Jeremy Goldenstein on Fair Payment Incentives in Business

The corporate environment is one of the most widely discussed topics especially when it comes to economic sustainability in the corporate place. The discussion has been prompted by the lack of a sustainable economic environment in most companies of all proportions.



People in business such as the lawyer Mr. Jeremy Goldstein speaks on the matter and offers some solutions for companies to implement. As a lawyer and a business owner, Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has had to deal with the same issue. He suggests the introduction of a payment program that is based on performance which is in turn measure according to a scale in order to ensure the fairest assessment of every employee’s work. The Pay Per Share program is one of the most accurate payment programs out there. It allows both the employee and the employer to judge performance and productivity over time as well as to know precisely how ch needs to be done to reach the next payment tier.



Having such a payment program enables a sense of transparency at the corporate workplace. That is something that most companies lack but need to obtain as the sector of business and the people involved in it become more critical and vigilant about irregularities. Business cannot be a grey area for those working in it and so there has been a high demand for changes in the corporate environment.



Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has been working in business and law for decades. He is one of the businessmen who established the Jeremy Associates LLC. The company is a boutique law firm that serves executives, large teams, and other people with high ranks in the business sector.



After he graduated from the Pingry School, Mr. Jeremy Goldstein started attending the Cornell Universty from 1991to 1995 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Art History. He then achieved a Master’s degree in the field from the Universty of Chicago in 1996. In the next three years, Mr. Jeremy Goldstein studied Law at the New York Universty School of Law and achieved his Juris Doctor.



His career started at the Shearman and Sterling where he worked as an Associate and then Mr. Jeremy Goldstein became a Partner at the Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz where he worked for 14 years.



The next stage in his career came n June 2014 when Mr. Jeremy Goldstein started up a law boutique firm together with a few associates of his. The company has been active for a bit over three years, but it has already become one of the most popular in New York City. Mr. Jeremy Goldstein is working towards growing the business and currently serves high-profile clients in a variety of industries. Learn more:


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