Food Company OSI Group Adds European Companies to Its Portfolio

From Pizza Hut, to Starbucks, to Subway, to McDonald’s, people often don’t question where their delicious food comes from. And it may surprise most people to find out that most of the food giants out there, from restaurants to grocery stores, get their food products from the same company: OSI.

OSI Group has been around since 1909, when it was founded in the small city of Aurora, Illinois. Of course, since then, the company has grown immensely and now offers a range of food products and services by focusing on innovation and dynamic processes that move the whole industry forward.

OSI is used to being a leader in many ways. Firstly, they always win awards for their food safety. This is because of their state of the art production facilities that they are repeatedly equipping with new technologies like xray machines. These machines detect foreign objects on the production line so they can prevent harm from reaching customers before the food is every packaged. They employ these techniques and high standards in all of their 65 facilities across the globe in some 17 countries on 4 continents.

In addition to this, the CEO Sheldon Lavin said that their key to success lies in their ability to reach out and ask the customers what they want. For example, some markets may prefer something fresh or natural, even organic. Other times, the economics of certain markets means that they won’t value natural and more likely need something cheaper and filling. The company adapts their offerings and quality in different markets to ensure maximum profit and customer satisfaction. The key is balance the two.

And the company doesn’t just care about profits. They actively participate in the community and give back in various ways. For example, recently they have partnered with Ronald McDonald House and Feeding America to help hungry children have the nutrition and care that they need. This is something that is rare in today’s corporate world. For more info about us:,-IL-jobs.html click here.

Another way they are reaching out is actually by expanding. 500 workers at Tyson were going to lose their jobs when a factory was getting shut down. Instead, OSI bought it out for $7.4 million keeping those people employed. In addition, the company has expanded out of the U.S. with European companies Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. These companies will help them deliver unique products like pastries, doughs, poultry, veggies and more to over 17 countries in Europe.

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