Roberto Santiago Creates Vision for Mega Mall and Follows Through in a Big Way

Roberto Santiago is someone that people may not know if they are visiting Brazil for the first time, but many of the natives know him because of what he created. The Manaira Mall is a product of the vision of Roberto Santiago, and it appears that this is one of the biggest shopping centers in all of Brazil. It is a fine example of how shopping can bring a lot of consumers together if there are a variety of stores in the midst. This is exactly what Roberto Santiago planned to do from the very beginning. He wanted consumers that may be in large groups as tourists to have a place where everyone could find something that they were interested in.


Men that go to this mall will also be able to say that there is something available for women. Teenagers that travel to this mall to hang out will even notice that there are shops that may be interesting for pre-teens or children. There is something for everyone regardless of what their desire is. This is what makes Roberto Santiago such a huge visionary when it comes to retail entrepreneurship. His real estate endeavors have reached beyond Brazil, but Latin America is where he tends to keep most of his focus.


He has been able to help many people find something to do with their time by bringing together a huge open space for people to engage in activities like bowling, movie watching and joy rides at the amusement park all within one setting.


There are close to 100 stores inside of the Manaira Mall and it continues to grow as renovation continues down through the years. It is not the same spot that Roberto Santiago originally started in 1989, but it was always a big mall environment from the very beginning.


People that know about the early beginnings of this mall are aware that it was a mega mall even at the start, but it has expanded in recent years to cater to crowds that are interested in different things. There is a lounge for young adults that may want to hang out. There is also a recent concert hall that has been added to this mall environment. All of these things bring more tourists, and it also attracts a greater crowd of people that may want to engage in an abundant number of activities while they are vacationing.


Roberto Santiago had the vision for this early and he continued to improve upon this mall environment because he knew that it could benefit a lot of people. There are few people that come to this mall that have do not ability to find anything that they like easily.


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