Lime Crime Beauty Products Take a Nostalgic Walk Down Memory Lane

Lime Crime, a trendy brand, has brought back the old school “Polly Pockets” themed design, in their cute little compacts with bright colors and bows ta-boot. If pint sized pocket makeup pallets that can be taken on the go are your passion, then LimeCrime has hit the nail on the head. These adorable little gems are practical and pack a big makeup punch!

Lime Crime recently updated their Instagram accounts with pictures of their new girly, toy reminiscent makeup line. For those who grew up playing with Polly Pockets, these fun little pocket size color pallets will send you down a playful yet beautiful memory lane; and those new to the Polly Pocket revolution will get a second chance to enjoy the Polly cult culture with Lime Crimes new line.

Lime Crime’s new line has 3 bright, juicy candy colored pallets to choose from:

Pink Lemonade: With warm shades and tones

Sugar Plum: With shimmery shades of metallic pinks

Bubblegum: With cool light and airy colors

Each individual pallet contains 5 different monochromatic and complimenting colors that have been designed to be combined as well as worn separately. They can be worn with all skin tones and are fun for all ages. An oldie but goody has gotten a revamp and Lime Crime could not have done a better job. Try out this fun new line and feel young and look beautiful!

These new and fun miniature makeup pallets by Lime Crime can be purchased online for a reasonable $34 a piece or $90 if you want all 3 of them (which you will cause they are all too awesome to choose just one)!