Securus Technologies Reveals Its Customers Comments

Richard Smith, the Chief Executive Officer and President of Securus Technologies, released a large amount of the comments that his company has recently received from their customers. Securus Technologies is the leading provider of civil and criminal justice tools and services in North America. Its products are used throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico by law enforcement agencies and correctional institutions in order provide public safety, investigations, and monitoring.

While releasing the comments that his team has received from law enforcement officers and correctional facility leaders, Mr. Smith went on to state that his company, on average, releases a new product or service on a weekly basis. He said that Securus Technologies receives thousands of emails and letters commenting on their products, services, and customer support.

One customer comment came from an official at a correctional facility that has been a customer of Securus Technologies for over 10 years. This customer thanked the company for helping to keep his staff, prisoners, visitors, and the broader community safe. The customer also said that the products Securus Technologies provides has helped to revolutionize the environment in his facility.

Another correctional facility customer wrote in to say that he used Securus Technologies monitoring tools to gather information on inmates use of alcohol, drugs, and drug selling in his facility. Additionally, they were able to recover contraband cell phones by using these monitoring tools, record conversations regarding money transfers related to drug sales, and help open investigations into crimes that prisoners have revealed while talking on their cellular devices.

The comments that Securus Technologies has received have been overwhelmingly positive and extol the virtues of their products and services. Some of the comments also brought up their appreciation of having customer service at Securus Technologies assist with understanding new technologies as the company releases them.


Chris Burch Thinks Ahead Of The Curve

A Passion For Fashion

Chris Burch has spent many years in the fashion industry. He understands it like the back of his hand. it doesn’t come as a surprise that he has managed to build his billion dollar fortune. When he speaks about fashion people listen to what he has to say. Now, he’s telling everyone the fashion industry is about to undergo a major change with the introduction of wearable tech. Once that happens a new age of fashion is upon us.



What Will Come Next?

Wearable tech is one of the latest trends seen in the fashion industry. Across the world innovators are finding ways to combine tech and fashion in creative ways. We’ve already seen the watches and hats that contain this tech, but you might see even more in the future. Imagine a future where everything you put on your body has some sort of high tech future. The technology will bring you an incredible level of convenience, but there is so much more to the store than that. Your idea of what technology is will change too.



What He Plans To Do

Burch wants to make himself one of the first major investors in this and he wants to establish the trend of wearable tech. He has a long track record of predicting what will happen in fashion and those things do tend to happen. Making a billion dollars off of the fashion industry takes incredible insight and it takes an understanding of exactly what’s going on behind the scene. Thanks to his years of operating his own fashion businesses, he is able to make that sort of judgement. However, only time will tell if what he predicts actually comes true.



About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur with a strong focus on the fashion industry. He started with his first fashion business in college and slowly built his fortune about that. Now he has diversified his investments and he works in a number of industries. He has made a movie and he has even worked in finance. There simply aren’t many people out there who have achieved this level of success and it makes him unique. Outside of his entrepreneurship Chris Burch is a man of faith and philanthropy. He aims to make the world a better place by doing everything he can to fix important issues.


All About Rona Borre and Instant Alliance

         Rona Borre was a graduate

Among the many entrepreneurs within the United States of America, one woman stands out among her peers and her name is Rona Borre.  Borre is a woman who never stops thinking of ideas in regards to her enterprise Instant Alliance and how it can be improved. Originally, Rona Borre was a graduate from the University of Arizona with a BS in Business who was part of a global recruiting firm before leaving it in 2001. The first few months were the most challenging for the fledgling company as not only were those months considered the worst economic climate in recent history, but also because in 2001 not many companies were technology focused meaning business was going slow. However, things would turn around once Borre began making use of her contacts with consultants she was able to turn things around enabling Instant Alliance to double its net income and revenue.  Check this on


Based on, the Chicago based company has since become nationally recognized all in part to its founder who has become quite famous herself for her own efforts. In addition to being the CEO and founder of the company, Borre has also found herself as a leader in the Chicago community as well as a board member of the Economic Club of Chicago, the Young Presidents Organization and The Chicago Network. For her efforts and successes, Borre has been featured on several news networks such as CNN and USA Today has been recognized and awarded by the industry as a whole.

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Eric Lefkofsky, Serial Entrepreneur And Philanthropist.

Eric Lefkofsky is an American businessman, serial investor, and entrepreneur with over 100 investments in 70 companies and startups. He is currently based in Chicago, Illinois and is actively involved in philanthropic activities.

He received a B.A degree from the University of Michigan. He then went on to attain a J.D from the university’s school of law.

His career as an entrepreneur began while he was still at the University of Michigan when he got together with Brad Keywell to purchase Madison-based clothing line, Brandon Apparel.

His partnership with Keywell has been extremely fruitful, as the two have been involved in the co-founding of successful firms and ventures such as Starbelly, Echo Global Logistics, and MediaBank.

Eric Lefkofsky specializes in the conversion of traditional business systems into technologically astute entities that are competent and fully operational. He has either worked for, or had a hand in the development of entities such as Groupon, Innerworkings, Lightbank, Uptake, Mediaocean, and Tempus.

Currently, he is the CEO of Tempus and chairman of Groupon.

About Tempus

Tempus is a healthcare technology firm that makes it possible for physicians and other medical practitioners to offer cancer patients personalized care. This is made possible through the use of an interactive analytical learning platform.

This is done by creating an online database of clinical and molecular data and an operating system that would make this data easy to access and to comprehend. The objective here is to ensure that each patient will gain from the data collected from previous patients.

This platform will contribute to this process by making available tools for genome sequencing, data analysis, generating reports, and the validation of these reports.

Eric Lefkofsky is the author of Accelerated Disruption, a book that explains what disruptive businesses are, how they are formed, and how to achieve their sustainable growth.

A disruptive business is one that can move at the same speed with the improvement of technology. Those that are left behind in this dynamic change will be irrelevant and get replaced, while those that are able will have a competitive advantage in the years to follow.

In this book, he reiterates that the rate of technological development is allowing competition to emerge from either the large firms or from small innovative startups.

He has been an active philanthropist since the launch of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006. This foundation aims at creating high impact opportunities in the fields of medical research, human rights, education and the arts.

In Chicago, he sits on the boards of various organizations in different capacities. He is a member of World Business Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago, among others.

Eric Lefkofsky has also been involved in the committee of “Chicago 2016” that aimed to garner support for the city’s bid to host the incoming Summer Olympics.

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All you need to know about Rona Borre

Rona Borre, is an entrepreneur and CEO Instant Alliance

Rona Borre, is an entrepreneur and CEO Instant Alliance, a well-known technology and finance staffing company. Her career dates back to 1990s wherein 1995 she worked in Team Alliance as accountant executive and recruiter, in 1996 she worked at Sapphire Technologies as a senior account. The jobs equipped her well to be able to led Instant Alliance. Her firm is among fastest private growing organizations in the Chicago.


Her achievements have further been boosted by her being a product of the University of Arizona where she graduated with a degree in business administration majoring in marketing. She is also glad having skills in talent acquisition, entrepreneurship, sourcing, and networking among many others. The attributes make her stand in a favorable position to lead the organization. As an established leader, she gives her time to many organizations like Young Presidents’ Organization, The Chicago Networkand lastly the Economic Club of Chicago. Based on

Her efforts got recognized and awarded many honors. In 2015 she was awarded Bronze Stevie, Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Moreover, Rona Borre was awarded women of the year in Technology. Her leadership skills have further seen her feature in CNBS, USA Today, CNN and ABS Chicago press stations.

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Her organization has not been left behind with the company receiving the Best place to work award in 2014.Also being recognized as the best place for Talent acquisition. In 2011, Instant Alliance won the Business Ledger’s 21st award for its business excellence. The organization has further got listed among the fastest growing private companies by the Inc., Magazine.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden And Her Educational Background

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a cosmetic surgeon who is currently based out of Austin, Texas. She has been in the medical field for many years. She has attended some of the top universities and worked for some of the top doctors and hospitals in the world. Below is a little more information on Dr. Jennifer Walden’s educational and medical background as well as a little information on the types of procedures she specializes in today.


Her Educational Background


Dr. Jennifer Walden first started her medical career back in August of 1990 when she began attending the University of Texas at Austin located in Austin, Texas. She eventually went on to graduate with honors in May of 1994 with a BA in biology.


After completing her time at the University of Texas at Austin she then went on to continue her education at the University of Texas Medical Branch located in Galveston, Texas. From August of 1994 until May of 1998 Dr. Walden attended the university and eventually graduated as the salutatorian with an MD in 1998. She graduated with highest honors.


Upon finishing her time at the University of Texas Medical branch Dr. Jennifer Walden then went on to perform her residency training. She first began at the University of Texas Medical Branch department of surgery where she completed a general surgery internship in June of 1999. Following that she completed an integrated plastic surgery residency in June of 2003 from the University of Texas Medical branch in the department of surgery the division of plastic surgery.


After completing her residency training she then went on to complete her Fellowship training. From July of 2003 until June of 2004 she worked under the chairman Dr. Sherrell J. Aston who worked out of the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital located in New York, New York. After completing her Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship she then went on to be an associate of Dr. Ashton in a plastic surgery Private Practice located in New York, New York. Dr. Walden remained at this practice from July of 2004 until December of 2011 when she moved back to Texas to raise her family. She became board certified by the American Board of plastic surgery in November of 2005.

Dr. Jennifer Walden now runs her own private medical suite out of the Westlake Medical Center located in Austin, Texas. She performs a variety of different cosmetic procedures for women as well as men. These are just a few of the top procedures her office has to offer.



Hair transplants

Vaginal rejuvenation

Tummy tuck


Thigh lift



These are just a few of the many different procedures that Dr. Jennifer Walden performs on a regular basis. Her office is known for their exceptional work as well as their exceptional aftercare.

Vijay Eswaran is a Seasoned Multilevel Marketer and Resourceful Entrepreneur

Vijay Eswaran is a self-established Asian executive behind the successful QI Group of companies. He has worked in Europe, U.S., Australia, and Canada. He is a respected leader in the circles of motivational and public speaking.

He handles topics such as spirituality and business. Eswaran educates people on ways of succeeding in life through his interesting life management books.

Due to his achievements in the worlds of multi-level marketing and philanthropy, he has pocketed many high-status awards, including Lifetime Achievement Award, Special Award for Education Excellence and CEO of the Year Award in 2013.

The inception of QI Group

Vijay Eswaran inaugurated QI Group in 1998. The company is an e-commerce-based conglomerate that specializes in telecommunications, luxury and collectibles, workshop and conference management, retail and direct sales, and property development.

Through its several subsidiary firms, QI Group has a strong presence in about ten nations. It has service centers in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Education and career

Eswaran is an alumnus of top universities in the U.S. and the UK. Formerly, he held executive positions in various companies outside Asia. After deciding to venture in the multi-level marketing early in the 90s, Eswaran returned to Asia. His QI Group expanded within a few years of inception and established several affiliate companies.

Philanthropy and motivational speaking

After establishing a successful empire in the multilevel marketing world, Eswaran has concentrated on changing lives through giving back. He is the founder of the celebrated RHYTHM Foundation, which is the corporate charity subsection of QI Group.

The organization engages in philanthropic initiatives worldwide. Eswaran has founded several foundations to spearhead his philanthropic interests. For instance, he started the Vijayaratnam Foundation in honor of his father. Learn more about more Vijay Esweran:

The foundation works in close cooperation with local NGOs and other nonprofits on initiatives for mentoring children and young adults, empowering women, and offering special education.

Vijay Eswaran mentors young individuals who are striving to build their career in the multilevel sector. He has lectured across the globe on a wide scope of subjects, including finance, leadership, business, life management, and spirituality. He has been a guest speaker at business & leadership forums and leading universities.

Wen By Chaz Is The Unique Hair Care Approach

Imagine if you can a hair care product that actually nourishes and protects your hair. Now, imagine a product capable of doing great things is here, and look at the Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner. This five-in-one product will change the way that you care for your hair, as well as the way that your hair looks and feels. As a dry shampoo and conditioner in one, the Cleansing Conditioner alleviates hair -washing headaches and makes it easy to clean your hair even when you are on the go. But, the uniqueness of this product only continues from there.

The Wen by Chaz Difference

Containing only natural botanicals, the cleansing conditioner works to enhance every strand of your hair, helping it grow long, strong, and healthy while maintaining shine and gorgeous looks. The conditioning cleaner is free of sulfates so anyone can use it on their hair without worry of any of the natural oils being stripped for their hair. It is a versatile product that anyone can use and enjoy.

Furthermore, several studies have been conducted concerning the benefits of this product. Each study revealed immaculate results with just four weeks of product use. The latest study revealed that 97% of Wen by Chaz users noticed their hair was shinier and more manageable, and everyone that used the cleansing conditioner noted its awesome moisturization benefits.

The Product that Works

Unlike so many other hair care products on the market, the cleansing conditioner by Wen by Chaz protects the hair strand by strand, leaving gorgeous hair in its wake. The product is affordably priced, and backed by a money-back guarantee in case it fails to satisfy your needs. When you’re ready to change the way that you care for your hair, it is time to get the Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner. You’ll love what it can do for your hair!

Find more about Chaz Dean at

Want Healthy Shiny Hair? Work It In With WEN By Chaz

No matter how many store bought shampoos, conditioners and other hair care treatments you use, have you ever noticed your mane still lacks shine and healthy movement?

Why is that?

Some of this could be blamed on the unhealthy routines you put your tresses through. You color, bleach, highlight, perm, straighten, curl, blow-dry and so forth. Most of these hair steps are damaging to strands.

The products you use to wash, condition and treat your hair, also make a major difference in the life of your mane. If you’re going to continue buying cleansers that are full of chemical agents, then you’re going to continue noticing dull, weak hair.

WEN hair is a different hair experience and one that has appealed to so many people. Forty million bottles of WEN have been sold during the last 16 years. That says a lot about the brand’s product and the professional stylist behind the brand.

Chaz Dean knows plenty about the structure of hair, from root to end. He also realizes how foaming sulfates actually strip the hair of its natural oils. His special cleansing conditioners bathe the hair in moisture and strengthening botanical extracts. Hair recovers with beautiful gloss, strength and new manageability. You can choose from a number of unique cleansing conditioners, mousses, styling cremes and moisture treatments.

WEN by Chaz has been designed to treat all kinds of hair. If your hair is curly, damaged by bleach, straight as a pin and fine, there is a WEN hair care product for you. These soothing, rich formulas are ideal, even for sensitive scalps. Pure botanical extracts create shine and strength without a foaming lather and without nasty chemicals. This is as back to nature as one can get. He sells his products online on and on his online store:

To learn more about WEN by Chaz, visit the company’s crunchbase page.


How ClassDojo Brings Improvement To Education

Education is very important to the lives of people. However, the environment can have a huge impact on the person’s education. For instance, some people can handle being by themselves and learning while others may need a lot of support for their education. Fortunately, ClassDojo makes it easier for students to connect with the support they need in order to get the education and the high grades they need to advance. ClassDojo is one of the needed steps to take towards improving schools to accommodate for different learning styles. ClassDojo also helps to make students comfortable in their learning environment.  Check for more at


For people that are interested in ClassDojo, the developers have made apps that are compatible with Android and iOS devices. This is very wise because a lot of people are going more towards Android devices. One of the best ways to bring about benefits to the widest variety of people is to reach them where they are at. ClassDojo has made sure that they are able to help

people that have mobile devices. Also,  the app can be accessed on computers and laptops. Anyone that is interested just has to download it at the site that is featured on their device.  Visit for added info.


After downloading the device, one just has to register an account. Afterwards, parents can keep in touch with their children while they are getting their education. They could also help their children through different challenges. Parents get to experience school through the eyes of their children with ClassDojo. They can also connect with teachers and other parents so that they can form a community that is going to work towards raising their children to be productive people. ClassDojo does more than help children get good grades. It also helps children form meaningful relationships which will help them grow in important ways.

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