The Brown Agency

The Brown Agency is a commercial talent/modeling agency that was started right out of central Texas and launched in 2015. This agency provides people with many talent options and helps them with exposure. The Brown Agency has provided exposure to very well known companies such as Dell, Toyota, Louis Vuitton and even more!


It all started when Wilhelmina Austin obtained Heyman Talent-South and relaunched it as the very well-known, The Brown Agency. Heyman Talent-South and Wilhelmina’s agency had already become pretty big on their own but the two agencies coming together was a work of magic. Since joining together, The Brown Agency has become the only full service agency in Austin, Texas and just one of very few in the whole state of Texas.


In 2010 Justin Brown and Wilhelmina Austin launched in Austin, Texas. Since 2010 The Brown Agency has become one of the most largest agencies in Austin for modeling. For the last three years Heyman Talent-South has built a great reputation for being a great agency for acting talent in all of Austin. With these two great talented agencies combined, it made a super agency and helped launch a talent agency so big that it provided clients with aarger portfolio and huger talents throughout the whole US.


The Brown Agency will be ran straight out of Austin, Texas with other locations in Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California. Justin Brown was the previous head of Wilhelmina Austin but he will now be the CEO and President of The Brown Agency. The Founder of the Heyman Talent-South will join as an expert in the acting and theater part in The Brown Agency.


The combined forces of both agencies not only helped both agencies grow into something even more special but it helped with serving their clients, being more committed and it also opened up many more opportunities like becoming a full service agency. Both agencies have worked hard in finding the best of the best of talent and preparing them and building them up to be bigger, better and even more dependable. With the help of both agencies this is very much accomplishable! Both agencies are thrilled and excited to combine their companies. The talent and expertise of everyone will make a long lasting and memorable agency!


All of the finances and other details have remained private but a great celebration has been planned for December for the big launch of The Brown Agency! You can visit their Instagram page.



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