Bernardo Chua: A Multi-Level Marketing Industry Legend

In the multilevel marketing industry, Bernardo Chua is a legendary figure. When he joined Gano Excel and began working as marketing executive helping to sell their ganoderma-infused products, he was new to the industry. What he did have was a burning desire to teach people worldwide about the benefits of using the ganoderma lucidum.

Born in the Philippines, Chua’s Chinese grandparents taught him about the mushroom’s many powerful uses. When he became involved with Gano Excel, the company was just beginning to make inroads into the market in the Philippines. Within 3 years, Chua had expanded the company’s customer base to include Hong Kong and Canada. Read more: Bernardo Chua Recommends Grapeseed Oil As The Next Big Healthy Supplement

After seeing the success he enjoyed in Asia and recognizing the interest in the products and the potential for growth in the West, Bernardo T. Chua moved to the U.S.. He set up his base of operations in California and soon had a growing number of customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

He was soon named president of Gano Excel’s American division and set about establishing an extensive marketing network. Through that network he educated people in the West about the power of the ganoderma mushroom used in the Gano Excel products including their instant coffee, tea, capsules and other food products.

In 2008, Bernardo Chua decided to leave the company and found his own company, Organo Gold. It also had a subsidiary called Coffee Connoisseur. Through Organo Gold he marketed a wide array of healthy ganoderma infused bioactive coffee, tea and other food products.

Chua sold his products using the multi-level marketing and distribution network he had previously established. His vision for Organo Gold was to give his marketing team the products at wholesale prices and let them offer them to consumers at retail prices.

Chua’s plan was wildly successful. His marketing network expanded to over a million people. He also began working with farmers to ensure he got the best ganoderma mushrooms at the lowest price.

Chua redoubled his commitment to teaching people all the ways ganoderma mushrooms could help. In 2015, Bernardo Chua chose Organo as his growing company’s new name.

Women and Leadership: Susan McGalla’s Path to Success

Susan McGalla knows what it means to be treated as an equal. Sister to two brothers and a father who coached football, she was raised to be strong and was not at all given special treatment for being a girl. Having a family and home life that believed in her capability to be successful and to be their equal set her up for a successful career holding multiple different types of high-level positions.

With her experience being surrounded by men, it’s no surprise she knew how to function in an executive world that is heavily male dominated. Starting in companies such as American Eagle Outfitters, she founded multiple different marketing and rebranding initiatives that solidified her place as a valuable executive. However, even though McGalla found her path towards success, she knew that not all women would be handed this same sort of opportunity, and that even the most hard-working women might not ever get the chance to be recognized like she was. So McGalla, with here experience as her sword, made her way as an advocate for successful business women leadership.

McGalla has created sponsorship programs in which high-level executives sponsor creative, hard-working women who are looking to better their careers. Within this program, one of the traits she advocates the most within people is confidence. Her strongest piece of advice to all women seeking a serious mobility in their career is that all of their presentations or ideas are given with confidence, regardless of the gender they are presenting to. Confidence and passion during a presentation will force people to listen, regardless of the gender of the presenter. She also suggests that women don’t ever carry a chip on their shoulder about the discrimination that they may face. Keeping your chin up and taking advantage of opportunities that come your way is the best way to ensure your success parallels that of Susan McGalla.

Classdojo’s Success In The Educational Sphere

ClassDojo began operating in 2011 as a tech business focused on developing applications. The founders revealed that the main motivation of setting up the firm was to contribute towards the great works of pre-existing organizations developing software to address issues in education. Since their establishment, they have risen to compete against giants such as Kickboward, Nearpod, Remind and FreshGrade. ClassDojo currently serves 85,000 schools within the United States in both the private and public sectors.

The most recent accomplishment by ClassDojo is the campaign to raise $21 million in a bid to improve communication between teachers and parents. The amount went into developing, launching and distributing the app. The founders of ClassDojo, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhry, stated that since 2015, the firm has maintained a firm focus to grow their team and expand their products. Chaudhry explained that the lastest app is set to help parents have improved conversations with teachers and students while at home. This real time communication is an efficient strategy to have an active engagement with the educational development at school.

ClassDojo is applicable when teachers want to schedule meetings with parents without setting up a physical meeting. The app supports sharing of videos and photos to offer an accurate progression picture of students. The biggest triumph of the app is that parents have an easy time following up on the development of their kids both socially, mentally and emotionally. As a result, the app is in use in 90 percent of all schools in the US.

Sam Chaudhry attributed the success of the app to the close collaboration between his firm’s tech team and educators. In most cases, educational apps aim to gamify school lessons to make fun the learning experience. Studies however indicate that most teachers can achieve the same result without third party contributions. ClassDojo’s developers sough to perk the app by understanding the intricate needs of teachers, students and parents.

After the launch of the app, EdiTech farther supported its execution by running programs that could afford iPads to schools. The success of this particular EdiTech project has attracted entrepreneurs and government players to invest in the app, especially with the predicted reduction of the 2018 educational budget.

Security In The Cloud, Onelogin

Security in the cloud is still a worry for many. Luckily security for storing information and data in the cloud is ever evolving and ever improving. Onelogin is a leader in innovation in cloud storage solutions. They offer a variety of solutions to security worries.

Onelogin is a company trusted by its thousands of users. The company offers a more sufficient and secure operation in the cloud. They are working closely with their users to make sure they adhere to stricter policies and follow simple guidelines to help keep security at its highest performance possibilities.

Companies had struggled with their employees bringing their own “unauthorized” hardware into the office to troubleshoot or simplify operations. These caused a risk to security. This causes a need for more restrictions and sanctions to be put on software and hardware security. The real solution is to put restrictions on the user.

Onelogin has recognized the need for restricting users. They are pushing the importance of employers managing their employees access to new features while keeping IT involved. This helps the companies along with their IT departments manage employee user access to programs that may be sensitive.

Different departments and employee types will need different access to different programs and data. By creating systems of different access points by setting up permissions on a per-system rather than a per employee basis. This gives employees more access to keeping systems secure as opposed to leaving it all the responsibility of the IT department.

The cloud is still evolving and many companies are still transitioning into the use of a cloud storage system. While making that transaction companies can keep security at the forefront by starting identity-based strategy. Onelogin can help companies develop and implement such security programs while helping their clients transition to using the cloud and its capabilities.

Why George Soros is Getting Flack from Conservatives

For years, people have been making philanthropists feel bad about what they are doing. Now, though, they are actually demonizing philanthropists for their work. They are pushing away the idea that people are created to help others and making organizations like the Open Society Foundation look like they are doing things bad just because they are taking the help that someone like George Soros is providing. Conservatives don’t want to see philanthropists help others because they are threatened when people get ahead in life even if they started with rough beginnings like many of the liberal-minded people do in their lives.

For conservatives, philanthropy is not good because it is not something people can actually take advantage of if they are trying to use illegal or immoral tactics. In fact, they make philanthropy look bad by using the same methods they are actually accusing it of doing. Philanthropy is good for everyone, but the conservatives don’t realize that. They just want to make sure they are getting more from the business side of things and so they can make more money based on the things they have to offer people who are in different situations.

The philanthropists are under fire because conservatives don’t like to see people being helped. People like George Soros, who has donated billions of dollars to other foundations, are getting put down because they do this. The conservative party doesn’t want philanthropists to keep helping people so they put ones like George Soros down and make him look bad just because he wants to be able to help other people. He doesn’t even do anything wrong, but the conservatives are making it seem that way because of his dedication to other people.

The Open Society Foundation published information about the over 18 million dollars George Soros donated. He did not have to do that, but he wanted to help the foundation. He saw a lot of value in it and was comfortable with using his own money to help people out. He tried to always show others he was doing the right thing and that’s what gave him the motivation that would come from helping others. There have been many times when George Soros is giving people an opportunity they would not have had without the help he was giving them. It was what made him feel more comfortable about his own beginnings.

As long as people are helping other people, there is no way for the ones who want to take rights away to win. That’s why they want to get rid of philanthropists. Those who are helping other people should continue doing so to make a difference in the world. They should also try to make things better for people who have not had a chance at a better life in the past. There are many ways in which philanthropists like George Soros can get more from the industry and many ways in which they can actually show people what will make a difference in the future.


Michel Terpins- A great contributor to motorsports in Brazil

Brazil is a host to numerous sports in the world today. Although many people may just know the country for football sport only, other sports have been taking place the country. Rally Car driving is one of the “unsung heroes” of the county. Many competitions take place in the country. Rally driving is not simple, and only skilled drivers are able to participate in the competitions. It is an exciting yet a dangerous sport for any driver who does not have the skills to control a car that is moving at a very high speed. Anyone who has been to a rally competition knows that the skills of the driver matter a lot.

The terrain of the games is not the best that a driver would wish for. A driver has to contend with the fact that he or she must face a very difficult terrain. High speed and a difficult terrain are the measures of the best driver.

Brazil will in 2017 e hosting the longest rally competition. Participants of the 25th Sertoes really will be battling out in a 3300 km competition. This is a rally competition that will take place in various cities across the country.

Michel Terpins is one of the skilled drivers who will be participating this competition. He has been to earlier editions of the competition and showed that he is in did one of the best drivers in Brazil. Michel Terpins had won the 24 edition of the competition. He hopes that the current competition will be huge and that he will be able to perform very well.

Michel; Terpins have been in this sport for more than 10 years. He first joined rally driving in 2002, then driving motorcycles. He joined the car category in 2004. His brother Rodrigo was also in the car driving category. Together they have managed to contribute immensely to the sport.

Michel Terpins hopes that many people will join the sport and hopeful one day it will grow to be the biggest sport in the country. Michel Terpins drives a car known as T-Rex. It has a modified V8 engine that can be fed with ethanol to make its performance better.

TechStyle Fashion Group: The Leading Company in Fashion Show

Fashion, Technology, and e-commerce are booming. In the year 2016, the income from retail internet business was $72 billion. The amount is anticipated to increase to $116 by 2021.Heritage and startup design brands have attempted different approaches to catch the present computerized astute buyers, from embracing progressed CRM innovation to figure out how to advertise by means of online networking. One model that has been generally attempted is enrollment programs, which have met with differing degrees of achievement. There is one organization, a pioneer of membership programs, that has been stunningly fruitful, and it has developed as a giant in online retail deals. However few individuals have caught wind of it, and nobody knows about its part as a showcasing and innovation pioneer. The organization is TechStyle Fashion Group, drove by co-CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler.

JustFab, in 2010, came up with the first fashion membership of the retails industry program for footwear. Those who subscribed to monthly VIP got a 30% off the retailing price together with special access to particular products and promotions. The model fared well in the market, only in two years, six million members had interest in their site. In the first 3 months of 2012, JustFab made 2.5 million sales.

Adam Goldenberg and Donn Ressler, are the co-CEOs of the company. The two individuals are behind the success of the firm. The vision of the two CEO’s has seen the fashion business taking a new direction.

Goldenberg who is the co-founder of TechStlye began his career at an early age of 13. He started by a bulletin board that he later turned to a gaming website. When he was 17, Goldenberg sold the website to intermix. Though he was young, Goldenberg was given a position at the Intermix where he was later named as COO in two years. While at the Intermix, Golden saw the opportunity in the eCommerce space, it was at the same time he founded Intelligent Beauty. As the co-CEO of the tech style, Adam Goldenberg controls the data, marketing, and internal systems.

Don Ressler, the co-founder of the tech style alongside Adam, is well known for his pioneer in the online space and e-commerce business. Mr. Ressler has had good times in business that dates back when he sold his to Intermix in 1997. Before joining Intermix, Ressler was the CEO and the President of FitnessHeaven. Later, he went on to establish Intelligent beauty with Goldenberg, that later stimulated the formation of the TechStlye Fashion Group.

Logan Stouts Health Company Is Revolutionizing The Supplement Industry

It is believed that over 65% of women in the United States are either overweight or obese. Add that to the fact that 70% of men are overweight or obese and you see why we have a big problem.

For most people being overweight is nothing more than an appearance issue. The reality however is that having access weight on your body can lead to serious health issues that can make it difficult to do the everyday basics.

As you very well know, the health and wellness industry is a billion dollar industry. Everyday there seems to be a new product promising to be the magic solution to all of your weight loss problems.

Most of these products are nothing more than hype. People spend their hard earned money on them only to be left frustrated and disappointed.

IDLife Is Different

IDLife is a health and wellness product that has completely revolutionized the industry. The product is designed to provide nutritional supplements that are targeted to each customers individual needs.

IDLife was built on the idea that no two people are alike. We all have different genetics, different eating patterns and different health issues. Because of this it would not be a good idea to try to create a one size fits all type of product.

This approach is one of the many things that has allowed IDLife to stand out in the very crowded health and wellness industry.

Who Is Logan Stout?

Logan Stout is a serial entrepreneur who has started and grown several successful businesses over the course of is career.

Being that Stout is a former athlete, he knows first hand how important nutrition is to overall performance both on and off the field.

His latest venture, IDLife, is a direct reflection of Stout’s desire to help people get the nutrition they need to perform at optimal levels.

As millions of people continue to seek help for health related issues, IDLife is proving to be a breath of fresh air for those looking for options that are designed specifically for them.

By providing individuals with personalized nutrition options IDLife is leading the charge in what could very well be the dawning of a new era in the health and fitness industry.

When it boils down to it people want results. Logan Stout and IDLife are not only providing results, but they are helping people break through barriers so they can achieve their biggest goals.

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