Jason Hope Wants To Eradicate Aging

Aging is an unfortunate reality we have to contend with. New research suggests it may not be inevitable and that we can avoid it if we make the right decisions. There is a growing movement to support what is known as negligible senescence. If we can achieve this humans will be able to live vastly longer lives with far lower rates of mortality and disease. It’s something everybody wants to have but few believe can be achieved. Fortunately, Jason Hope has a plan to make this reality and he wants to give as much funding to anti aging research as he can.

The main player in anti-aging research is the SENS Institute. Focused on making sure we have a proper understanding of what causes aging is going to be key to fighting it. The SENS Institute thinks we should think of aging as a disease and cure it like any other disease we see in our world. There is no reason to believe that we have to accept it as an inherent part of reality when we are fully aware that many animals are able to live without ever encountering the rapid rise in mortality rates that humans experience. The ocean floor is filled with examples of these animals and we can learn much about senescence by studying them.

Jason Hope has plenty of things he has invested in before that we can now appreciate. This is going to be just one example of him at work. He’s shown he understands how to get the tech industry going and he has made Arizona one of the top spots for tech start ups. It’s only natural that he starts applying that to other domains of science when he feels that there is great potential if things work out according to plan.

This research into aging is going to deliver something that humanity has wanted since its inception. There isn’t a culture in the world that doesn’t want to do away with the specter of aging. It takes away just about everything we have but it doesn’t have to be this way. The SENS Institute is often mocked or seen as something of a joke. Its ambitions are regarded as too lofty to ever reach. Jason Hope doesn’t believe that is the case and he wants to show the world that we can live entirely different lives if we dare to explore.

About Jason Hope: www.linkedin.com/in/jasonrhope

The Facts About Louis Chenevert and His Leadership in Business

With a deep knowledge of consumer needs and a desire to deliver new products in a 30-year cycle, Chenevert drove profound change at United Technology by putting the spotlight on a core of small teams with an operational leadership unit that was given the means, supplies, and freedom to create transformational merchandise. Executing purchases that would establish security was accompanied by an intensive study to rest assured essential goals continued to be reached. At UTC, the focus on practical skill and planning was crucial to presenting concepts that would generate returns that topped consumer’s presumptions.

Usually, conflicts don’t get better without proactive intervention, so by tackling the problem right away, you create a culture of success. Avoid enduring personalities that don’t mesh with the program because value leeches impede the evolution of businesses. People also like to be affiliated with winners because it rubs off on them. Praise and encourage people who bring problems to light quickly. Spend your time with people who are making big wins as you’re the sum of the people you spend the most time with. With the right team, most obstacles are just a bump in the road, value your comrades, and always love your clients. Lastly, reward healthy risk-taking in the pursuit towards growth.

Chosen as President & Chief Executive Officer in April 2008, Chairman in January 2010, and serving those positions till retirement in 2014, Louis Chenevert held the Chief Operating Officer (CEO) post and was the Director of United Technologies as long as 2006. Starting out. Chenevert completed 14 years at General Motors (GM) as Production General Manager in St. Therese. In 2011, for Cargill Inc., he also operated on the Board of Directors. Since 2017, he was appointed as the Chairman of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation. Chenevert entered the Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs as Senior Industry Advisor from 2015-2017 and is a representative of the Business Council. In 2005, Chenevert was inducted as a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.


Equity first holdings Working With the Environmental Cleaning Technology

Equity first holding company is a limited liability company owned by Sir Christy Jr who also acts as the president of the company. The company started it’s in operation in 2000 where they have been able to complete 700 transactions over the past years. In Australia, the central company office are in Sydney but they are also operating two satellite offices in Melbourne and Perth. The company have an Australia Finance services license. They have a team of staff who work under management of Christy to deliver best possible results to their clients.

The primary mission why Christy formed the company is to provide peoples with an alternative way of getting fund for activities. The company offers a loan with fixed low-interest rates thus encouraging peoples to acquire loans. Equity first holding is now working with the Environmental cleaning technology where they will provide the fund for the major activities which will take place in India.

To know more visit @: www.indeed.com/cmp/Equities-First-Holdings,-LLC-1

Stansberry Research Helping People Make Good Investments

President Donald Trump has been talking lately about imposing tariffs on aluminum and steel imports. The tariffs would apply to all countries that the United States is currently trading with. The tariff on steel would be 25% and 10% for aluminum. The proposal was not welcomed by many on Capital Hill. Gary Cohn is the top economic advisor for president Trump. He was not able to change President Trump’s mind on this and has decided to leave his post. If President Trump follows through on his plan he hopes that the once very strong steel and aluminum industry will gain ground again in the United States (Americasjubilee). In doing so it would make the country less reliant on imports and many jobs in the industry could be created. On the other hand the price for steel and aluminum products could go up for a time which could hurt profits in places like Wall Street and hurt the pockets of the average American consumer. There are pros and cons in this argument. For some people life could improve and for others they could get economically hurt.

Stansberry Research is an investing research publication company. They help people with their investment needs. They try to help people make the right choices to maximize their investment profits. Stansberry Research accomplishes this in a variety of ways. One way is they sell books on the subject of good investing. Anything from retirement investing to income investing. If one is new to the field of investing or if one is very experienced in the field Stansberry Research has a book for you that will help one make the right investment decision.

Stansberry Research has an Investment Glossary that can help people figure out the different words and terms that are used in today’s investment world. There is also the Stansberry Education Center that can provide one with many wealth management resources. Many people try to work the market place or other types of investments on their own. By trial and error they will learn. This can lead to economic tragedy for some. Why go it alone? Try Stransberry Research.


Roberto Santiago Creates Vision for Mega Mall and Follows Through in a Big Way

Roberto Santiago is someone that people may not know if they are visiting Brazil for the first time, but many of the natives know him because of what he created. The Manaira Mall is a product of the vision of Roberto Santiago, and it appears that this is one of the biggest shopping centers in all of Brazil. It is a fine example of how shopping can bring a lot of consumers together if there are a variety of stores in the midst. This is exactly what Roberto Santiago planned to do from the very beginning. He wanted consumers that may be in large groups as tourists to have a place where everyone could find something that they were interested in.


Men that go to this mall will also be able to say that there is something available for women. Teenagers that travel to this mall to hang out will even notice that there are shops that may be interesting for pre-teens or children. There is something for everyone regardless of what their desire is. This is what makes Roberto Santiago such a huge visionary when it comes to retail entrepreneurship. His real estate endeavors have reached beyond Brazil, but Latin America is where he tends to keep most of his focus.


He has been able to help many people find something to do with their time by bringing together a huge open space for people to engage in activities like bowling, movie watching and joy rides at the amusement park all within one setting.


There are close to 100 stores inside of the Manaira Mall and it continues to grow as renovation continues down through the years. It is not the same spot that Roberto Santiago originally started in 1989, but it was always a big mall environment from the very beginning.


People that know about the early beginnings of this mall are aware that it was a mega mall even at the start, but it has expanded in recent years to cater to crowds that are interested in different things. There is a lounge for young adults that may want to hang out. There is also a recent concert hall that has been added to this mall environment. All of these things bring more tourists, and it also attracts a greater crowd of people that may want to engage in an abundant number of activities while they are vacationing.


Roberto Santiago had the vision for this early and he continued to improve upon this mall environment because he knew that it could benefit a lot of people. There are few people that come to this mall that have do not ability to find anything that they like easily.


Sussex Healthcare’s Experience Gives Seniors A Chance At A Better Life

Sussex Healthcare works with seniors. They know what seniors need and they do their best to provide them with the opportunities they can take advantage of. The company has always wanted to give people a chance at trying new things and that’s how they work to grow their business.

The also try to always give senior people a chance to feel better about the options they have. It is part of how they work and part of what they do to rely on different opportunities. No matter what happens to someone as a senior, Sussex Healthcare is prepared to give them the help they need.

Even though some people have struggled with the idea of putting their elderly parents or loved ones in a care facility, they know the can make things better. They also know things will get better for them if they find the right type of facility for their parents. Sussex Healthcare manages to be that facility in every way. No matter what people need for their loved ones, Sussex Healthcare provides it. They’ve spent a long time coming up with new ideas to give seniors the best chance at a happy life.

Read more: Choosing the Services That Sussex Healthcare Provides – How Specialists Can Help Residents

Some facilities may not think the company is doing the best job possible. Many of these facilities see the problems that come along with having seniors who are just patients. They don’t think of them as people and treat them like they are a way to make money. Sussex Healthcare isn’t like this. Instead, they enjoy helping people. They want to treat their patients like family because they know most of them don’t have the family support they need. It is their way of making sure the community knows they are helpful and they have everything people can take advantage of for their older loved ones.

Thanks to Sussex Healthcare, other facilities are catching on. None of them are as advanced as Sussex Healthcare is with the care facility options they have, but they try to help seniors have a better life. Sussex Healthcare knows they set the stage for a better life for seniors. They also know people have a good understanding of the help they can get in different situations. For Sussex Healthcare, this is who they are and what they can do to give people a chance at a better life. Even those who are at the end of their lives deserve to have quality care.

Find more about Sussex Healthcare: https://www.reed.co.uk/jobs/sussex-health-care-limited-44401/p44401

Stream Energy: Giving Society Unreservedly

Homelessness is a big problem in the state of Texas. This is according to statistics from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The most prevalent cause of homelessness is unemployment and low income.

Other causes of homelessness are eviction, abuse, incarceration, mental problems, a change in family status, and drug or alcohol abuse.

Stream Energy launched Stream Cares. This is a humanitarian foundation whose main aim is to provide homes for the homeless.

For over a decade, Stream Cares has combined efforts with other humanitarian organizations to eradicate homelessness among the veteran community.

Corporate philanthropy is a new phenomenon that has the potential to change the lives of people in the community. It also helps in the marketing of the company’s products. It gives the companies much-needed societal goodwill.

To tackle the homelessness problem, Stream Cares partnered with Hope Supply Company. This is a charity organization whose objective is to meet the necessities of homeless children.

Hope Supply organizes an annual event at a water park in Texas where children enjoy playing with one another in a new environment. For more than four years, Stream employees and associates join the fun and donate money and supplies.

Stream Cares was one of the first respondents when a number of tornadoes hit North Texas. They responded by donating money to help alleviate the homelessness problem.

Stream Energy has also been involved in other projects such as Once in a Lifetime, where they organized transport for underprivileged veterans to reunite them with their families.

Another generous act was when Stream Cares paid all expenses for the American Girl Doll Experience.

Stream Energy continues to identify opportunities through which it can lift the lives of the less fortunate by devoting their time, energy and finances.

Stream Energy uses network marketing business model to promote the sale of its energy products. Stream pays its associates commissions when they sell products to consumers or by recruiting associates.


“Contour” your workspace – A Newswatch TV Review

After watching the most recent testimonial about Contour’s Ultimate Workstation on my old keyboard, my hand started to cramp. It might be because I was stewing with envy regarding the ergonomic and wireless features that the Contour Ultimate Workstation brings to people in the office environment. Newswatch TV delivers another well paced overview of the workstation and how it can benefit those in the office environment.

We all have to adapt to the conditions that are provided to us. But what may be initially tolerable can, over time, wear on the body. So it is important to have a workstation that is clutter free; as wireless as possible; and ergonomically contoured to the natural state of the human body. This testimonial shows how the Contour Ultimate Workstation can provide that. Tell your manager or get a Contour Workstation for your home office. The investment in comfort will provide a sustainable productive work/life balance.

Newswatch TV presentation of the Contour Unltimate Worksation is just another example of the huge volume of great presentations that they provide for their partners. Using a sleek free-form style of testimonial that blends a standard format exclusive to Newswatch TV and also caters to the needs of each of its partners. Their reach extends to over 200 markets and airs on the ION and AMC networks as well as other affiliated networks.

The wide variety of episodes have garnered award recognition and appearances by a myriad of celebrities and well known companies around the world. It provides information and news to consumers and was recently given the Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcom Award for its 30 minute show.


The Best of Psi Pay and Their History

PsiPay, an alternative to banking has been in operation since 2007. Today, PsiPay is changing the way consumers and businesses conduct their banking around the world. The goal is to offer payment services in a way that is beneficial for the processor and the sender while conducting business in a transparent fashion. The excellence behind the company is driven by professionals that have the experience as well as the integrity to conduct business in a fashion that empowers partners to also excel.

PsiPay continued to excel when they were granted their licensed as a payments institution. The Electronic Money Institution granted their license for processing electronic payments in the year 2011. Phil Davies, the Managing Director, was appointed to the board of PsiPay in 2011, after serving as a member of the board prior. Having spent more than 7 years with Mastercard Worldwide, as the vice-President of Business Development, Davies was focused on the development and release of new products for the company.

Davies is focused on stimulating growth, with a passion for identifying emerging markets in the EU. This gave Davies valuable experience that he needed to form strong relationships with key individuals in finance, and in preparation for learning more about markets in payment processing.

Davies isn’t just working with PsiPay, but he is also heading his own advisory practice. His experience allows him to help others whenever he can with strategic finance practices and planning out where they can allocate their monies for the best results.

PsiPay was launched by a visionary team, but they are also planning a visionary future with some of the most accomplished leaders in the industry. PsiPay is growing tremendously around the globe, and since Phil Dvais has joined the company, they have experienced even more growth. Working both in retail banking and working as a Regional Manager for Xerox, he is looking forward to what the marketplace has to offer for PsiPay.

PsiPay is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority, and they are one of the most well-known payment processing systems in the UK today.

Tweet Storm Gets Recapped – Shervin Pishevar Wrote It On February 5 And 6, 2018

Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites on the world wide web. Though it doesn’t have the two-odd billion monthly users that Facebook does, Twitter’s unique infrastructure allows its users to pound out tens of tweets at a time, lending itself to funny stories, and even the aptly-named “tweet storm” published by Shervin Pishevar on February 6, 2018.

Shervin Pishevar – assuming that you don’t, somehow, know who he is – is best known as a venture capitalist that used to work for Uber. His interests range wildly, though they include software, cryptocurrencies, the stock market, and anything about business.

Here’s a short recap of a few of the tweets Shervin Pishevar provided the public with, first to his 90,000 followers, then throughout the rest of news media.

All investors are familiar with the stock market plummet of February 2018, when the Dow Jones stock index dropped more in just two days than it had in any other two-day period since January 2016. Although Shervin Pishevar didn’t predict the exact date, he claimed that a “6000 point drop in aggregate in months ahead” would rear its ugly head. The following 49 tweets discussed several topics, though they all were woven together to explain Mr. Shervin Pishevar’s thoughts on business and its many manifestations.

The stock market didn’t quite reach such a drop, though a 2,000-point drop is unarguably substantial. One must wonder whether the Dow Jones drop was a coincidence, or if Shervin Pishevar had some kind of insider knowledge!

He’s just that smart.

Bitcoin reached a price pinnacle in November 2017 of just under $20,000 per coin, and dropped since. It ended up reaching a low of $6,000 around the time Shervin’s tweet storm was shared with the world.

Though Bitcoin prices have since rebounded, Shervin tweeted “Bitcoin will continue to crash but stabilize at 2-5k range and began a more stable rise over next 24 mo’s.” Shervin’s Bitcoin prediction certainly isn’t far off from what could happen, as its volatility lends itself to unpredictable swings – well, unpredictable to the world, but not to geniuses like Pishevar.