Now You Can Save Big Dollars on Your Air Conditioning Bill

With a few easy steps you can save big bucks on your air conditioning bill. In the hot days of summer it is no secret that air conditioners work at peak levels and bills can get very high.

Goettl Air Conditioning offers some great suggestions for homeowners so they can minimize the wear and tear on their air conditioning units and pocket some savings as well, shares AZ Central.

Step one is going to be walking outdoors to the outside unit and check for debris and plant growth up and around the unit. There should be nothing in the way of obstructions up to two feet around the unit. Don’t forget to take the cover off of the unit and with your garden hose, clean off the coil. There is a chance that it is full of debris like grass clippings, dirt and small pieces of debris.

Running your ceiling fans in the house helps to distribute the cooler air more evenly all over. This can help to keep your thermostat honest and it won’t want to be calling for more cooling. In some cases, thermostats are installed in warmer parts of a house and the settings can be off a little. If you don’t have ceiling fans use a floor or table fans.

The installation of a programmable thermostat can be real handy for predictable formats such as work time, shopping, visits. The thermostat can be set to raise the temperature a bit for those times and the money saved can be surprisingly efficient. Smarter thermostats can be purchased that can even sense when no one is at home so the process gets even easier.

Goettl Air Conditioning has a very good reputation as they were established in 1938 and there is a lot of history for the company and generations of customers. Their efforts are still maintained around good customer service and fair prices for their work. Read more on


Scandal from Lime Crime

Created by Doe Deere, who is the named CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics, the new lip product name Scandal is just that. It’s bright and loud and turns from liquid to matte. Added to the Velvetines line of cosmetics, it promises to be every bit as great as all of the other products in this line.

It’s Humane

All of Lime Crime’s products are cruelty-free, meaning they are never tested on animals. All of the products are amazing considering that fact. Not only does Scandal look great, but you can feel good wearing it.

It’s Vegan

By now you must be impressed considering just how great a find the lip stain is. Hold the hat though as there is more to amaze you. All of the products released by Lime Crime are 100 percent vegan as well. That’s two reasons, if not three by now, to feel good wearing it.

Some Tips

This is a liquid to matte lip stain, so there are a few rules to wearing it well. The first is that a fine layer of lip balm should be applied about fifteen minutes prior to using Scandal. That helps it set for the day.

Also be sure to use a lip brush for the application. That way you get the best coverage for that full stained look that the line is striving for. It is a stain, so it will last all day. You need to be careful to only apply it where you want to color.

Removal is easy. Just use some baby oil at the end of the night to remove the lip color and you are all set. It will revolutionize your make up look. No more running to the ladies room to apply lip color repeatedly.

The Look

This look is great for that punk look that many try to emulate today. it’s really all about looking bold and maintaining the look throughout anything. The line has a few color choices.

– Jinx

– Fetish

– Raven

All of the LimeCrime lip colors are vivid for longevity.

Lime Crime Offers Brilliant New Scandal Line

Scandal is a new lipstick shade that is hosted under the very popular Lime Crime brand. They don’t have a problem standing on their own, and their making waves as a signature purple-violet hue. Thousands of girls and guys around the world rely on Scandal to enhance their look with a shade of frost. Thousands of customers have followed their Pinterest account to learn more about the Scandal line, and the release of other intricate colors. They have taken a solid approach to cosmetics and have responded with the same familiar brand their customers are use to. Experience bold color options that demand their customers take risk.

Take advantage of a seasonal list of colors that blend well with every occasion. The Lime Crime is uniquely based with super-foil and velvetine matte. Scandal also goes on moist and dries to perfection. Women love the most application that dries to perfection. LC cosmetics are famous for being waterproof, and eliminating the need for multiple applications. When you’re trying to impress a blind date; LC products has you covered. Give your current look an upgrade, or create a new look with LC or their sister company Scandal. Choose a color which will make you feel good about facing each day.

Take advantage of their LC shipping offers from their website. Get a detailed listing of ingredients, and colors along with different ethnic models for customers to know how a particular color will look on you. Scandal offers the same intricate bright colors you’re use to, but they plan to expand their line with different colors that will impress their wearers. Your friends will swear you pay a fortune for a makeup artist, but your best kept secret is LC cosmetics. Their shades are clinically proven to last up to 24 hours.

Mix and match Scandal through the advice of other users on YouTube. You can also accessorize their makeup with items from Doll Kills, their sister company at LC. Lime Crime creator, Doe Deere is adamant on empowering her wearers and giving them bold new cosmetic options; completely unmatched by their competitors.

Highland Capital: Choosing An Experienced Investment Advisory Consultant

If you are in need of wealth building, money management or financial service, it is imperative to get in touch with a reliable firm. When it comes to selecting a good firm that offers investment or financial services, look no further than Highland Capital – one of the leading firms in the financial and investment services fields.

Highland Capital has a team of financial and investment advisory professionals. Its professionals are fully committed to rendering superior services to clients. Their clients come from a wide variety of industries and include entrepreneurs, establishments and organizations.

An investment adviser is a professional or a firm that gives advice about securities and financial planning to clients. An investment advisor has the expertise and resources to provide guidance on investment and money management matters.

Investment advisors and advisory firms are also experts in wealth management and can also render services related to retirement planning and saving money for the future. These professionals are well trained and many have years of experience in the industry.

Before you enlist the services of any financial professional or investment advisory firm, you should decide what services you need, and find out what services the professional or firm can provide, and what services you are paying for.

Highland Capital Management has been rendering top notch investment advisory services and wealth building guidance to clients for years and is well versed in all aspects of the industry. Highland Capital can evaluate your situation and make recommendations on what needs to be done to get you to where you want to be.

When you consult with Highland Capital and its professionals, they will take the time to develop the right strategy to help you succeed. The company is highly regarded due to its proven track record and dedication to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Some investment advisers provide financial planning services while others may decide to simply manage portfolios of securities. Whether you are a newbie in the industry, or you have an existing portfolio of investments, Highland Capital can help you reach your goals.

Enjoy The Beauty Of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime is a unique cosmetic brand with a variety of bold colors. Their brand insists their wearers be bold and find their identity. Get a completely waterproof brand that eliminates multiple applications while you’re trying to win over a blind date. LC products hold well when you’re eating, and drinking. Their designer, Doe Deere, was one of the first of her kind to experiment with the super-foil, velvetine matte base that has a moist application and dries to a complete perfection. LC introduces a popular brand with unheard of names like Mint Kisser and Purple Sorbet.

In fact, if you’re interested in learning more, wearers are invited to their YouTube channel for more details on their products. Get colors which dare their wearers to be completely unapologetically. Get the most out of your go-to makeup selection. Choose a new identity with other wearers who invite your to be inspired by their ideas or create new ones. LC has also branded a Scandal lipstick line with an amazing purple-violet hue. Their are over 2.4 million Instagram customers who say the Scandal brand stands on its own, but is a fine lipstick under the LC name.

Lime Crime products are chosen over their competitors 10 to 1. They provide great coverage under the harsh camera lights and have been a delight among high profile celebrities who want to always look their best in front of the camera. Wearers can also stand out in their selfies with bold colors that are unmatched by the competition. LC products are cruelty free and completely hypoallergenic. They have been clinically tested safe for all skin types. Get a new look or tailor your original look with the benefits of Line Crime products. Thousands of girls and guys around the world trust the Lime Crime name for quality cosmetics.


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Robert Ivy Contributions To The Success Of Architects

Robert Ivy is the Executive Vice President and the Chief Executive Officer of American Institute of Architects (AIA). The Washington based company has more than 90,000 members. American Institute of Architects is a professional organization for architects supporting their public image and profession.

Robert was made the CEO of the company in 2011. Robert attended the University of the South where he graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in English. Later, he joined Tulane University where he earned a Masters of Architecture.

After completing university, he began his career journey in 1996 at Architectural Record as the Editor in Chief. The career as an editor improved his knowledge. With his intellectual skills, the record was named the most widely read architectural journal.Under the leadership of Robert, the architectural record has received many awards like the premier magazine journalism award and the American society of magazine editors’ national magazine award. Moreover, the record has attained folio design awards, 26 Jesse H. Neal awards and the 2008 MPA digital award among others.

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Also, Robert worked as the Editorial Director and Vice President at McGraw-Hill Construction Media. McGraw Hill Media consisted of Architectural Record: sweets, HQ magazine and constructor among others. Ivy attained the McGraw-Hill award for management excellence in 1998.Robert was humbled and appreciated to be on the panel that chose Frank Gehry as the architect to design the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. Robert Ivy has received many personal awards such as in 2009 Ivy was granted the Crain award.

Mr. Ivy is a senior fellow of the design futures council. Due to his high-rated efficient on the value of design, Ivy was voted the master architect by Alpha Rho Chi which is the national architecture fraternity. In 2001, Ivy published his excellent standard biography, Fay Jones Architect, and currently, it is in its third edition.

Ivy is passionate about making AIA a strong association. He popularizes AIA through advocacy strategies, public outreach, and education initiatives. He encourages public awareness of AIA for the value of architects and their relevance. AIA has tremendously grown ever since Ivy stepped in and he is focused on scaling its heights.

Why Tony Petrello Runs Nabors, Inc. in a Positive Manner

For Tony Petrello, the idea behind the oil industry is something that he can use to help other people. He does not see it as a way for himself to make money or as a way for him to improve Petrello’s own profits. Instead, he focuses on the help that he can provide to other people and he feels that is enough to ensure he will be profiting. This has worked for him for years and he continues to be one of the highest-paid leaders of a company in the U.S. For Tony Petrello to have this honor is a big deal because he did not come from a background where people made huge amounts of money. His upbringing was humble and he was just a regular person before he figured out the right way to do things and how he could ensure he would be offering people best opportunity possible.

As things have changed in the oil industry, Tony Petrello has learned the right way to run his business. He knows he will be able to help other people out and he will be able to offer them all of the opportunities need to be successful. It is something that Tony Petrello has remained committed to and something he knows a lot about in the industry he has worked in. The oil industry has seen changes, but Tony Petrello has made sure that Nabors, Inc. can keep up with all of the changes and the different things that happen in company.

While Tony Petrello has done all of this to help the company, it has also helped him to increase his profits. He knows what he can do and how his company will see improvements no matter what is going on. He also knows the right way to help other people so they will be able to experience more out of the situations they are a part of. This is all part of the business model that Tony Petrello created for himself and for the company that he is trying to run in the best way possible.

Other oil companies have seen what Tony Petrello is doing, and they want to do the same type of things. There are many that are now following in his footsteps with the opportunities they have for other people. Many of the people who are doing business in the oil industry are trying to do things similarly to what Nabors, Inc. is doing. Tony Petrello has been so influential. He has set many examples for other companies and his business is changing the oil industry. He plans to continue doing these changes and making the industry the best that it can be.

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Leo DiCaprio Invests in CEO Livio Bisterzo’s Hippeas Snacks

     Actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio and Strand Equity Partners, a private equity firm recently invested in Hippeas and their unique chickpea puff snacks. The total amount DiCaprio and Strand Equity Partners invested in is unknown. Hippeas was launched by Green Park Brands Inc. and their headquarters are based in Santa Monica, California and in the U.K. Green Park Brands Inc. was founded by CEO Livio Bisterzo. Livio stated that his company has accumulated an amount of roughly $2.5 million after the newest investments kicked off. He hopes to receive $11 million in wholesale for his company by this year alone. The innovative healthy snacks are trendsetting and the company has faith that it will market extremely well. The Hippeas brand of chickpea puff snacks can be currently found at Starbucks as well as U.S. store shelves such as Albertsons and Vons. The price for a single 1-ounce bag of Hippeas currently goes for $1.95 at Starbucks. Kroger and Target can expect the puff snacks on their shelves sometime later this year.

Born and raised in Italy, Livio Bisterzo is the CEO of Green Park Brands Inc. He now lives married with three children in Los Angeles, California. Livio graduated in 2002 at the University of the Arts London with a BA Honers degree in Business and Management in Fashion. The entrepreneur got his start in 2003 when he founded an events business. Green Park’s aim is to create innovative food and beverages that are healthy and will possibly appeal to the health, environmental and socially conscious population. The company’s brand of healthy snacks called Hippeas is expected to be the next global snack craze. The charitable brand has recently partnered up with Farm Africa to help African farmers. For every bag of Hippeas sold, impoverished East African farmers will be financially supported to hopefully live prosperous lives.

Paul Mampilly Thriving In Finance And Investment Business

He was born in Indian but relocated to America at a young age. Paul Mampilly turned out to be a successful personality in finance. He began by working for a Deutsche Bank as a research assistant. Mampilly got promoted fast and began to work in higher positions. Soon, he was managing accounts worth millions of money. Paul has also worked for other banks such as Swiss, Royal, Sear, and Pal.

When Paul joined Kinetics International Fund, he worked as a hedge fund manager. He became the main manager in this docket. The passion and love for his job made the company thrive. Paul’s efforts brought the company assets worth twenty-five billion dollars. This growth was four times more than the original assets. This great accomplishment was recognized as the best performance globally.



After leaving Kinetic, Paul was involved in Templeton Foundation. He began with fifty million dollars. Within one year, Mampilly had achieved seventy-six percent returns. In other words, the initial capital had increased to eighty-eight million dollars. Paul’s wealth of experience has enabled him to know promising areas of investment. He can easily tell where to invest. For instance, Paul invested in Sarepta Therapeutics, and it yielded big returns after eight months. Sarepta was just a start up firm when Paul was investing. It turned out to be fruitful, considering the short turn around period. Other successful areas Paul has invested are on Netflix and Cemex. These companies are just a few of the many entities Paul has invested.


The mind of Paul prefers fast pacing things. According to his analysis, He considers Wall Street a slow pacing environment. Paul decided to retire at the age of forty-two. His cause after retirement is dedicating his skills to ordinary citizens. He wants to help people to learn how to invest wisely. Wealth from an investment is secure and flexible.

Besides employment, people can invest in other places and get additional income. Some can even decide to retire at whatever time they wish. After all, they have security in the investments they have made. Helping people is a noble cause, and it has uplifted many people following his advice.

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Top Igor Cornelsen Tips for Investing in Brazil

Brazil happens to be an attractive place for investors despite its endless scandals. It has a huge market with over 200 million inhabitants. This is one of the things that make Brazil an ideal market for multinationals.

Because the stock prices are at the bottom of the cycle, and the attraction of the natural resources in Brazil, more people have considered investing in new businesses in this nation. It’s anticipated that this will be the turning point for the Brazilian economy. Although it sounds exciting to invest in Brazil at the moment, how should investors start? Igor Cornelsen has shared some pointers:

Get ready to adhere to regulations And Understand foreign-currency restrictions

  • Connecting with the natives – just like the other aspects of the Brazilian culture, finance and business is determined by relationships and networks. Igor believes that it’s not difficult to find the connections.
  • Get ready to adhere to regulations – Cornelsen recommends that potential investors be ready for the red tape when entering the market. Investors have to face regulatory complexity, market rigidity, pervasive bureaucracy, and high taxes are obstacles investors will face.
  • Understand foreign-currency restrictions – only authorized financial institutions are allowed to conduct foreign currency transactions.


Igor Cornelsen is a famous Brazilian investment expert and banker. He has always known the potential Brazil has to become a major player in the economics world. The tips he shared can be helpful to investors who are looking to penetrate the Brazilian market.