Adam Milstein ended his article by discussing the racial pressure Jews feel in the United States. Though many groups fight for freedom of religion, this is seldom done by Jewish people. However, Adam Milstein believes Jewish people should start speaking up regarding freedom of religion. Adam gave concise dates of when Jewish people came to him personally complaining about how they were being mistreated due to them being Jewish. Some of these individuals were told to remove the Star of David, and others were told not to observe any Hanukkah practices in public. This is the first time Adam realized Jewish people were being oppressed in America. Adam plans to do more to help the voice of Jewish people be heard in America.


Mike Baur: Helping startup businesses grow

Although many startups fail from the inability to compete with the large corporations, those that make it in the market are offering the big corporations a run for their money. Going into the future, the biggest threat to the big corporation will be the startup companies that are taking shape today. Startup businesses have the benefit of trying out their ideas with no big risk. It is therefore highly probable for the startups to come up with revolutionary ideas since their risk is limited. They have the opportunity of thinking outside the box and common up with innovative ideas.

Mike Baur is one of the Swiss who is making a huge change in the country. He has focused his attention on helping new business people acquire the right knowledge and experience needed to successfully run a startup business. Through his company Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur recognizes that there is a gap in the society that needs to fill. Many startups entrepreneurs do not have the requisite knowledge to make them successful in their entrepreneurial endeavors. After working in the banking sector for over two decades, he came across numerous entrepreneurs who had very good business ideas but lacked the knowledge to help them realize the full potential of their ideas. What Mike Baur offers is an opportunity for the young entrepreneurs in the digital sector to learn what they could do to make their businesses successful. Those who would like to benefit from his mentorship and straining are required to subscribe to a three months accelerator program that will see them learn all the important aspects of a business.

From the startup accelerator program, participants first of all are mentored and trained by experts who have huge experience in the business sector, including Mike Baur. They are then offered an opportunity to meet and interact with people who have made it in the business sector. These are people who can give them advice on what they should expect in the business environment and how they should cope with the challenges that ensue. Mike Baur then helps people who participate in his incubator program gain access to financing needed to start their businesses. He also trains the participants on how they should develop business links with potential investors who can fund their business expansion plans. Mike Baur ensures that everyone who attends his program is trained on how to successfully market their products to potential customers not only in Switzerland but also to the whole world. He also provides the participants will free rent offices in Zurich, where they can set up their business offices.

Mie Baur is very committed to this cause and hopes that he will manage to help as many people as possible establish businesses that will grow into multinationals. The startup business in the country is expected to get bigger as more entrepreneurs look to invest in their businesses instead of going into formal employment. The government of Switzerland has been very supportive to startups growth by ensuring that the infrastructure needed for businesses to thrive is available.



Why Tony Petrello Runs Nabors, Inc. in a Positive Manner

For Tony Petrello, the idea behind the oil industry is something that he can use to help other people. He does not see it as a way for himself to make money or as a way for him to improve Petrello’s own profits. Instead, he focuses on the help that he can provide to other people and he feels that is enough to ensure he will be profiting. This has worked for him for years and he continues to be one of the highest-paid leaders of a company in the U.S. For Tony Petrello to have this honor is a big deal because he did not come from a background where people made huge amounts of money. His upbringing was humble and he was just a regular person before he figured out the right way to do things and how he could ensure he would be offering people best opportunity possible.

As things have changed in the oil industry, Tony Petrello has learned the right way to run his business. He knows he will be able to help other people out and he will be able to offer them all of the opportunities need to be successful. It is something that Tony Petrello has remained committed to and something he knows a lot about in the industry he has worked in. The oil industry has seen changes, but Tony Petrello has made sure that Nabors, Inc. can keep up with all of the changes and the different things that happen in company.

While Tony Petrello has done all of this to help the company, it has also helped him to increase his profits. He knows what he can do and how his company will see improvements no matter what is going on. He also knows the right way to help other people so they will be able to experience more out of the situations they are a part of. This is all part of the business model that Tony Petrello created for himself and for the company that he is trying to run in the best way possible.

Other oil companies have seen what Tony Petrello is doing, and they want to do the same type of things. There are many that are now following in his footsteps with the opportunities they have for other people. Many of the people who are doing business in the oil industry are trying to do things similarly to what Nabors, Inc. is doing. Tony Petrello has been so influential. He has set many examples for other companies and his business is changing the oil industry. He plans to continue doing these changes and making the industry the best that it can be.

Learn More: www.inc.com/profile/nabors-industries

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Address the Difficulty of Finding the Desired Products

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have a passion for fashion. Therefore, they know all of the issues that can come with fashion. Among the things they understand is all of the frustrations that can come with looking for products they like. People who shop in malls and go looking for clothes can agree with the fact that it can be very difficult to find an item that they like or a style that fits them perfectly. Often times, people have a certain style that only a certain type of store has, and not every mall has that type of store. Therefore, they have one of two choices, they can either just settle for what they have near them, or they can go online.


Fortunately, Adam and Don has worked on ways to bring forth items that people want. This has resulted in a huge successful company called TechStyle. This fashion company has brought forth a lot of offers for women. Among the clothes that they have sold at the beginning were shoes for women. They have slowly expanded their product offers until they started selling full outfits and accessories. A lot of thought and creativity has gone into the designs so that people will find something unique and compelling to buy.


Adam and Don also understand that when customers find a fashion retailer that consistently has what they want, they are more likely to stick with the retailer. Therefore, they design the brands of TechStyle in order to gather information on the customers such as the type of life they live and their style. Among the advantages of this is the company winds up selling a higher percentage of their product than other companies that just throw everything at the wall just to see what sticks. This is one of the reasons that Fabletics and other brands of the TechStyle company are believed to have a bright future ahead of it. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler do more than just offer high fashion. They make sure that what they have to offer is ethically handled as well so that they can present a good message of sustainability. https://www.styleforum.net/members/adam-goldenberg.266508/

Igor Cornelsen – Prominent Figure In Brazilian Financial And Banking Industry

Igor Cornelsen is a leading figure in the banking and financial sector of Brazil and is a reputed financial consultant as well. Presently, he heads Bainbridge Group, where he provides strategic financial guidance to his clients for long-term wealth creation and helps his client manage their assets and investments efficiently. Over his career spanning many decades, Igor has headed and worked with many different financial organizations, which has helped him accumulate a wealth of knowledge of the financial market of Brazil. It is this experience combined with his financial and business foresight that allows him to provide strategic guidance to his clients to achieve long-term financial and investment goals.


Igor Cornelsen believes that Brazil is a developing country and it presents many investment opportunities. However, for any company or an individual to invest and make the most of their investment in the country, it is important for them to understand the dynamics of the financial sector of the country before signing on the dotted line. Understanding the local culture, business dynamics, and economic scenario of the region is important. Igor is highly active on various social media platforms where he interacts with investors and provides his inputs on what can be done to maximize the returns from investment in Brazil.


Igor Cornelsen believes that once the investors have done their due diligence on the financial market of Brazil before investing, it becomes much easier to avoid current investment and financial mistake and generate higher returns. Igor also believes that the Brazilian Government should also do their part to attract more investors to the country by making some long-standing economic and financial reforms that would improve the chance of better returns, and help streamline the cash flow into the country. Many of the investment tips provided by Igor have featured in leading print and TV media, including CNBC.


Having worked with the top most banks in Brazil for many years has helped Igor understand the financial and banking industry of the country inside out. It is this insight that helps him give result-oriented financial tips and advice to his clients and followers. Igor has also had a good run while investing in the American Stock Market. Igor believes that the investment portfolio should be diversified and must have the risk based products as well as stabilizers to ensure the returns are generous, but not overly risk as well. http://igorcornelsen.tumblr.com/