Why Greg Secker Thinks That the Forex Market is the Best Bet for Upcoming Traders

Trading is alien to many, and in most cases, upcoming traders find it a bit tricky to navigate and to succeed in the sector. However, Greg Secker believes that an upcoming trader can find the terrain much friendly by first going through a learning phase in forex. The founder of the Greg Secker Foundation argues that forex and equities markets have sharp similarities that surpass distinct differences. According to him, a trader can take advantage of the small initial investment needed in forex to grow his trade.

Understanding the Forex Market

Greg Secker advice that for anyone with inadequate knowledge, experience, or time to handle complex trading and charts, it is better that such a person first tries his luck in forex before moving on to equities. One key reason for this is because unlike in equities where traders must go through the trading charts, forex gives room for one to use the software as a tool to analyze the charts. The market is also fairly easy to access and to read, and that makes it ideal for inexperienced traders. Mr. Secker gives an example of the forex market in America and argues that with the deteriorating value of the dollar, a trader- no matter how inexperienced- can make a quick switch to the UK forex market. Secker, however, cautions that a trader could be risking too much by entering the forex market without a proper strategy. He points out that risk management skills come in handy for a to-be successful forex trader.

Forex indicators are many, and all works relatively well according to Greg Secker. The suitability of any indicator, however, varies from one trader to the other. They all can demystify complex charts and makes them easy to analyze and understand. Greg Secker avoids the question of which of the indicators works best arguing that the indicator that works best according to him may not be the best for another person.

About Greg

Greg Secker is a 42-years international entrepreneur and philanthropist. The founder of the Knowledge to Action Group, one of London’s biggest trading giants, has received nearly all prestigious trading awards. These include London Excellence Awards and the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Awards.

Some of Greg’s former employers include Mellon Financial Corporation and Thomas Cook Financial Services.

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