Top Igor Cornelsen Tips for Investing in Brazil

Brazil happens to be an attractive place for investors despite its endless scandals. It has a huge market with over 200 million inhabitants. This is one of the things that make Brazil an ideal market for multinationals.

Because the stock prices are at the bottom of the cycle, and the attraction of the natural resources in Brazil, more people have considered investing in new businesses in this nation. It’s anticipated that this will be the turning point for the Brazilian economy. Although it sounds exciting to invest in Brazil at the moment, how should investors start? Igor Cornelsen has shared some pointers:

Get ready to adhere to regulations And Understand foreign-currency restrictions

  • Connecting with the natives – just like the other aspects of the Brazilian culture, finance and business is determined by relationships and networks. Igor believes that it’s not difficult to find the connections.
  • Get ready to adhere to regulations – Cornelsen recommends that potential investors be ready for the red tape when entering the market. Investors have to face regulatory complexity, market rigidity, pervasive bureaucracy, and high taxes are obstacles investors will face.
  • Understand foreign-currency restrictions – only authorized financial institutions are allowed to conduct foreign currency transactions.


Igor Cornelsen is a famous Brazilian investment expert and banker. He has always known the potential Brazil has to become a major player in the economics world. The tips he shared can be helpful to investors who are looking to penetrate the Brazilian market.

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