Now You Can Save Big Dollars on Your Air Conditioning Bill

With a few easy steps you can save big bucks on your air conditioning bill. In the hot days of summer it is no secret that air conditioners work at peak levels and bills can get very high.

Goettl Air Conditioning offers some great suggestions for homeowners so they can minimize the wear and tear on their air conditioning units and pocket some savings as well, shares AZ Central.

Step one is going to be walking outdoors to the outside unit and check for debris and plant growth up and around the unit. There should be nothing in the way of obstructions up to two feet around the unit. Don’t forget to take the cover off of the unit and with your garden hose, clean off the coil. There is a chance that it is full of debris like grass clippings, dirt and small pieces of debris.

Running your ceiling fans in the house helps to distribute the cooler air more evenly all over. This can help to keep your thermostat honest and it won’t want to be calling for more cooling. In some cases, thermostats are installed in warmer parts of a house and the settings can be off a little. If you don’t have ceiling fans use a floor or table fans.

The installation of a programmable thermostat can be real handy for predictable formats such as work time, shopping, visits. The thermostat can be set to raise the temperature a bit for those times and the money saved can be surprisingly efficient. Smarter thermostats can be purchased that can even sense when no one is at home so the process gets even easier.

Goettl Air Conditioning has a very good reputation as they were established in 1938 and there is a lot of history for the company and generations of customers. Their efforts are still maintained around good customer service and fair prices for their work. Read more on


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