The Brown Agency

The Brown Agency is a commercial talent/modeling agency that was started right out of central Texas and launched in 2015. This agency provides people with many talent options and helps them with exposure. The Brown Agency has provided exposure to very well known companies such as Dell, Toyota, Louis Vuitton and even more!


It all started when Wilhelmina Austin obtained Heyman Talent-South and relaunched it as the very well-known, The Brown Agency. Heyman Talent-South and Wilhelmina’s agency had already become pretty big on their own but the two agencies coming together was a work of magic. Since joining together, The Brown Agency has become the only full service agency in Austin, Texas and just one of very few in the whole state of Texas.


In 2010 Justin Brown and Wilhelmina Austin launched in Austin, Texas. Since 2010 The Brown Agency has become one of the most largest agencies in Austin for modeling. For the last three years Heyman Talent-South has built a great reputation for being a great agency for acting talent in all of Austin. With these two great talented agencies combined, it made a super agency and helped launch a talent agency so big that it provided clients with aarger portfolio and huger talents throughout the whole US.


The Brown Agency will be ran straight out of Austin, Texas with other locations in Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California. Justin Brown was the previous head of Wilhelmina Austin but he will now be the CEO and President of The Brown Agency. The Founder of the Heyman Talent-South will join as an expert in the acting and theater part in The Brown Agency.


The combined forces of both agencies not only helped both agencies grow into something even more special but it helped with serving their clients, being more committed and it also opened up many more opportunities like becoming a full service agency. Both agencies have worked hard in finding the best of the best of talent and preparing them and building them up to be bigger, better and even more dependable. With the help of both agencies this is very much accomplishable! Both agencies are thrilled and excited to combine their companies. The talent and expertise of everyone will make a long lasting and memorable agency!


All of the finances and other details have remained private but a great celebration has been planned for December for the big launch of The Brown Agency! You can visit their Instagram page.



What Does Academy of Art University Have To Offer

The Academy of Art University is more than a school for the performing arts, it’s a school that produces great talent that can be felt in a variety of ways. Just like any other higher-learning institution, Academy of Art University has team sports, has student programs, has housing and has a team of wonderful instructors. There are more than 280 full-time teachers here as well as up to 1,154 part-time teachers. In addition to that, this school has well-over 12,000 students. Since its birth in 1929, Academy of Art University has produced a long list of talented individuals, and these individuals have gone on to stellar careers in the arts, in fashion and in the entertainment industry.

Last September marked the 21st consecutive time that this for-profit school has attended the eclectic New York Fashion Week. For anyone who has a taste for extravagant fashion, this is where you need to be. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood attend this event every year as well as industry-insiders. New York’s Skylight Clarkson Center was jam-packed with people and with activity. Academy of Art University put on a great show as always thanks to its multiple fashion lines. Some of the school’s former-graduates displayed their stuff under the bright lights, including Eden Slezin, Hailun Zhou, Dina Marie Lam and others. Of course, the show went-off without a hitch and Ms. J. Alexander from “America’s Next Top Model” was present in the crowd.

Academy of Art University has also produced an Oscar-Nominated Alumni that has worked on many blockbuster films such as Sully, Kung Skull Island, Get Out, Blade Runner 2045, War for the Planet of the Apes, The Baby Boss and Coco. What more could you ever ask from a performing arts type of school?

Richard Dwayne Blair: Reliable Advice For Your Financial Situation

Are you looking for high quality investment advisory service? Need to find a professional or firm that renders top notch financial advisory services to clients? Richard Dwayne Blair is a clear choice for those who want to manage their money wisely and secure their

financial future.

A financial advisor provides advice and guidance for a client. A financial advisor helps the client decide what to do with his or her assets and money. The financial advisor simply assesses a client’s financial status and helps him or her decide where to invest.

If you are searching for an expert to advise or guide you in making the right investment decision, consider Richard Dwayne Blair. Not all investment advisors are created equal. For the best experience, you need to choose someone who is well known for providing outstanding investment advisory service.

Richard Dwayne Blair has great expertise in financial services and can provide help with financial planning, investing and wealth building. Clients turn to him for retirement planning, saving for their children’s education and related financial issues.

Richard Dwayne Blair runs his own investment firm and caters to clients in the Austin, Texas area. Perhaps you already know about Richard and his prominent investment firm.

Richard will take the time to evaluate your financial needs and he can help you in making the right decisions for your financial issues. He helps his clients to plan for their goals, such as retirement planning and education expenses.

When you discuss your needs with Richard Dwayne Blair, he will encourage you to ask questions and present any issues you may have about financial planning and investing. He will also outline the services you will need and applicable fees. It is always a good idea to have everything in writing and Richard Dwayne Blair ensures that his clients understand what they are getting.

Anyone who wants to enlist the services of an experienced and reputable investment firm or professional should get in touch with Richard Dwayne Blair. He recommends investment opportunities to clients and works with them to ensure their success.


Motivational Speaker Vijay Eswaran Proposes that Adversity can be Overcome by Eliminating Expectation

Motivational speaker and author Vijay Eswaran proposes that adversity can be overcome by eliminating expectation. Vijay Eswaran is a generous philanthropist, successful entrepreneur, economist, and founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies. The QI Group of Companies has various interests in real estate, hospitality, education, retail and direct selling in over 30 countries around the world.

Vijay Eswaran is also the author of the best-selling book titled ‘In the Sphere of Silence’. He has established himself as a renowned mentor, leader, educator, and businessman with the keen and insight into people succeeding in leadership and business. Vijay Eswaran proposes that adversity can be overcome by eliminating expectations of results that could potentially happen in any adverse situation. By eliminating expectations you stay focused on the task required to actually overcome the adverse situation.

With an understanding that the adversity is only a temporary obstacle in your life or business, you can prepare to survive throughout the process of overcoming the situation. With a determined approach of never giving up or giving in to the pressures of the adverse situation one can establish himself as an overcomer and grow, expand and eventually reach the conclusion of the adverse situation. By eliminating expectation, a reduction in frustration, anger, and fear of negative results occurs that could come from the adverse experience.

By focusing on the things that you can control and eliminating the perspective that things can go either good or bad you can concentrate on the day-to-day opportunities that lead to overcoming the adversity. Through perseverance and a willingness to keep your head down and press forward in spite of what the outcome could be a person can make the transition through any adverse situation with less stress. As a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Vijay Eswaran propose that adversity can be overcome with the willingness to eliminate expectations and persevere.

The Innovational Malcolm CasSelle.

Currency is a system of money that is used in a specific country. The most common type of currency used world is physical currency. The physical currency is designed with specific features, they include being durable, portable divisible, and acceptable to the people that are meant to use it. A currency enables the store of value and facilitates deferred payments and hence promotes the growth of businesses. The advancement in technology has enabled the use of virtual currency, this means that commercial transactions have been made easier, more convenient, and secure than with the use of physical currency.

Malcolm CasSelle heads a company that is highly involved with virtual currency. OPSkins is a world-renowned dealer in virtual currency which has been embraced by high profile individuals around the world. The company is innovative, which can be seen through their coming up with a platform that would ensure that the transactions are more secure. The platform would also ensure that individuals earn more from their transactions as they would avoid middlemen.

Apart from business success, he has also excelled in his education. He studied at various recognized institutions where he obtained skills in computer science. The knowledge has helped him to build and manage multi-million ventures with an impressive track record. Many young people around the world should emulate Malcolm CasSelle by using their acquired skills to start and operate businesses. If the young people can use their skills, they can lower the dependence on formal employment and also contribute to the growth of the economy as they would also create job opportunities for others.

His unique working and leadership skills have been recognized by various individuals around the world who had an opportunity to work with him in various capacities. He started his career at middle-level positions and later rose up the ranks to become part of the executive. The young people should emulate him by taking up opportunities and being patient to acquire good results in their work.

Adam Milstein Cares About More Than Just Himself

Adam Milstein grew up in Israel. He loved being around family and friends, and he enjoyed all the annual festivals. However, his mind is still plagued by attacks on Israel from radical Muslim groups right before his eyes. This gave Adam the fuel he needed to join the Israeli army. He fought in two wars before moving to the United States with his wife.

Adam went on to receive a business degree from USC, and he was able to open up several different businesses. Throughout all his success, Adam Milstein never forgot Israel. He is currently on the Jewish News Syndicate board, and he studies and writes news about Israel and distributes that news to both Israel and the United States via the Jewish News Syndicate.

In his most recent article, Adam Milstein discussed the terror Israel is facing from Muslims in the middle east. Adam opened a lot of eyes with his article, especially the eyes of people in America. He described how, for a long time, people believed only radical Muslims were against the Jews. He displayed evidence on how all Muslims want to get rid of Jews. This goes for both radical and non-radical Muslims.

Adam Milstein ended his article by discussing the racial pressure Jews feel in the United States. Though many groups fight for freedom of religion, this is seldom done by Jewish people. However, Adam Milstein believes Jewish people should start speaking up regarding freedom of religion. Adam gave concise dates of when Jewish people came to him personally complaining about how they were being mistreated due to them being Jewish. Some of these individuals were told to remove the Star of David, and others were told not to observe any Hanukkah practices in public. This is the first time Adam realized Jewish people were being oppressed in America. Adam plans to do more to help the voice of Jewish people be heard in America.

Jeremy Goldenstein on Fair Payment Incentives in Business

The corporate environment is one of the most widely discussed topics especially when it comes to economic sustainability in the corporate place. The discussion has been prompted by the lack of a sustainable economic environment in most companies of all proportions.



People in business such as the lawyer Mr. Jeremy Goldstein speaks on the matter and offers some solutions for companies to implement. As a lawyer and a business owner, Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has had to deal with the same issue. He suggests the introduction of a payment program that is based on performance which is in turn measure according to a scale in order to ensure the fairest assessment of every employee’s work. The Pay Per Share program is one of the most accurate payment programs out there. It allows both the employee and the employer to judge performance and productivity over time as well as to know precisely how ch needs to be done to reach the next payment tier.



Having such a payment program enables a sense of transparency at the corporate workplace. That is something that most companies lack but need to obtain as the sector of business and the people involved in it become more critical and vigilant about irregularities. Business cannot be a grey area for those working in it and so there has been a high demand for changes in the corporate environment.



Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has been working in business and law for decades. He is one of the businessmen who established the Jeremy Associates LLC. The company is a boutique law firm that serves executives, large teams, and other people with high ranks in the business sector.



After he graduated from the Pingry School, Mr. Jeremy Goldstein started attending the Cornell Universty from 1991to 1995 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Art History. He then achieved a Master’s degree in the field from the Universty of Chicago in 1996. In the next three years, Mr. Jeremy Goldstein studied Law at the New York Universty School of Law and achieved his Juris Doctor.



His career started at the Shearman and Sterling where he worked as an Associate and then Mr. Jeremy Goldstein became a Partner at the Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz where he worked for 14 years.



The next stage in his career came n June 2014 when Mr. Jeremy Goldstein started up a law boutique firm together with a few associates of his. The company has been active for a bit over three years, but it has already become one of the most popular in New York City. Mr. Jeremy Goldstein is working towards growing the business and currently serves high-profile clients in a variety of industries. Learn more:


The RealReal Pop-Up Storefront Success

The RealReal is a consignment-based luxury item resale shop that started their business approximately seven years ago through ecommerce sales mainly in apparel and later branching out to fine jewelry, watches and accessories. They began opening pop-up boutiques over the past year to increase awareness to the items they offer and to gain market share.

A pop-up is a temporary store that helps bring awareness to The RealReal products and garner new online business in the future. The RealReal opened a pop-up in New York City in 2016 that garnered $2 million in sales. The great success of the New York City pop-up has prompted the seller to try pop-ups in other markets throughout 2018. Allison Sommer, the company’s Director of Marketing, told Glossy in February 2018 the average in-store order is six times an online order.

A pop-up helps the retailer focus on markets where their brand is not recognized as well as in other markets. Clients often become loyal online shoppers after visiting a store and seeing the quality and value of products offered. Having repeat online shoppers makes the cost of opening a pop-up worth the money and effort. The RealReal saw a 500 percent increase over the previous year in online buyers from the San Francisco area after opening a pop-up there for two months.

The RealReal pop-ups target shoppers with cafes and flower shops in some stores and employing specialists such as gemologists and “authentication” specialists for shoppers and consignors. They strive to hire people with backgrounds at high-end retailers rather than former store personnel who are only there for the commission. The pop-ups also draw in more consignors who can stop in to get price quotes or drop off items to be sold.

Given the success of their pop-up stores over the past year and a half, The RealReal is geared up to make 2018 a prime year for establishing pop-ups in various regions. They recognize having an in-store presence helps to not just gain more buyers but to gain more consignors and therefore ease the burden on landfills.

Read more about The RealReal:

The Leadership of InnovaCare Health with Rick Shinto

It is factual that good leadership is essential in achieving success in business. All that an organization ventures in today depends on its leadership especially, in evaluating the direction that it will take. A prominent business expert called Warren Bennis is of the opinion that a business with little capital can borrow money to improve its output, but one with poor leadership is at a risk of dwindling. That is why InnovaCare Health introduced new leaders to the organization.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a medical organization that provides healthcare services in Puerto Rico. The membership of the company is based on health insurance. So far, the client base totals to over 200,000 individuals. These people are catered to by over 6,000 service providers. From these figures, it is evident that InnovaCare Health is trusted to provide high-quality, healthcare services.

Rick Shinto’s Contribution to InnovaCare Health

What makes InnovaCare Health a preferred healthcare provider? Well, it is the company’s leadership. InnovaCare Health values the input of qualified leaders to manage the organization. The first leader in command is Rick Shinto. He is the managing director of the organization. With two decades experience in leadership, he is overqualified to serve clients. Rick motivates his team by initiating strong organization infrastructure. Before he joined InnovaCare Health, Shinto worked at Aveta as the chief principal officer. Shinto also served as the chief executive officer. Before joining Aveta, Shinto worked at He was the lead executive. He then joined Medical Pathways as the manager before joining Medpartners and Cal Optima as the head cheerleader. In all capacities, Rick Shinto provided his best. He streamlined the organization’s infrastructure. Visit to see more.

Penelope’s Contribution

Next in command is Penelope Kokkinides. She is the serving chief operating officer of InnovaCare Health. Penelope has two decades experience in the management of healthcare. She majored in Medicare as well as Medicaid, two major, government programs. Penelope’s role at InnovaCare is attributed to her past experiences. She worked at Centrelight as the assistant president. She then joined TouchStone Health as the chief operating officer. Penelope was visionary. She extended her services to AmeriChoice, where she served as the manager. She provided strategic direction to the organization. Currently, she is committed to improving people’s health through modern and advanced healthcare systems.

Leadership calls for influence and the ability to impact on a team. InnovaCare Health prospers because of good leaders and proper management. The future of the organization’s clients is safe in the leader’s hands.

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