Yanni Hufnagel – A Jewish Legacy

Nothing has ever stopped Yanni Hufnagel from getting involved in basketball. That’s right, a Jewish man who applies his skills to the court is catching everyone’s attention. Although he is not a basketball player, he has always wanted to become a coach. As a child, Yanni Hufnagel studied coaching books in his recliner and always has shown a passion for basketball. Now living in Boston, he was able to overcome any doubt others may have given him and is now the assistant coach for Harvard’s basketball team.

Yanni Hufnagel has really made something out of his life. He started out doing laundry for the New Jersey Nets. He was able to move up from this job and has proved himself as an expert recruiter. He lead Harvard to win the Ivy League for the first time in history. Recruiting is a real challenge for Yanni Hufnagel since Harvard does not offer any athletic scholarships. He is still able to overcome this obstacle claiming that he has the best Jewish players under 18 years old. Yanni Hufnagel does not plan on relaxing this summer. Instead, he will be flying to Israel to encourage and coach other young Jewish players. You can clearly see his love for the sport. His mission is to make as many Jewish kids into NBA players as possible. He has also coached in California and Nevada. Before you know it, we will all see Yanni Hufnagel joinng the NBA. But even sooner, he will be a part of the Jewish Coaches Association. Yanni is constantly improving, bringing basketball to different cultures while simultaneously reaching out to kids all across America.


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Lime Crime Releases Scandal Lipstick

Lime Crime is a trendy cosmetic company that is run by Doe Deere. Doe Deere is the pastel haired founder that is changing the way that people regard makeup. She is also demonstrating that the world of makeup is due for a more imaginative line of cosmetics like Lime Crime. Lime Crime started out small, but is now one of the most well known brands online. The company recently released Scandal. Scandal is a welcomed new lipstick that is part of the Velvetines line. The rich, deep purple hue is sure to capture the imagination and charm just about anybody into loving the new color.


Why We Like Scandal

Why do people like the new Velvetines Scandal lipstick? The lipstick is part of the very popular Velvetine line. This lipstick goes on liquid, but turns into a beautiful matte finish that last all day long without requiring reapplication. The deep purple color is very bold and beautiful. The lipstick is cruelty free and purely a vegan product. This is a very rich and luxurious lipstick that is guaranteed to stir up a little scandal, every time that you wear it out to work, on the town, or simply relaxing. The new Scandal color is perfect for the individual that is not afraid to show their true colors to the world.


Lime Crime

Some companies like to follow the latest trend. However, Lime Crime likes to create the fabulous new trends that you see on a girl’s lips. They are the creators. They are not the followers. Doe Deere is one CEO that believes in living life unapologetically. Lime Crime was created with that strong belief in mind. Thus, it attracted followers with that very same belief.


Lime Crime is based in Los Angeles, California. They produce cruelty free, vegan based cosmetics that are part of the hottest trends around today. Lime Crime cosmetics are all about self expression and showing your creativity to the world. They do not believe that makeup should be used to simply just cover up imperfections or enhance your looks. Today, Lime Crime has over 2.6 million followers on social media. Join them today.

New Upcoming Products From Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a leader in the Cosmetic industry. They are constantly working to add new and innovative products to their line. These are two of the newest products that Lime Crime has coming up.


Highlighter Palette


The highlighter palette is a new and innovative product that Lime Crime has come up with. It comes in adorable iridescent packaging and offers three fun highlighting colors. The pearlescent highlighter comes in pink, gold and peach. Each color offers their own unique benefits. Colors can be dusted over cheeks, brow bone, lids and even the nose to offer a highlighting effect. It can be worn above foundation or underneath it. It is one of the first products of its kind from Lime Crime. It is a thin silky formula that lasts all day long. The highlighter palette is cruelty free as well as vegan friendly.


Chromatic Press On Nails


The chromatic press on nails are another new and unique item from Lime Crime. They are simple and easy way to get a great manicure. Application takes just 10 minutes and offers a cool fun color. They are so simple to apply that anyone can do it. They are very easy to use and looks completely real and natural. The new chromatic nails that are coming soon are available in a few different colors including iridescent champagne, black, and even green. It is one of the first products of the kind that Lime Crime has created.


These are just two of the new Lime Crime products that will be available soon. Lime Crime products are typically easily available online as well as in many different select retail locations.

White Shark Media: A Reliable Name For Your SEO Needs

Without any doubt, keywords are the most significant element in your digital marketing strategy known as SEO. You’ll use them to classify the business, target your chosen audience and also dictate what content of your website would be appropriate as per the theme of that website. The way SEOs experts are using keywords to get a higher position in the SERPs has completely changed over past few years as search engines became more proficient with intelligent programming and algorithm in providing the best results to the final user. But some black-hat tactics can still be seen in websites when reviewing Meta descriptions and titles.


You may stumble upon many comments from SEOs questioning about the number of on-page keywords one should use, and the repetition of KW that is required to help you to improve organic positioning in a search result. You must use a keyword that you are mentioning in your web page, but also you have to focus on the searchers you’re trying to attract to the page. Mention the keyword in the page title as well because this will help the reader or searchers to know the theme of that writing.


Now the question is how an individual can target the SEO words. You can begin by doing research about the keyword. Find the keywords that seem relevant to, not just choose the ones you will stuff in your website but also do the search for keywords that seems relevant to your targeted keyword. SEO vastly depends on the hunt of the proper keyword. So, you can also a professional company such as White Shark Media to assist in such case so you can secure a place on the first page of search engine result.


Three Danish entrepreneurs with a vast experience in both online and offline marketing have founded White Shark Media. Their goal was to conquer the growing SMB market in Latin America and the US by providing an outstanding service and product that was unprecedented. It became a foremost digital marketing agency that provides many digital marketing solutions specifically tailored for SMEs.


White Shark Media recognized as a growing digital agency in whole North America. Their growth and success are because of their hard working and professional team who is expert in their respective field. White Shark Media has assisted different companies across the US to raise their businesses by using their very own specifically tailored marketing tactics and tools.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel is committed to Solving Sleep Apnea Disorders

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by blockage of a patient’s airways. The disease is caused by fats accumulating around the neck and, consequently, choking the airways. It is predominantly found among the old folk and individuals suffering from other conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Over 70 percent of people suffering from sleep apnea are not privileged enough to get special attention from specialists, but one dentist from New Jersey is committed to change this situation. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been attending to sleep apnea patients as from 2014 through his firm, Dental Sleep Masters (DSM). DSM is based in Essex County, New Jersey. Dr. Weisfogel works alongside several affiliate doctors.


Avi’s Career Path


A qualified doctor of dental surgery, Avi Weisfogel has been in the dental practice for a period spanning over 15 years. His breakthrough into the practice came in 1999 when he opened Old Bridge Dental Care. His exemplary service to the community earned him both praises and accolades, with the most coveted of all being named as the Best Dentist. At the height of his dental career, Weisfogel developed an interest in understanding sleep disorders. The more he understood, the more his passion towards helping sleep apnea patients grew. Weisfogel finally followed his passion and established Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010, a firm that trained physicians on handling sleep apnea patients. As a consequence of this training, most of these physicians ended up establishing and managing sleep labs. This was Weisfogel’s first significant contribution in the field of sleep disorders. He set up Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient in 2012, a firm that prepared dentists for research and practice in the world of sleep.


Avi Supports GoFundMe Campaign


Operation Smile initiated a GoFundMe Campaign with the aim of raising $2000. The campaign received a significant boost when Avi Weisfogel decided to support it. The money accumulated via the GoFundMe campaign will be channeled towards providing free surgeries to children and youths with cleft lips and cleft palate conditions. Speaking in an interview, Weisfogel said that he supported the movement as a show of the faith he has in Operation Smile.

Eric Pulier: A Genius & A Lot More Than A Jack of All Trades

To say Eric Pulier is one of a kind is an understatement. Eric Pulier is a multi-talented, intellectual innovator who is a published author, a public speaker, a columnist, an entrepreneur, and a generous philanthropist.


Early Life’s Journey


His career started in childhood. He started programming computers when he was a fourth grade student. And when he graduated from high school in 1984, he already began a database computer organization. He then went and graduated from Harvard University. After graduating, he was The Harvard Crimson’s editor, a daily newspaper for Harvard University. He also wrote for the paper which included insightful literature which are still viewable on his writer profile at Harvard.


Other Amazing Achievements


In 1991, Pulier moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of his dreams. One of his startups, XPrize, is one of his most revolutionary startups in which includes prizes and competitions for people willing to push themselves to their best potential. He also found the SOA software program in which he succeeded in acquiring several other vendors of SOA throughout the 2000s. And in 2016, the company was sold to Rogue Wave Software.


His Philanthropy Work


Through all his successes, Eric Pulier still found time in giving back. One of his most noteworthy philanthropy tasks is with the Painted Turtle, a camp for children with chronic illnesses. He was the organization’s vice president of cloud operations. He gave a generous amount of money and time for those children with special medical needs to ensure they have an enjoyable and idyllic summer camp experience. With Starbright World, he also gave tons of time and money in helping children with special medical needs. His time was spent in giving tech skills to work in the construction of a secured and specialized, social media platform for those children. With this innovative tool, the children can meet and interact with others experiencing similar health conditions. He even worked in the 1990s with President Bill Clinton in finding low cost solutions for lower economic communities with cloud computing. He is also considered as a pioneer in home usage, multimedia educational platform development. One notable program of this magnitude includes a program for people with multiple sclerosis concerning many facets of their illness.

Chris Burch Brings The Focus To Problem Solving

One of the issues that many people are faced with in their lives is that they tend to focus too much on their issues. As a result, they never manage to resolve them in a manner that will make their lives much better. Instead, their common way of dealing with their problem either involves complaining about it, blaming others for it, or both. Either way, it prevents any progress that could’ve been made with the company or the person’s life. Fortunately, there are mentors that could teach people how to adjust their mindset so that they can be more effective in the lives they lead.


One person is Chris Burch. He is someone who builds tons of businesses and brings them to success. He is also someone who shares the secrets to his success. Among the secrets he gives people is the importance of embracing opportunities that come their way. He is also very passionate about making sure that people are able to take a more constructive yet unconventional approach to life. After all, he understands that people are different and can find different ways to succeed. He also teaches people how they can work together so that they can achieve many great things.


Chris Burch is an example of the types of minds that are going to make changes in the world for the better. The old world of what people thought were tried and true is slowly giving way to this more collaborative world in which people come together in ways that are harmonious. Instead of competition, he encourages collaboration. He is also someone who understands the importance of a good environment for work. He has taken the time to remodel an office in order to bring out the most productivity in people who work in those offices.

Samuel Strauch Helping Drive the Real Estate Industry in Miami Area

In a short period, Miami has become one of the top places for real estate investments in the country. With the demand for the real estate in the area growing, the rental prices are on the rise. The average rent price for an apartment is about $1800 per month while the average cost of a family home can be up to $310,000 which is way above the national average of $235,000. In just a period of five years, the cost of average homes in Miami has increased by a whopping $22,000. The Miami Beach area is seeing many investments by foreigners too.

Samuel Strauch is one of the leading real estate agents in the Miami Beach area and other parts of Florida as well. He has been serving in the area for the past 14 years. He offers a diverse range of apartments and homes to his clients. Samuel Strauch was the one responsible for the sale of the luxury home in Collins Avenue that sold for $889,000. His specialist is real estate investment as well, and it is his belief that one of the best ways to start investing for the future is to invest in real estate. It is a safe haven, and the prices of real estate will only increase in the coming years.

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Samuel Strauch has been successful as an investor because he was ready to take chances. Taking chances doesn’t mean that one has to invest blindly. His clients make use of his knowledge of real estate in the area to find out properties that are likely to give them high returns. He provides his clients with insights into the industry so that they too can make money from this boom in the real estate market. Samuel Strauch works hard for his clients and ensures that each of their investment is a good one and secures their future.

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A Business Man’s Impact: Jeff Schneider’s Legacy

Active, happy, and fulfilled, Jeffry Schneider is a busy man who remains a mystery to many. Jeff Schneider is a dedicated and passionate individual, but he’s also ethically conscious. It’s easy for leaders to forget about the less fortunate, but this is not the case for Jeffry Schneider. He’s a man who likes to motivate others and give back as much as he can, so he does this in a variety of ways. The world understands the importance of caring for children. They remind us that innocence is fleeting and at the same time give us hope for the future. While caring about one’s own children often comes easily to a parent, today, it isn’t common to find a person that does as much as Jeffry Schneider for others children. A father of 3 children, Jeff Schneider knows that having a solid support system at home is essential for children’s success.

With our society changing quickly, it can be easy to overlook principles like altruism, but giving selflessly is important for the fate of our future. Fortunately, Jeff is happy to get involved and be a role model for not just his kids but for any children who need care. Using his leadership skills, Jeffry Schneider has assisted many kids over the years with improving their emotional and physical states. Additionally, he’s worked tirelessly with organizations inside and outside of schools that focus on enriching the lives of children.

To maintain his wellbeing, he gets up every morning before the sun rises (usually before his alarm) so that he can hit the gym and exercise. If he’s somewhere where he is unable to access a gym, he goes to the nearest park and runs or jogs. In addition to his daily exercise regimen, Jeff likes spending time running marathons, eating healthy food at almost every meal, and practicing meditation. It’s remarkable and encouraging to see how much energy he devotes to his health especially compared to others in his industry. His devotion is an example of the notion that no individual is too busy to change their ways. Rather than waste time finding reasons why he can’t accomplish something, Jeff just goes for it. Even though he has a variety of causes that he backs, as a dad, he has a deep commitment to helping disadvantaged kids around the world. In fact, Jeff has made it his mission to help kids everywhere as he understands they are our future. By supporting children, he is supporting the future as these kids mature into adults, make decisions, and impact our world. In this way, Jeffry will continue inspiring others even if he is not directly present in their lives. Jeff deeply believes in the power of people everywhere honing their strong suits, so he encourages all kids to strive towards self-actualization. His naturally giving personality is invigorated by uplifting the less fortunate, and in doing so, he hopes to leave a legacy that motivates other individuals to do the same with their time.

White Shark Media Excels in Adwords Management and Personalized Customer Service

“White Shark Media will be the only company I will be using for the life of my company.” This is just one of the hundreds of appraisals that White Shark Media has received since they were founded in 2011. Three entrepreneurs, Gary Garth, Andrew Lolk and Alexander Nygart were experts in both online and brick and mortar marketing when they formed WSM.


What is unique about the merger was that all three co-founders are united in their desire to present excellent Adwords management and even better customer service for their clients. They committed WSM to always put the client first and to handle each client as an individual.


WSM is an online marketing and advertising agency, which uses PPM, SEO, SEM while handling the marketing and management for the client. Using the highest-quality technology and staffed with an exceptional team of employees, WSM offers superior Adwords and have been on Google Adwords since 2013.


Reviews come in regularly that express how much WSM has increased the sales of the client’s companies. WSM uses a completely different method of handling suggestions and complaints than most companies. When a client has a problem, the staff is ready to act on it in a way that benefits both the client and the entire agency.


As an example, in their early days, a client was having difficulties reaching their contact person the way the system worked. White Shark Media management solved the issue by creating direct lines for all clients without having to go through a receptionist, a free local line was provided and WSM added Live Meetings every month for updates and questions.


This is the stellar mindset that Garth, Nygart and Lolk have had since their opening and by offering exceptional service, WSM is one of the top online marketers in the industry.