Michel Terpins- A great contributor to motorsports in Brazil

Brazil is a host to numerous sports in the world today. Although many people may just know the country for football sport only, other sports have been taking place the country. Rally Car driving is one of the “unsung heroes” of the county. Many competitions take place in the country. Rally driving is not simple, and only skilled drivers are able to participate in the competitions. It is an exciting yet a dangerous sport for any driver who does not have the skills to control a car that is moving at a very high speed. Anyone who has been to a rally competition knows that the skills of the driver matter a lot.

The terrain of the games is not the best that a driver would wish for. A driver has to contend with the fact that he or she must face a very difficult terrain. High speed and a difficult terrain are the measures of the best driver.

Brazil will in 2017 e hosting the longest rally competition. Participants of the 25th Sertoes really will be battling out in a 3300 km competition. This is a rally competition that will take place in various cities across the country.

Michel Terpins is one of the skilled drivers who will be participating this competition. He has been to earlier editions of the competition and showed that he is in did one of the best drivers in Brazil. Michel Terpins had won the 24 edition of the competition. He hopes that the current competition will be huge and that he will be able to perform very well.

Michel; Terpins have been in this sport for more than 10 years. He first joined rally driving in 2002, then driving motorcycles. He joined the car category in 2004. His brother Rodrigo was also in the car driving category. Together they have managed to contribute immensely to the sport.

Michel Terpins hopes that many people will join the sport and hopeful one day it will grow to be the biggest sport in the country. Michel Terpins drives a car known as T-Rex. It has a modified V8 engine that can be fed with ethanol to make its performance better.

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