Lime Crime Offers Brilliant New Scandal Line

Scandal is a new lipstick shade that is hosted under the very popular Lime Crime brand. They don’t have a problem standing on their own, and their making waves as a signature purple-violet hue. Thousands of girls and guys around the world rely on Scandal to enhance their look with a shade of frost. Thousands of customers have followed their Pinterest account to learn more about the Scandal line, and the release of other intricate colors. They have taken a solid approach to cosmetics and have responded with the same familiar brand their customers are use to. Experience bold color options that demand their customers take risk.

Take advantage of a seasonal list of colors that blend well with every occasion. The Lime Crime is uniquely based with super-foil and velvetine matte. Scandal also goes on moist and dries to perfection. Women love the most application that dries to perfection. LC cosmetics are famous for being waterproof, and eliminating the need for multiple applications. When you’re trying to impress a blind date; LC products has you covered. Give your current look an upgrade, or create a new look with LC or their sister company Scandal. Choose a color which will make you feel good about facing each day.

Take advantage of their LC shipping offers from their website. Get a detailed listing of ingredients, and colors along with different ethnic models for customers to know how a particular color will look on you. Scandal offers the same intricate bright colors you’re use to, but they plan to expand their line with different colors that will impress their wearers. Your friends will swear you pay a fortune for a makeup artist, but your best kept secret is LC cosmetics. Their shades are clinically proven to last up to 24 hours.

Mix and match Scandal through the advice of other users on YouTube. You can also accessorize their makeup with items from Doll Kills, their sister company at LC. Lime Crime creator, Doe Deere is adamant on empowering her wearers and giving them bold new cosmetic options; completely unmatched by their competitors.

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