Bob Reina: He Wants To Share

In most cases, when someone is having success, they want to keep it all for themselves. They don’t have any interest in sharing it or allowing anyone else out there to enjoy it. It is all for them. However, those people have not met Bob Reina of Talk Fusion. This is a man that lives to serve the people and be there for them. It is why he started up the company and it is why he used to work in law enforcement. He truly believes in his heart of hearts he was put here on earth to help out people in need. His charity work has been well documented and for good reason: it is amazing.


He has donated millions to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. In addition to that, he has helped other animals survive by paying the vet bills for those animals that needed a little help along the way but their owners did not have the funds. He paid for these vet bills without letting anyone know, but word tends to travel fast when someone does a good deed. As far as his other charitable donations, he has made those public and he has stood behind them. According to him, he understands both points of view.


On one hand, people like to do it in private and not get a lot of attention for it. They are doing it because it is the right thing to do and they are not looking for people to shower them with praise. On the other hand, Bob Reina sees a chance for other people to step up to the plate and do something worthwhile. A lot of times, people look at others and what they are doing and it sparks something inside of them. That is his hope. He wants to be a leader for people when it comes to charity. Learn more:


He is already a leader when it comes to Talk Fusion, as he is the CEO and founder of this company. He has made sure the company has gotten off the ground and helped people that have been looking for another way to make a living.

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