NuoDB cloud database a popular choice among the tech world

NuoDB is the top choice for cloud database services. The company is based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts and was founded by Barry Morris and Jim Starkey. The company was launched in 2008 and continues to grow in the tech world. NuoDB is best known for their elastically scalable database. Gartner Magic Quadrant praised the company in 2008. Jim Starkey holds the patent to the NuoDB cloud database. NuoDB earned $12 million in venture capital. Boston Business Journal named NuoDB an Innovation All Star. In 2015, Barry Morris was named executive chairman and Bob Walmsley was promoted to CEO. Social platform Causesquare joined up with NuoDB. Causesquare is a social platform that connects donors and volunteers with non-profit organizations.

NuoDB cloud database was designed as an elastic SQL database for cloud based applications. The NuoDB has made their SQL database SQL compliant as well as ACID compliant. The database works without sharding. The database operates on a tiered system, made up of multiple tiers of engines and storage managers. The latest update released in 2017 added support for Amazon Web Services Inc and includes table partitions. NuoDB continues to thrive in the tech world. The cloud database has become popular among those that rely on cloud databases.

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