Daniel Taub

The credentials presented by Daniel Taub when he met the Queen were long in the making. Born in England in 1962 he dedicated himself to his religion as an Orthodox Jew.

As one of the most capable ambassadors it was difficult to see him leave his British citizenship, However, he is excited to begin his life in the historic holy land of his people and raise his kids there.

Daniel Taub has dedicated his life to advancing Israel’s case with the UK and does so by appearing on shows such as Today and Newsnight. He is proud to be a part of fostering goodwill between the two nations which he achieves by making sure that the United Kingdom’s government understands where Israel is coming from and where its people stand.

Daniel Taub is aware of the turmoil in the region but he believes that there is a silver lining and that communication and cooperation among neighboring countries is a vital tool in resolving tensions.

It is also Daniel Taub’s assertion that a lot of the issues facing Isreal are similar to the concerns the UK has when looking at the region. Despite excellent relations between the countries, he believes that there is always room for improvement.

For example, he mentions the lack of support between the British Labour party and Israel’s labor party, he raises the point that they both support similar ideas on many key issues and likely could find similar ground. In a similar way, he hopes to build bridges with other regions and communities.

Taub does mention a slight decrease in antisemitism in some parts of Egypt and hopes that this trend continues and younger generations face less antisemitism going forward.

Although Daniel Taub’s primary goal is to aid in bettering Israel’s relations he also has had a successful career as a writer. Some major pieces stuck to his strengths, relating to Israel and the Middle East, while others allow for a little more creativity.

He wrote a book on humorous or political insights on the Torah and also created a successful Israeli drama called “HeChatzer”.

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