Wake Up Early to Improve Wellness and How Jeffry Schneider Benefits From It

Jeffry Schneider is the founder and CEO of a growing firm. Under his leadership, the firm has grown to employing over 55 people and services a variety of companies.

Wellness is something that many of us strive for. It can help bring a sense of peace and productivity that can help in every area of life. That being said, people often only have a foggy sense of what wellness is, and have an only slightly clearer sense of how to get there. What if there was a concrete action that could help improve your sense of wellness and make you more productive? The answer to this question is yes, there is a way: wake up earlier. While the answer is simple, it can be challenging to implement. So, how does waking up earlier help with your sense of wellness, you might ask?

Sense of Accomplishment: This is one of the most rewarding elements of waking up early. Simply exerting your willpower to rise and get moving earlier then you would normally bring a sense of accomplishment. It is a great way to feel empowered throughout the day.

Head Start: There is something special about the feeling of knowing that you were working and active while others are sleeping. It ties in with the sense of accomplishment and empowerment mentioned above. Knowing that you are already up and going before your competition is even awake gives you a sense of a competitive edge and a greater drive to succeed. Because of this head start, you have more time in the day as well. You can use this time to either fit in more work, or to exercise; the choice is yours. Simply having that time, however, can be a great asset.

Less Interruptions: Often when we work, especially at an office, we are constantly being interrupted, whether from inter-office calls, or emails and memos that are being circulated through the company. These distractions can seriously detract from the work you are trying to accomplish. The early morning hours, however, are typically free from these types of distractions, as everyone is still sleeping. Being able to do something without interruption, whether it is morning exercise or work on a project, can enable you to accomplish more, which in turn can lead to an improved sense of wellness.

Overall, waking up early has many benefits that directly relate to your sense of wellness. That being said, make sure you are getting sufficient rest. If you are waking up earlier, you should be getting to bed earlier as well. Shoot for around 8 or so hours of sleep a night. Getting up early and staying up late may work for a short while, but eventually it can lead to chronic sleep deprivation, which is something you should definitely avoid.

Jeffry Schneider reaps the many benefits of waking up early. He feels that he is at his best when he is waking up early, even before the alarm, and exercising. Morning exercise is an important habit for Jeffry Schneider, and he tries to implement it as often as he can, regardless of which city a business trip may have him in. He uses a variety of forms of exercise, such as running, biking and swimming. Finishing his workout before most people are even awake gives Jeffry Schneider the confidence to take on anything that may come his way throughout the day.

Changing the Face of Cancer Treatment with Eric Lefkofsky

Tempus recently entered into a new deal with Precision HealthAL and CancerLinQ to help structure the huge amounts of data that CancerLinQ has currently. This technology company, Tempus, puts their focus on personalized cancer treatment by using big data to get the job done. The CancerLinQ database has been in the development stage since the establishment of CancerLinQ LLC, and it holds reports that consist of at least one million records of various patients. The CancerLinQ LLC is a non-profit entity and subsidiary of ASCO, which Dr. Clifford Hudis has mentioned is a practical arrangement similar to both Precision HealthAl and Tempus, giving them the opportunity to analyze the information in the database as a faster pace and more effective than an in-house operation.

Eric Lefkofsky, the CEO of Tempus, has given a brief overview of a certain deal that CancerLinQ was formed by ASCO to amass larger parts of patient data directly from providers. CancerLinQ was successful when gathering this data, but now the question sits wondering what should be done with the records gathered. With this challenge in mind, CancerLinQ began to seek assistance from various organizations to both analyze and structure the data. This is where Tempus and Precision HealthAL both come into play. There are major benefits coming from the structure of a larger database like CancerLinQ’s, according to Lefkosfky’s words. It could even aid biotech companies in development and drug research by using the data to help create clinical trials that are more effective. This is how Tempus intends to deliver value to the world.

Both Precision HealthAl and Tempus were chosen once CancerLinQ had concluded more commercialized data for more effective analyzation. Lefkosky notes how both companies will work together because they are complementing of one another. The CEO of Precision HealthAl notes that they will use their platform to deliver larger data amounts, while Tempus intends to focus on building their data by combining both molecular and clinical data. Tempus believes that both sets of data are important to creating personalized cancer care for patients.

Tempus was founded in 2015 by Eric Lefkoskfy. Though he never intended to enter the industry of healthcare, he found motivation in the diagnosis of cancer in someone very close to him. His experience was his motivation to create better technology and data sets within clinical practice since there seemed to be a lack of it everywhere.

As a career entrepreneur, Eric Lefkofsky has spent much of his professional life working in various industries through the power of data. He has used his experience to create various other companies like Uptake, Innerworkings, and Echo Global Logistics, and he helps co-found Groupon, a global company. His largest venture to date is the creation of Tempus, in which he hopes to help change the way cancer treatment is done on a daily basis. His own personal, life experience has given him that push to keep reaching for his dreams as well.

Lefkofsky earned both of his degrees, undergraduate and graduate, from the University of Michigan, located in the state where he was born and raised. He moved to Chicago after graduating, where he has become a huge part of his community both in the business and personal world for various reasons. Through his Lefkofsky Family Foundation and the help of his loving wife, he has helped various arts companies like the Art Institute, Museum of Science and Industry, and even Steppenwolf Theater Company, which are passions of his. Eric Lefkofsky is an extremely accomplished man, and he continues to work toward his goal of helping change the shape of cancer treatment for good.


Securus Technologies Introducing New Products for Inmate Welfare

Securus Technologies Inc. is a North American prison technology company based in Dallas, Texas and ranks among the leading providers of tech for criminal and civil justice. The company’s services are used by many prisons and other correction agencies found in the United States of America as well as Canada. The company was founded in 1986 and is currently being lead by its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Richard “Rick” A. Smith.


Securus Technologies Inc. is a leader in the efforts to improve inmate welfare. The company is at the forefront of the many projects that have been going on over the past five years to make the incarcerated experience better for the inmates and more efficient in terms of reintroducing them to society. Securus Technologies Inc. firmly believes that being in prison should lead to positive results and that in the time we live in, prisons are not entirely up-to-date with that fact. In order to change that, Securus Technologies Inc. has been hard at work for the past five to six years.


The business started with providing families and friends with a more convenient way to reach and communicate with their incarcerated loved ones. Communication is extremely important for keeping the inmates feeling integrated to some extent instead of alienated and forgotten as has been the case years ago. Now, there are ways to communicate without driving up to the prison. Instead, people can also use video visitation services to stay in touch more.


Another focus for Securus Technologies Inc. is the education aspect of the incarcerated experience. The corporation strongly believes that inmates have to receive an education of high quality during their sentence and to be encouraged to develop interests in science and arts. The company thinks there need to be programs that will promote inmates to establish new skills and take up hobbies.


Over the year, Securus Technologies Inc. has been partnering with a wide number of corporations to improve inmate welfare. Among those companies is the popular global business of JPay, Inc. The firm provides digitized payment services among others. Securus Technologies Inc.acquired the worldwide corporation of 2015. Putting their heads together, the companies released a new product on the market. It is a digital platform that allows inmates to make digitized payments, communicate with loved ones, and receive access to entertainment and education tools all in one place.


One of the latest products that Securus Technologies Inc. came up is a wireless containment system. It disables inmates from connecting to the wireless connection using contraband cell phones. The occurrence has been happening often in the United States, logging onto social networks. The situation has been handled with the product by Securus Technologies Inc.


Trabuco – Ancient War Machine

The Trabuco, which was an ancient war machine, was an attack weapon that was used during the Middle Ages. Armies used the machine for attack upon enemy territory. In essence, it was machine fashioned after a giant sling shot or catapult. It could force shots of up to 100 plus pounds at heavy speeds towards the enemy target. Ammo could bust through walls or fortress to penetrate enemy lines.

The Trabuco was designed to be an amped up, improved version of a launcher. The goal was to provide a better weight distribution to destroy the intended target. The design is simple in that a long piece of wood is placed on a lever. The lever is attached to a manual motor and tied to the sling which provides stabilization. To provide extra tension the person launching can pull the threated that are attached to the weight according to merriam-webster.com.

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Prior to the invention of guns and the use of gun powder the Trabuco was the go to weapon of choice. During the Middle Ages looting was prevalent as well as rape and destruction in general. People chose to protect themselves by building walls around entire cities. The only way to penetrate these cities was to use brute force. The Trabuco was able to use force to shoot heavy weight into invading territory. It was heavily used during the Christian Crusades to gain access into enemy territory and penetrate barriers. During the Crusades the Trabuco saw several updates. Europeans were able to better calculate the exertion required to gain more precise results. The machine was also used as an early form of germ warfare. According to redetrabuco.com.br, dead bodies were attached to the sling and tossed over walls in the hopes of contaminating enemy territory. With the advent of the gun in the thirteenth century the Trabuco feel by the wayside and eventually was eliminated as a weapon of choice.

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Boraie Development Starts a new Project in Atlantic City

Boraie Development has become a household in the United States. The real estate firm has been in this market for several decades, and it has transformed the kind of buildings found in the nation, especially in New Jersey. The real estate sector has proven to be very complicated. The modern consumer is only interested in high-quality designs. Sometimes, the price of the buildings has to be considered, making things worse for the people who have ventured into this area. For Boraie Development, things have been tough, but the founders of the company have done their best to make it the leader in the region.The projects completed by this company have won the hearts of many clients in all areas of the country. Boraie Development focuses on management and construction of modern properties.

Since it was founded, the Boraie Development has managed to rebuild New Brunswick area and make it one of the most beautiful city in the state. The company associates have the knowledge and expertise to construct some of the best designs in the region. The financial and building officials know how to plan for a successful project before they can finally start the construction process. The founder of the company is Sam Boraie. The veteran businessman understands the challenges and successes of the industry, and he has done his best to ensure that consumers get the kind of houses they are looking for.

According to NY Times, this year, Boraie Development has announced its plans to build a new residential building. According to the vice president of the organization, the new residential complex will have more than two hundred and fifty units. Boraie says that his firm chose to build the complex after realizing that the customers in the area are young people who were looking for modern and high-quality housing. These current consumers are not interested in the old and traditional residential buildings that have been in the town for the last decades.

The new apartment complex will have more than just residential units. According to the management of Boraie Development, people who will live in the apartment will have access to modern amenities such as swimming pool, a well-equipped gym and a children playground to make sure that young children living in the area have the best they can get. The new project marks a new beginning to the communities in Atlantic City. Boraie Development looks forward to completing more projects in the future.

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