Women and Leadership: Susan McGalla’s Path to Success

Susan McGalla knows what it means to be treated as an equal. Sister to two brothers and a father who coached football, she was raised to be strong and was not at all given special treatment for being a girl. Having a family and home life that believed in her capability to be successful and to be their equal set her up for a successful career holding multiple different types of high-level positions.

With her experience being surrounded by men, it’s no surprise she knew how to function in an executive world that is heavily male dominated. Starting in companies such as American Eagle Outfitters, she founded multiple different marketing and rebranding initiatives that solidified her place as a valuable executive. However, even though McGalla found her path towards success, she knew that not all women would be handed this same sort of opportunity, and that even the most hard-working women might not ever get the chance to be recognized like she was. So McGalla, with here experience as her sword, made her way as an advocate for successful business women leadership.

McGalla has created sponsorship programs in which high-level executives sponsor creative, hard-working women who are looking to better their careers. Within this program, one of the traits she advocates the most within people is confidence. Her strongest piece of advice to all women seeking a serious mobility in their career is that all of their presentations or ideas are given with confidence, regardless of the gender they are presenting to. Confidence and passion during a presentation will force people to listen, regardless of the gender of the presenter. She also suggests that women don’t ever carry a chip on their shoulder about the discrimination that they may face. Keeping your chin up and taking advantage of opportunities that come your way is the best way to ensure your success parallels that of Susan McGalla.

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