Founder And Visionary: Logan Stout Reveals Inspiration For Customized Supplement Company IDLife

The worlds of sports and nutrition are two of Logan Stout’s favorite worlds, which eventually combined to form the project of Stout’s dreams, a health and wellness company called ID Life. Sports were center stage and had a major impact on the outlook of Logan Stout throughout Stout’s youth thru adulthood. In a recent interview, Stout shares the extent of his sports passion and opens up about how childhood ambition became future company goals and how a love of sports inspired nutrition-centric business plans. The rabid baseball enthusiast and author details personal revelations and background history in a recent interview.

Stout, born and raised in Texas, had an intense attraction to baseball at an early age and continued to grow his baseball skills through high school, eventually earning an income as a professional baseball player. Stout’s passion for sports sparking corporate ambitions, Stout worked to implement revolutionary ideas in another sector that Stout is also passionate about – health.

The in-depth interview chronicles the achievements of Stout, who has earned both a business degree and a psychology degree from the University of Dallas. Stout’s desire to share sports enthusiasm with youth led to the development of one of the largest global youth baseball organizations. Stout’s desire to arm players with positive nutrition habits was fostered while working as a coach at Dallas Baptist University. The love of sports led to mentoring and coaching players which sprouted nutrition plans, to be unveiled via health and supplement market.

ID Life, a customized supplement provider, was founded by Logan Stout in 2014. A customized supplement service was designed because Stout felt consumers are often unassisted during the supplement selection phase while shopping. ID Life serves to meet this void by interpreting data input by users, then providing recommendations and product offerings.

ID Life was formed using a unique business model. What separates ID Life from other traditional business models is a foundation built on core concepts regarding supplement marketplace competitiveness, high corporate employee standards and quality sourced products. ID Life emphasizes the openness of the supplement market with the top five grossing supplement companies comprising just 20% of total sales.

Did James Dondero Know US Airways Would Purchase American Airlines?

Hindsight is always 20/20! When Highland Capital President James Dondero lead the charge to buy up American Airlines securities, how many supported his actions? Now, with the airline’s recovery he is “flying the profitable skies.”


“Legacy Airline Mergers”


Certain strategic assets require government assistance, like transportation. We have seen this in the Chrysler bailout and legacy US airlines. Some would argue that the American Airlines recovery was inevitable, since the government was likely to help.


In that case, betting on American Airlines was a good bet. It is kind of like how the FDIC backstops American banks. The US government would not let its top legacy airlines fail. And it didn’t.


In 2005, American Airlines was #1 in the industry in terms of market share at 20%. After United Airlines merged with Continental Airlines and Delta merged with Northwest Airlines, American Airlines was suddenly #3. When, American Airlines merged with US Airways, it became #1 again and James Dondero’s investment paid off handsomely.


“Profitable Educational Securities”


One of the stocks, which Highland Capital has been keen on is K12 (LRN) with a market cap of $880 million and 5.5 times EBITDA, which makes it rather cheap. According to James Dondero, K12 is a charter school management firm, which continues to win “mandates from municipalities.”


“Charitable Educational Programs”


Just like with K12, Jim Dondero is betting on the educational success of children. He and Highland Capital have supported purchasing computers for low income Dallas youth to help them improve their math scores. This is called the “Reasoning Mind” program. Just like with all his endeavors, Mr. Dondero is hoping to make a big impact.


Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Adam Milstein is Added to the List of Honored Philanthropists in 2017

Israel is a nation of unrest in 2017, and the United States is one of their only allies. Adam Milstein, who was born in Israel and now lives in central California, is one of Israel’s greatest supporters and is dedicated to community service and philanthropy for Israelis in America and around the world. As recognition for his remarkable service, his name has been added to the Top 200 Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs this year.


Adam Milstein and his family moved to Los Angeles so that he could attend University of Southern California where he received his MBA. After graduating, he co-founded Hager Pacific Properties, which has become a $20 billion real estate firm with properties both owned and managed worldwide.


Milstein has earned his own esteemed position in real estate investments, but he told the media that he feels the most satisfied with his day to day accomplishments when he is helping other people. He has focused his efforts on the Jewish community and incorporates this philanthropy into his everyday life.


Milstein’s first priority is his family, and he and his wife are the founders of Milstein Family Foundation, which helps students understand their Jewish heritage bringing them tremendous educational experiences.


They also founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America, an agency that supplies literature for the Jewish population and the Israeli-American Council, which is one of Milstein’s favorite foundations because it supports the relationship between the United States and Israel.


Milstein does not refrain when protecting the Jewish people or supporting the oppressed people around the world. With a history of growing up, serving in the Israeli Army and attending Technion Institute in Israel, Milstein has a unique understanding of the marginalized social groups in the U.S. and is able to uniquely advocate on their behalf.


Adam Milstein is a leader amongst the Jewish community internationally, and he sits on the Boards of such organizations as Birthright Israel, StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships, Israel on Campus Coalition, the Jewish Funders Network, Stand By Me and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Mr. Milstein is making a significant presence in and for the Jewish population.


Arthur Becker Promotes Biological Technology with Madison Partners

The idea behind biological technology is that there are parts of it that are able to help humans with the issues that they have. What this translates to is having the ability to do things like cure cancer all from the same type of technology that you are using to power your cell phone and computer. Arthur Becker plays a huge role in this and he does so with the knowledge that he has the ability to help people out with the options that they have. Because of the way that Arthur Becker works, he has been able to do more with the options that he has. It is something that he has gotten the best of and something that he has been able to do with the way that things have changed. Because of Arthur Becker and because of the way that there have been changes in technology, things have been made better for people who have diseases.

Madison Partners not only works with biological technology advances but they also do what they can to help people out in different areas. For them, they are able to make the choice where they are going to be able to help with real estate. This is very important to the company and something that they have done for many years. It is also where the majority of the money that they make to back the technological aspects of their business comes from. It gives them a chance to both do more and try more for their company. Click here to know more.

Because of the way that they operate and the options that they have for people – technology and real estate – they are nearly a perfect fit for Arthur Becker. They both do what they can to make things better and this gives them the chance to be able to try more with the options that they have. Arthur Becker does what he can to help people and to make things better for everyone who is doing what they can with the real estate and technology sectors. He is a true professional in those fields.