The Best of Psi Pay and Their History

PsiPay, an alternative to banking has been in operation since 2007. Today, PsiPay is changing the way consumers and businesses conduct their banking around the world. The goal is to offer payment services in a way that is beneficial for the processor and the sender while conducting business in a transparent fashion. The excellence behind the company is driven by professionals that have the experience as well as the integrity to conduct business in a fashion that empowers partners to also excel.

PsiPay continued to excel when they were granted their licensed as a payments institution. The Electronic Money Institution granted their license for processing electronic payments in the year 2011. Phil Davies, the Managing Director, was appointed to the board of PsiPay in 2011, after serving as a member of the board prior. Having spent more than 7 years with Mastercard Worldwide, as the vice-President of Business Development, Davies was focused on the development and release of new products for the company.

Davies is focused on stimulating growth, with a passion for identifying emerging markets in the EU. This gave Davies valuable experience that he needed to form strong relationships with key individuals in finance, and in preparation for learning more about markets in payment processing.

Davies isn’t just working with PsiPay, but he is also heading his own advisory practice. His experience allows him to help others whenever he can with strategic finance practices and planning out where they can allocate their monies for the best results.

PsiPay was launched by a visionary team, but they are also planning a visionary future with some of the most accomplished leaders in the industry. PsiPay is growing tremendously around the globe, and since Phil Dvais has joined the company, they have experienced even more growth. Working both in retail banking and working as a Regional Manager for Xerox, he is looking forward to what the marketplace has to offer for PsiPay.

PsiPay is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority, and they are one of the most well-known payment processing systems in the UK today.

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