Securus Technologies Introducing New Products for Inmate Welfare

Securus Technologies Inc. is a North American prison technology company based in Dallas, Texas and ranks among the leading providers of tech for criminal and civil justice. The company’s services are used by many prisons and other correction agencies found in the United States of America as well as Canada. The company was founded in 1986 and is currently being lead by its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Richard “Rick” A. Smith.


Securus Technologies Inc. is a leader in the efforts to improve inmate welfare. The company is at the forefront of the many projects that have been going on over the past five years to make the incarcerated experience better for the inmates and more efficient in terms of reintroducing them to society. Securus Technologies Inc. firmly believes that being in prison should lead to positive results and that in the time we live in, prisons are not entirely up-to-date with that fact. In order to change that, Securus Technologies Inc. has been hard at work for the past five to six years.


The business started with providing families and friends with a more convenient way to reach and communicate with their incarcerated loved ones. Communication is extremely important for keeping the inmates feeling integrated to some extent instead of alienated and forgotten as has been the case years ago. Now, there are ways to communicate without driving up to the prison. Instead, people can also use video visitation services to stay in touch more.


Another focus for Securus Technologies Inc. is the education aspect of the incarcerated experience. The corporation strongly believes that inmates have to receive an education of high quality during their sentence and to be encouraged to develop interests in science and arts. The company thinks there need to be programs that will promote inmates to establish new skills and take up hobbies.


Over the year, Securus Technologies Inc. has been partnering with a wide number of corporations to improve inmate welfare. Among those companies is the popular global business of JPay, Inc. The firm provides digitized payment services among others. Securus Technologies Inc.acquired the worldwide corporation of 2015. Putting their heads together, the companies released a new product on the market. It is a digital platform that allows inmates to make digitized payments, communicate with loved ones, and receive access to entertainment and education tools all in one place.


One of the latest products that Securus Technologies Inc. came up is a wireless containment system. It disables inmates from connecting to the wireless connection using contraband cell phones. The occurrence has been happening often in the United States, logging onto social networks. The situation has been handled with the product by Securus Technologies Inc.


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